The core that won't quit. Gas Mask since 2003.

Dec 19th 2022

The Hammer Gas Mask core was release in 2003 inside the Big Blue Solid Bowling Ball. Over 16 years later, this core is still being produced.  I thought I would look at all the bowling balls that were release in the United States marketplace since its birth.


Big Blue Solid

Big Blue Pearl

Black Widow Solid

Black Widow Pearl

Black Widow Bite

Black Widow Sting

Black Widow Venom

The Big Deal

Dark Legend

Dark Legend Solid

Black Widow Limited

Black Widow Red Legend Solid

Widow Spare (Orange/Black)

Widow Spare (Blue/Orange/Smoke)

Black Widow Red Legend

Black Widow Legend

Taboo Deep Purple

Taboo Jet Black

Taboo Spare

Taboo Blue/Silver

Taboo Black/Purple/Blue


Chalk White

Black Widow Assassin

Black Widow Gold

Black Widow Urethane

Black Widow Black/Gold

Black Widow Pink

That is 27 bowling balls released in the US Market with the Gas Mask core. This number is probably double if you add in international bowling balls.