Faball Black 2001 Hammer Bowling Ball

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Line Hammer 2001
Color Black
Coverstock Particle
Core 2-piece
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Matte

5 Reviews

  • Bergy21

    Posted by Bergy21 on Feb 23rd 2004

    Originally gave this one a 9. After a year of using it, mainly during this fall season, I'm upping it to a solid 10! This ball is amazing. Took some time to really appreciate what it can do but was it ever worth it! League average is up from 203 last season to 214 this year. Attribute most of those pins to this ball. Excellent first shift ball that gets through the heads with ease and makes the trademark Faball arc midlane with devastating results when thrown correctly! Sounds like a grenade going off when buried in the pocket! Have adjusted to making 10's with ease also. Have a second ball waiting in the wings for a different drill and possible surface adjustment (props to G_thing!) Cannot over-emphasize how good this ball is. Those who gave it a bad review and threw it in the back of the closet can e-mail me; I will gladly take this one off your hands.

  • Bergy21

    Posted by Bergy21 on Nov 17th 2002

    After buying this one barely used and sticking with the same drill (axix lev) I wasn't immediately impressed. Hitting power was so-so and it didn't move as much as anticipated. After a thorough cleaning and a brief oven bake, it reacted much better. Ball has to be trusted to come back, as long as you stay behind it. Love the light mixer action of this one as well. Only have about 18 games on it so far and it is slowly creeping up my Hammer "depth chart". Currently using a Maxxx 3-D as first ball out as our local house lays out alot of oil. Found the Black 2001 will outhook the Maxxx much to my surprise. Will have to wait and see how this one holds up, but overall I recommend this one if you can find it. Good job Hammer!

  • Lonnieirvtx

    Posted by Lonnieirvtx on Aug 21st 2002

    This is a pretty good ball. I would recomend it only for heavy oil. I used this ball only for tournaments due our league lanes are to dry for this ball. Not a whole lot of snap on the backend more of a arcing ball. When you line dries up a little you will have to move our you will come up high on head pin quite often. I had to polish mine to a high shine or it would hook way to much for me to use it. If you through the ball hard with not a lot of rotation this would be a good ball for you and it might even work on medium lanes for you.<sc

  • t3

    Posted by t3 on Feb 11th 2002

    This is a logical step up in movement from the Nasty Nail but it is, in my experience, far more consistent. It turns smoothly and rolls hard. Mine is drilled with the pin directly to the side (one half inch) from the ring finger and the CG slightly out to the right with a weight hole approximately 2" from the PAP.. More flare than I expected, but if you can keep behind it and generate the speed you need, this one blows through the pins. If your track is out more than about 2", you may find that speed control (great consistency) is essential to a consistent reaction, even on house conditions. Carry is good on tens, but fours and nines seem to be a problem. Not a great ball going very light, good solid in the pocket, good with speed. Some folks say this sucker doesn't hook. Well, let me tell you, if you have some hand, it'll hook on wet ice. It is not the biggest hooking ball I own, but on synthetic lanes, it is very, very solid. Do not slow down or throw it flat -- for some re

  • amoeba102

    Posted by amoeba102 on Dec 13th 2001

    This ball is the greatest ball i ever used. I don't own it, but I've used it. It has a really spectacular hook to it for those who know how to use it. Even if you get it and can't hook it right, try different ways. And keep this in mind: THIS BALL IS MADE FOR MEDIUM AND HEAVY OIL. If it doesn't hook, the reason may be that the lanes aren't oily enough. In this case, you should give yourself a smaller margin and come a little closer to the head pin when you release.