Faball Blue 2001 Hammer Bowling Ball

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LineHammer 2001
Core2-piece Asymmeterical
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Cleared USBCYes

2 Reviews

  • Dchammer

    Posted by Dchammer on Feb 12th 2003

    I was hoping Hammer had created a reactive ball in the genre of the blue urethane but I was wrong. I am not a big fan of sanding a factory finished ball, so I had it polished more. It hits hard but it has a tendecy to finish too strong on a medium oil condition and comes strong behind the head pin leaving the corners often. I would recommend this ball if you can get it cheap but not Hammers best effort. Unlike its brother the Black 2001 it did not quit carrying altogether. Keep it polished on oil but don't overthrow it.

  • Smiley-one

    Posted by Smiley-one on Feb 9th 2003

    I bought this ball about 1 1/2 years ago when it was fresh to the market. If you remember, it was billed as the most versatile ball on the market at that time. This ball won't even wrinkle on heavy oil unless you back off your speed and crank it hard. It comes polished up from the factory and will slide through the break point even on lighter conditions; Decided to hit it with a scotchbrite and all this did was flatten out the backend w/o providing any midlane roll. Next up we spun it with 400 grit and ball would roll out off of your hand. I gave this ball a 5 pin rating because, with the scotchbrite finish, it would hold a tight line down 10 with better than average carry... ... plus it's still better than a houseball.<scri