AZO Optimum Bowling Ball

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Optimum's high energy retaining core gives you plenty of length with devastating hook and backend reaction. AZO is the only manufacturer to make a 2-piece ball using a urethane weight block. This deadly combination creates an unparalleled hitting power by keeping the pins low at impact and driving through the pocket. You as a bowler need to ask yourself one question. Do I want to impress my fellow bowlers with a ball that has a popular name, or would you rather impress them by kicking their butts on the lanes with a ball that performs and costs less?
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish600 matte
Weights14 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

1 Review

  • Comandzone

    Posted by Comandzone on Sep 5th 2002

    A Urethane weight block??My pro shop guy told me...."When you use this ball,you will not want to use any other.The best ball I have used in 30 years or since the Burgandy Hammer days........Great on all shots but you have to getto know the ball before using it on all conditions and now I have to carry only 2 balls and a spare ball.I use The Eraser very rarely but sometimes I come across a very dry shot so length is needed.I would rate this ball the best by Azo ever and wish I could find another<