AZO Apex Bowling Ball

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APEX's particle cover stock maintains evenness from wet to dry. The core helps retain energy for maximum pin carry. AZO is the only manufacturer to make a 2-piece ball using a urethane weight block. This deadly combination creates an unparalleled hitting power by keeping the pins low at impact and driving through the pocket. You as a bowler need to ask yourself one question. Do I want to impress my fellow bowlers with a ball that has a popular name, or would you rather impress them by kicking their butts on the lanes with a ball that performs and costs less? DRILLING LAYOUTS Our ball features unique two pins on each ball. Both pins represent a flip cap underneath them. Each flip cap is equal weight and size. This means that your center of gravity, or more commonly known as the (cg), will float around one of the pins, or directly between them. Each ball will have two pin placements. For example, if you have a 1" pin you may have a 4" pin in the same ball. You can use either pin in either position. One important note on layouts for a right hander is not to put the top pin left of the bottom pin unless for a full roller. If this happens it can reverse the flare. The left-handed drillings will be opposite layouts from a right hand layout. WARNING : Keep all holes at least 1" from pins. Drilling too close to the pin will cause the ball to lose hitting power, flare direction.
Core2-piece Asymeterical
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish400 matte
Weights14 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

2 Reviews

  • monkez

    Posted by monkez on Aug 6th 2002

    I've had this ball about two months. Just started using it in a new league. I used the most aggressive drilling. It is VERY important to follow the instructions regarding the set up for the two-pin core. The ball has a nice, strong break-point, but not flippy. The pin action was very good. There was an obvious difference in pin carry as compared to the other balls being used on my pair. Every time I came up a little high, I still tripped out the 4. This ball is discontinued. Some online stores still carry the ball. It is worth the $100 to get this ball.

  • CSUF_Drew

    Posted by CSUF_Drew on Feb 4th 2002

    Likes --This ball rolls very evenly. I bowl on a sport bowling league and it is very easy to control. Has very good backend on all types of conditions. Hits hard. Really good on a house shot. I have even thrown it on dry lanes and it works just as well. Dislikes --Not much, maybe the lack of drilling combinations. Nice coverstock. Keep it cleaned to retain backend azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo azo