AZO Mirage Bowling Ball

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Straightest particle made by AZO. Designed to sit on the lane like the old urethane balls, no over and under reaction with AZO particle technology. Core made to go straight and still have the AZO crack at the pins. Polish makes a unique straightness with particle impact.
CoverstockParticle Pearl
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Weights13 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

5 Reviews

  • Dragone

    Posted by Dragone on Mar 9th 2004

    Drilled 4 1/2 x 4 1/2. pin under the fingers, cg just below horizontal. 12:00 With just a normal day of play on synthetic lanes, the ball was a good 20 boards. League with oil, expect a little less coverage, try 15 shooting out, hit the dry. Great ball. No, did not get over the 200 range, but it was a great reading ball. Really comfy. Nice smooth arc. Light hits were all low and horizontal. I can see some good results with this ball. And, I can read the track better than the Fantasy X carbon. Note: After a few league plays in med-dry, minimal foot movement. Smooth arc all the way. Still hooks more than at first thought with an up the ball release. I can deal with this. Another 800 series. Forget about the longest ball from AZO. This thing rolls up nicely and makes the pocket.

  • Strikeman

    Posted by Strikeman on Jan 31st 2004

    This ball is a perfect ball for a tweener who likes to play up the boards. On medium to dry conditions, this ball is extremely controllable with a very strong finish at the pocket. I was having problems with my equipment hooking too much on the drier second and third games. I bought this ball and have not looked back. I have been averaging huge with this ball and have thrown three honor scores with this ball. When there is not enough oil for the big hooker and you want to go up the boards and explode at the pocket, this is the ball! AZO has done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Posted by AZOREP on Nov 29th 2003

    This is the AZO you'll want for those dry lane conditions, add polish and you have a ball the glides through the heads with a controllable breakpoint at the pin deck, no eratic movement when the mirage hits the dry, thanks to the particle cover. This is a very rare ball on the market as you never see a particle ball for dry lane conditions, because most particle balls roll sooner then resin, but with the design of this ball, it dosen't jump when it hits the dry like a resin coverstock would. The hitting power is great, you won't even think u have a weak ball in your hand, A big plus when u go to a weaker ball!.

  • - Bill

    Posted by - Bill on Nov 21st 2003

    I layed this ball out with the pin on my grip line under my fingers, and the CG 1/2" negative. With this layout the ball was super mellow. It would flare about 1" inch, but the ball this gave me a great roll, a smooth arcing reaction throughout the entire lane. I was able to square up and go more direct to the pocket. This ball worked well for me on tougher tournament shots, and those team challege shots. AZO just made a run of these ball for the public. If you are looking for a ball with control and still have great hit, don't pass this ball over. This is probably the straightest AZO ball. If you have any questions, please email me. Thanks Bill

  • jeff300

    Posted by jeff300 on Mar 27th 2003

    When polished, this is a very interesting ball. Reacts well on a variety of conditions, but best on med-light. Perfect for house shots. Doesn't work that well for me on sport patterns. Can be played deep inside, swinging from deep inside to outside, or up the edge. The amount the ball will hook purely depends on how you release it. If you stay behind it, or if you don't have a strong release, it will go very straight, as advertised. However, if you put a lot of hand into it, the ball will go straight and long, but then break like crazy when it comes out of the oil. I have it drilled with the pin above the ring finger and at 12:00 to the CG.<s