AZO Action Carbide Bowling Ball

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Core and coverstock are designed for early acceleration. This ball is designed for very heavy oil.
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishMatte
Weights14 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

4 Reviews

  • birdbowler

    Posted by birdbowler on Feb 6th 2007

    Azo needs to change their bowling balls to make them legal for todays game. There great balls that people could benefit from, but most can't use them. If you have an Azo ball please hang it. The ball can get you into more trouble than it can help you. Azo is a great maker but they just need to change some little things on there products. If you use these balls in league or competitive your really cheating whither you know it or not. just use a ball that will work just as good. It may cost more but thats the price you have to pay for quality.<s

  • Strikeman

    Posted by Strikeman on Apr 10th 2003

    I purchased this ball because I have purchased other AZO balls and they have all performed very well for me. I was immediately impressed with the ball my first league nite. The oil was what I would call medium to heavy. The first game I played 12 to 7 and killed them (258). The second game I adjusted late,moved in 3 and 1 and still shot 236. The last game I did not move and shot a 279 (solid 9 pin). I have had the ball for three weeks and my lowest series is 722. This is a very controllable, hard hitting ball. When the lane condition matches this balls ability, get out of the way, you have mucho tug and can miss outside and still strike. So far, I love the ball. AZO makes great balls!

  • - Bill

    Posted by - Bill on Apr 1st 2003

    I drilled this ball for our pro shop staff member Sean Sanchoini. Sean is a high revs, high speed, cranker. I laid this ball out with a 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 layout, and sent him out to the lanes. He practiced after the first shift was over, and compared it to his Inferno. The Action Carbide made a move about 5 feet sooner on the lane, and with a strong sweeping arc to the pocket. One thing that jumped out at us, was the pin action of this ball. It was different from other balls. I have noticed this with all four AZO balls that we have tested. When we tested this ball on a variety of lane conditions, the ball cleared the heads very well, and made a predictable sweeping action to the pocket around 40-45feet. AZO is a small company, owned by Lane Master. This small company will soon be a huge factor in the bowling ball market. Thank you Johnie Jones and AZO for letting us review this ball. If you have any questions, please email me at Thanks


    Posted by AZOREP on Mar 27th 2003

    Great benchmark ball! start out with this ball and if u need more or less it tells u what to go to. Great core, light bulb design (very popular design). The Action is so controllable and readable what more could a person ask for, yes it hooks and it has a great backend reaction but its a controllable reaction, and its amazing with missing you mark by a little, it dosen't act as a miss like other balls, and holds great and still hits like a truck inside the oil line!. I have put this ball in a variety of styles and all have had success, from cranker to stroker to tweener. Great ball! give your game some ACTION!.