Faball Nasty Nail Solid Bowling Ball

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With the core/coverstock combination the Nasty Nail clears the front of the lane with ease and has it's energy waiting to be released on the back end. This makes for a very aggressive entry into the pocket. The Nasty Nail Solid and Pearl are very good compliment to each other during the lane transition from medium oily to medium dry.
LineNasty Nail
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishMatte
Weights10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

3 Reviews

  • lion95

    Posted by lion95 on Feb 12th 2003

    I just recently got this ball brand new and I like it. Yes folks you can still get the old hammer balls new. The Web site is www.bowlerssupply.com hurry up will supplies last. I threw this ball the other night when the lanes were medim oil. I am Tweener(Tweaker) but I put alot or revs on my ball. I decided to throw this ball straight up ten and with all the revs it held the line and blasted the pins. I threw the ball the again on the next lane and the ball hit high on the head so the drier the lanes you may have to move left, more ball speed or move up a little.

  • t3

    Posted by t3 on Feb 21st 2002

    This ball is the Jekyll and Hyde of my arsenal. Some days it absolutely blows everything out. On other days, well, its about as consistent as a nervous squirrel at a hound dog convention. When I first got it, I was relearning the game and loved the hitting power when I stayed behind and rolled it easy. Now it rolls through the pins rather than mixing the pins, almost like a much more aggressive ball. This wouldn't be a problem, except that the ball doesn't hook enough to justify the hard roll through. If I get medium conditions and a clean wet-dry or clear Christmas tree, the ball kills 'em. If not, well it has to be put away because it is just too inconsistent. For the price, not a bad ball. It has just become less useful because it is so condition specific. Now admittedly, this is drilled with a reverse stack, designed to go very long and roll hard -- and on the right conditions it does exactly that. But it just is not a versatile ball in the way I originally hoped and tho

  • DrBob806

    Posted by DrBob806 on Nov 8th 2001

    I got this ball because I loved my Purple Pearl Nail. They complement each other well. This ball can get a little squirty if you tug it in the oil, but that's it's only weakness. It carries as well as any other ball I've used, and it's price is great. I think that this ball comes polished, not matte, like the specs say on this web site. If you're looking for a good medium condition ball, get this one. If you crank the ball, you may be able to use it on oil. Go Hammer.