Faball Nail Original Bowling Ball

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Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishSanded
Weights10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

5 Reviews

  • I had 2 of these

    Posted by Owen Brown on Feb 25th 2024

    Looking to purchase one new in the box

  • Dr. Strikenheimer

    Posted by Dr. Strikenheimer on Oct 19th 2005

    Ball Specs: 15 lbs, 7.2 oz, drilled with cg in the palm, no weight hole. Picked this up on Ebay in NIB condition for $45 including shipping This old school urethane is the best light oil ball I've ever thrown, also great for 10 and 6 pin spares. I needed a ball for the 3rd game in my 2nd shift league when the lanes are fairly cooked. I used a burgundy Scotch-Brite, by hand, to take off the factory glaze and then left it in a dull finish. I've been standing on the middle dot and throwing over the 2nd arrow, the ball goes about 40 feet and then makes a smooth arc to the pocket. It seems to hook, set, and then just crushes the rack. This ball hits and drives like all the other great old Faball Hammers, it just blows up the pins with a resounding cracking sound. Also great for right side spares, I just take a little hand out and it cruises down the lane with ease and takes out those pesky 10 and 6 pins. The ball is very easy to read and control, and responds easily to changes in hand

  • harrylegthigh

    Posted by harrylegthigh on Jun 5th 2005

    For the money this is an excellent ball for drier conditions. Used with a forward roll it can still make it through carry down and hit strongly. Manages to kick out the ten pin on pocket shots fairly well. A steal! get one before its too late! I couldn't get over the hit and roll of this ball. It had a short 1 inch pin with the cg in the palm due to the short pin. The cover was so hard my driller struggle to put the holes in it, he hadn't had to drill a ball so hard in a long time. Get one for yourself you won't sorry when playing those dry house shots. Also double nicely for spares. HLT 6-5-05

  • undeatable

    Posted by undeatable on Jun 12th 2004

    well at first i was suppose to plug and drill up a purple urethane hammer but my pro shop owner said he had a faball nail still in the box so then i said alright so he drilled it so it would be steady and when i tried it on the lanes (luckily it wasn't oiled yet) 279! out of the box! it was amazing! it hit like a mac truck. but after the lanes were oiled it was as good as a spare ball. the ball never nicked up easily even though i threw about 20 games on it on a wood lane its even durable! crazy. I advise you to get this ball if you can find it!

  • a_ak57

    Posted by a_ak57 on May 4th 2004

    Alright, this is an oldie, but it still works fine. Got it off ebay used, for $10. You just can't beat that. Anyways, I am a med-high rev tweener, with higher ball speed. So basically, I can use this ball for spares, since it's a urethane, but it also will work for really dry lanes, since it's not super aggressive. My ball is polished, so if i encounter lanes too strong for my Thing Returns, I'll just whip this ball out, rev it up, and play down the lane. So basically, buy this ball. I command you.