Faball Nasty Nail eXtreme Bowling Ball

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Line Nasty Nail
Color Blue/Silver
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Core 2-piece
RG 2.525
Differential 0.044
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Polished
Weights 10 thru 16lbs

6 Reviews

  • ryansprosupplies

    Posted by ryansprosupplies on May 10th 2003

    I'm not sure the people reviewed this ball as "aggressive" were throwing the same ball! Ordered two of these in, and just drilled one up. It was used on a medium to light (sub 20 units) shot, at medium length, and it did pretty much nothing. The ball was throw by a bowler with 400+ RPM at around 17.5 MPH. This ball will be very usefull on a dry shot, but on oil its not agressive at all. But then, its meant to be for light oil. The spec sheet that came with it sait 17/20 overall hookability, and 19/20 Back end - LMAO! Ryan's Pro Supplies www.clik.to/rps

  • Nicholskid87

    Posted by Nicholskid87 on Mar 6th 2003

    This balll is a great ball for a beginner that wants hook, and thats all. this ball dont carry, but no matter were u throw it it manages to find the one pin. The ballz hook is to later it breaks about 3 to 4 feet b4 the pins and cuts the rack, leaves lots of splits. the ball worked for me b/c imma cranker, and i stand 7boards left of center dot. and ou tto the 2nd arrow, my hand comes over top of the ball. and the ball breaks no matter what oil conditions i am on. if u have oily lane cond., u want to throw THIS balll out towards teh gutter more..and farther down the lane....and it will come back like a dream. but once again watch for those splits the carry blowz

  • DrBob806

    Posted by DrBob806 on Mar 3rd 2003

    I just brought this ball out of the closet, had the thumb hole worked on, and rolling it well. I played an inside shot on league Friday on a wood surface in one of the easier houses around my area, and the ball worked very well, better than my Eraser. Tonight, I was at a synthetic house, and played an outside line, something I usually don't play. The ball worked very well, carried exceptional. It doesn't hit as hard as my Eraser, but I'm starting to believe it is more versatile than an Eraser, as it offers more control.

  • big4

    Posted by big4 on Jun 19th 2002

    This ball was made for tough conditions!!! Used it on a sport condition and a super short dry flat pattern. Both times the ball excelled. It just rolls true. Very predicatble, hits hard and carries the ten SUPER!! It seems to smell the hole. Really a great ball on a grind-em out condition. This is the ball you look for when everyone is dying and you need a solid 215 game to make the cut. Ball changes as you change your speed or release. You can fan it deep and have it sit/flip in the hole, jam it down ten or you can get slow and turn the piss out of it and watch it skid, roll arc/flip and blast'em out of there!! Too bad this ball is gone. Snatch one up and you won't be disappionted. Best medium ball since the Beasts/Erasers/ Pulses etc. FAB lives on!!!

  • TheDude

    Posted by TheDude on Dec 23rd 2001

    This ball is drilled a 3 3/8 X 3 3/8 so it is as powerfull as it can be. The surface was left as is. and the ball can be aggressive if on the right lane conditions, if there is carrydown this ball will not be your first choice. It is a little inconsitant and it maybe the bowler a little bit too. But this ball offers a small margin of error. But don't be afraid of this ball, it is in good company with a black nasty nail, but don't expect to be able to play the exact same line. I found that if i was a little bit off it would leave a spilt and it doesn't create maybe breaks for you. changing the surface could be an option but i have not done that yet.

  • YouthRevsAlot

    Posted by YouthRevsAlot on Sep 3rd 2001

    When I got this ball, I was pretty upset because the pin was only out less than 1 inch. The ball was drilled Stacked Leverage and all the polish was left on it. When I first threw it I found out that the ball would be perfect for dry lanes. A week later my Apex dies out and I am left with the Nasty Nail Xtreme and a Rock Pearl. I didn't like how my Apex was drilled so I didn't bother resurfcing it. I attacked my Nail with 1500, I wanted it dull but not really dull. I tested it out on hevy oil and it does excellent! I rated this ball Medium oil because if dulled it is a hook monster, if polished its a great dry lane ball.