Columbia 300 Rage Bowling Ball

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Core Technology: Polymer core with dual flip blocks. Fired, undrillable, Ceramicore® satellite.
Core Technology Benefits: High Rg with medium flare potential stores energy for maximum back end reaction. 4-6% more energy transferred to the pins, compared to unfired imitations.
Coverstock: SuperFlex2
Coverstock Benefit: The hottest coverstock on the market compliments this high Rg core to create unequalled backend reaction.
Hardness: 75-78
ABC/WIBC Approved: Yes
Track Flare: N/A
Color: Jet Black with White Engraving

Line Rage
Color Black
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Core 2-piece
RG Medium
Differential High
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Polished
Weights 10 thru 16lbs

5 Reviews


    Posted by on Jun 30th 2020

    The Columbia 300 Rage is a ball lost to time. The Rage in my opinion is a pearl that reacts like a solid in the mid lane and drives hard when it gets to the pocket. I have 2, they're both label drills with short pin distances but they never fail... Let it out!!

  • xinsaneguitarizt

    Posted by xinsaneguitarizt on Aug 29th 2004

    I carry a 214 average and this ball is still in my bag i pull it out when the lanes start to dry up a bit. This would be a good ball for most people cause it is very forgiving but it still leaves the 10 pins alot but in my opinion this is a great ball. between this ball , my zone pro azure and my hammer I can handle any lane condition. So on a rating of 1-10 i give it a 9 cause it always leaves the 10 pin so i cant give it a full 10.

  • Tomahawk7

    Posted by Tomahawk7 on Jan 17th 2004

    My Rage is nearly 7 years old, and I havn't thrown it much over the last 2 years, but last monday night, I pulled it out after struggling in practice and shot 790 with it, playing just inside the third arrow. The ball was absolutely devastating. The ball also is pretty predictable, but it's not the answer when the heads start to dry out. Also, use a spare ball for corner pins. It has left me shaking my head more than once, especially going cross lane at the 7-pin. This has always been a very reliable ball for me, and is still very effective when the conditions are right for it.

  • megamav

    Posted by megamav on Apr 23rd 2003

    With the pin out 3'' it snaps back and hits like a ton of bricks everytime, a few messenger pins, mostly leaves 10's, very forgiving ball, still have it and used it for the first time in 2 years recently and threw 201-225 (2 open) without trying they dont make anything like it anymore, and im trying to find something similar, without any luck, performance wise, leaves about 2 10's per game on solid shots. not a good 10 pin ball overall, very reliable and most of all consistent. helped me take my team to 2nd place in sectionals here in NY in 98'. my new love is my NEW 16lbs Danger Zone... lucky me

  • Bigg Jonn

    Posted by Bigg Jonn on Nov 11th 2002

    This ball is a "hand-me-down" from my pro-bowling big brother. I had it resurfaced and dulled to a matte finish (instead of the polished finish). I only use the green scotchbrite pads to clean my equipment and it seems to be the best solution. With this ball and a lengthy oil pattern, I play down and in and this ball hits the pocket so hard it makes heads turn. On a short oil pattern, I shoot the lights out of the house standing center arrow and throwing 15 left. The RAGE makes a skid-path of about 10 boards and then it has tone-lock on the pocket .... SMASH!!! This ball recently DIED on me!! I had it stored on the floor near an exterior wall and went to go put it in the bag for use and it had the biggest crack in it - you could drop a majic marker in the split - I shead a tear !! Notes: I shot 692 with this ball. Just because it is and old piece do not sleep on it. It still works!! ... and if YOU are not careful ... I might SNEAK UP on you. Be Careful - I'm concealing RAGE and