Columbia 300 Piranha Bowling Ball

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Core Technology: Dual density with modified 2 piece with 2 piece core.
Core Technology Benefits: Adaptable to any method of drilling.
Coverstock: Flexcel
Coverstock Benefit: This resin allows increased hook on oily pines when sanded and an increased flip when polished.

Hardness: 76-78

ABC/WIBC Approved: Yes

Track Flare: N/A

Color: Coral Fire

Sanding Process: Polish

Line Piranha
Color Orange
Coverstock Reactive
Core 2-piece
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Matte

3 Reviews


    Posted by on Jun 5th 2020

    This ball makes bowlers turn their heads and watch this orange ball tear the pins apart. I get judged by the age of this ball but who cares, the Piranhas I have are a good compliment to my arsenal which consists of Cuda/Cs, Piranha/Cs and Stingrays

  • Smiley-one

    Posted by Smiley-one on Mar 16th 2004

    This is posted for my friend, the "Easter Bunny"! Bill has had this ball for a few years and keeps selling off his newer stuff. He doesn't have a lot of speed or hand but likes to play the inside - out shot. Ball has enormous recovery for his style and carries quite well from the extreme entry angle he plays and rolls true through the oily heads. The newer balls on the market either roll out early or refuse to make the turn for him. If you are "rotationally challenged" or low on speed, this ball might be your ticket to higher scores. He also now carries the Sun Storm which is bright yellow so we've changed his name to the Easter Bunny.<s

  • ptown415

    Posted by ptown415 on Jan 4th 2002

    Well I had one of these about a year ago. I had mine sanded with 320 grit then 600 then polished to 800. I had my Stacked leveraged drilling. I loved this ball I would stand 10 throw right up 5 and the ball would crush the pocket every shot. I averaged 227.6 with this ball. Unfortnatully It came back from the ball return so chewed up they baught me a new ball. They said it was very close to the Pirhanna and it was called a Mass Chaos. I hated this ball and have been looking for a 16lb Pirhanna since but couldn't find anyone to find or sell me one. Im a tweener and throw about 17-19 mph and avg a solid 210. Please if anyone knows the where abouts of this ball let me know. I will pay top dollar.