Columbia 300 Detour Bowling Ball

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Cut to the chase and throw 'em a curve. Trust our new Detour. It'll lead you in the right direction. You'll get your game going on a new course and keep your budget right on track.

Core Technology: Inverted Stair Step Core with Dual Flip Blocks

Core Technology Benefits: Clean through the front with angular backend.

Coverstock: SuperFlex

Coverstock Benefit: Creates good length and strong backend motion on most lane conditions.

Hardness: 75-78

ABC/WIBC Approved: Yes

Track Flare: 3-4

Color: Red/Purple/Black with Neon Yellow Engraving

Sanding Process: 600 grit cross hatch

Available Weights Radius of Gyration (Rg.) Rg. Differential

16 lb. 2.488 0.037

15 lb. 2.521 0.037

14 lb. 2.571 0.036

Color Red/Purple/Black
Coverstock Reactive Solid
Core 2-piece
RG 2.488
Differential 0.037
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Polished
Weights 14 thru 16lbs

12 Reviews

  • DJ840

    Posted by DJ840 on Aug 10th 2007

    I miss outside 1st arrow...STRIKE! I miss inside 2nd arrow...STRIKE! In about two weeks, numbers have been huge(278,279,279,279,289) This ball drives so well I have to worry more about solid 8's and 9's than corner pins. I purchased the ball off ebay for $19.95 because it is a color blem... The ball even carries on the lanes with terrible kick-backs... This ball has almost the same reaction as a ThrottleUp so if you can't find a Throttle, then pick one of these bad boys up... I have never had a Columbia300 ball that I didn't like.. (ThrottleUp,Detour,ThrottleOn,Flipside Wow,AlterEgo,Ricochet Revenge,EPX A1,Sweep)

  • mk6ppc

    Posted by mk6ppc on Apr 24th 2006

    Would not hesitate to buy another one. Superflex coverstock makes it clean through the heads, while high reving core makes for an incredible backend reaction. Did not get it drilled aggressively, got it drilled for control and it was very good for what I had it drilled for. Excellent coverstock, excellent core, just learn to throw it and control it, and pins will just begin to beg for mercy. Medium oil is really its forte, as it was just too strong for dry, and wasn't quite ideal for heavy. Keep this ball clean, and it will be good for a long time.

  • The Pins Fall Down and BOOM!

    Posted by The Pins Fall Down and BOOM! on May 8th 2005

    This ball is one that's amazing if you play on a medium oil lane. It even works fine on light oil, you just have to move over a couple of boards because it will hook dramatically on light oil. The price was excellent for the amazing outcome i got. An increased overall pin average was one of the amazing features. Columbia did an excellent job for a mid-performanc ball. I can't give all the specifics of how i had it drilled cus my pro shop guy did it and he knows best.Many people don't know about detour's performance. Its a great ball, and i recommend if you want to increase your arsenal: do like the quote from the company says-Just cut to the chase and throw 'em a curve, and pick up a Detour.

  • Crankenstein

    Posted by Crankenstein on Apr 21st 2005

    This ball is a big seller in my area, so I decided to see what all the hype was about. Drilled up a 15 pounder pretty much label with the pin just to the right of my ring finger and the CG in the center of the grip shifted maybe a half inch right. The ball had it's moments, but it never was a great carrying ball for me. It got down the lane well, with a good hard move at the break point. But I'm a tweener, and I always seemed to be right in between of it's comfort zone. I either needed to try and turn the ball more to get an earlier reaction, or I needed to square up and get the ball down the lane better. I tried hitting the ball with a mild Scotch Brite pad, which allowed me to play a bit deeper with the earlier roll, but still could be a 10 pin leaving monster unless everything was just right. The others who have bought one around here and have had great success with it seem to have lots of hand, or are straight enough to square up and fire it down the lane and let the ball tu

  • skip620

    Posted by skip620 on Mar 15th 2005

    This ball has a killer backend,as soon as it hits the dry watch out.I was throwing 20 out to 10 and man did this ball make the turn for the pocket.Carrying corner pins is not a problem either, left one 10 pin allnight.I have a messengerTI pearl and a storm super charge,this ball out hooks them both by far.The price is right too got it for under $150.So if you are looking for a midpriced ball that hooks like the high end stuff try this one out.Another great addition to the Columbia line.

  • texan_rochelle

    Posted by texan_rochelle on Mar 3rd 2005

    when i got this ball i never thought i could get so many revs in my life. i got it built full agressive for a longer house pattern and damn it will get a load of revs for me not throwing it with that much hook... at the back end it will snap like no other... this ball has just one spot where you can throw it though or it will not work right but when you find the right line you will never end striking... also the ball looks a lot better than it does in the magazine... it has the killer look in it... i have only bowled 5 games with it so far but i got use to it a lot faster than i have with any other ball in my entire life... only ball i ever seen spin harder was my black shadow from when i was 10... it doesnt cost much so if you need a ball that is great for mid lanes than get this one..<s

  • TheBelsch

    Posted by TheBelsch on Mar 2nd 2005

    Ball is drilled with the pin above my middle finger and cg below my ring finger. Drilled for length and contolled break point. This ball is great especially since it has the Super Flex coverstock which in my opinion is the best reactive coverstock ever invented. The reaction of the ball can be changed so dramatically with polish or sandpaper. The out of box was good for me, but I wanted to expierement with the reaction. I sanded it to 800 and got a great reaction on heavy oil; it rolled earlier and still hit the pocket strong without rolling out. Currently, I have it polished and get a great reaction for medium oil. Great skid flip reation.

  • sudinimpact

    Posted by sudinimpact on Feb 28th 2005

    This is a good ball to start out of the bag with. The ball can go long and then turn right into the pocket. It retains energy very well, but if you don't release it consistantly off of your hand, then the ball can flip too soon. Ball speed can also be a factor on oily conditions, it may tend to slide down the lane before grabbing. The Detour's bread and butter seem to be medium oil to light. If you can find this ball at a decent price or if your a beginner wanting a ball that does the hooking for you, then this is it.

  • chocho300

    Posted by chocho300 on Feb 13th 2005

    I needed something to hook more than my Wired , but hook less than my Throttle, so I decided on the Detour. This ball was just what I needed. I drill it with a 4" pin about 1" over the ring finger and the cg out about 1" from the center of my grip and about 1" below it. I also drill a small low hole for side weight and to create a little earlier roll. I didn't know if this ball would still hook on heavier oil with the pin so high, but man it does. Clears the heads good with a little midlane roll and then it just snaps! It's even great with carrydown. It cuts right thorugh it. Definate recommendation.

  • mtlenway

    Posted by mtlenway on Feb 8th 2005

    After being out of bowling for nearly 15 years I need to replace my old ebonite Gyro I due to the huge change in lane conditions that have evolved. I selected this ball solely based the ball selector feature on Columbia's web site. My first night of league, without having throw the ball previously, I had a very difficult time finding the right line. Somewhat disappointed I went out a few days later and worked with the ball in somewhat drier lane conditions. Ultimately, I found the line for this ball followed by great sucess. Now that I know the balls desire line it will be much easier to adjust when face with varying lane conditions. Incidentally, I am a left handed and as such acustom to wet lanes.

  • PRD

    Posted by PRD on Nov 19th 2004

    Bowled a handful of 200+ games, many 190's and 180's with this ball and a high game of 263 which is not bad for a first time bowler using a 15lb ball. Most of my high scores comes from this ball compared to my Ebonite Primal Instinct. Won a couple close games with this ball saving my team's butt. Just ordered a new ball from Columbia again, the Big Bully, let's see how I do with that. I give it an 8 out of 10. Not thinking of selling it. I never bowled 200's till I got this ball. Highly recommended. I don't think I would have improved without this ball.

  • boudreau300

    Posted by boudreau300 on Nov 2nd 2004

    For the money this ball is awesome. The ball has great skid flip reaction which is great. This ball hits like a truck very aggressive reactive for the money. I am a PBA member and I use this ball in PBA tournaments and it does well on the few patterns I have thrown on. I am very pleased with this ball. Can't really say too much more about it than that. Ther are alot of people throwing this ball at everyone that I've seen throw it is able to carry with ease. This ball throws pins all over the deck helps clear the deck real nice. You need to have this ball in you arsenal if you don't already.<sc