Roto Grip Clone Bowling Ball

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CLONE - "a thing that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, performance or style." And well, since the last version of this core part was unwillingly abducted, we felt it was our responsibility to the entire bowling galaxy to "clone" it and mix in a few upgrades & performance enhancing tweaks that bowlers of all skill levels on planet earth will benefit from. And just as before, the reasons that led to the creation of the original E.T. Core that featured out of this world core technology better known as “equalizer cavities” to emulate the use of a balance hole, the CLONED E.T. Core also does that, but MORE. Yes, you read that correctly, the same.

In our pursuit of creating out of this world ball motion, we felt it would be beneficial to all bowlers on earth to reimagine the proven E.T.™ Core (Equalizer Technology Core) in order to best complement all of our other asymmetrical cores. By simply changing the density of this single piece part, it not only lowered the RG values of the 16lbs – 14lbs options, it also, increased the Differential values in those parts as well, thus increasing the overall motion potential. So, what does all of that actually mean? It means more overall midlane and downlane motion than the previous version of this core thanks to the increase overall dynamics and the benefit of the built in “equalizer cavities.” And just as before, the more effort focused on core placement before drilling, the easier it is to dial in the desired ball motion.

Based on years of testing and research, we found this direction of coverstock chemistry provides a more balanced oil displacement/absorption throughout the entire lane thus creating more consistency/predictability shot after shot in terms of skid distance, midlane traction, and response to friction down lane. Derived from the advancements of both the eTrax™ and eTrax™ PLUS solid materials the last couple years, we found this new direction of solid material that complements both of those without overlapping them. Because variety is the spice of life, especially here on planet earth.

Engineered for Medium to Medium/Heavy Oil Conditions

Color Alien/Deep Mist/Cyber Grape
Coverstock OptiTrax Solid Reactive
Core Cloned ET Asymmetric Core
RG 2.51
Differential 0.056
Intermediate Diff 0.016
Factory finish Reacta Gloss Factory Finish
Weights 12 thru 16lbs

46 Reviews

  • RotoGrip Clone

    Posted by David Woods on Dec 16th 2023

    I never got the chance to drill up a RotoGrip UFO or UFO Alert so when RotoGrip announce that they were going to release an updated version of them, I was very excited. I decided to go with a 4x4x2 layout so that I could use it once the stronger cover balls like the Gem or DNA were too early but the polished coverstock would go through the front of the lane. My first few shots on the my typical 44ft house shot the ball was very clean and really popped off the backend. This had me a little worried since I wasn't planning on trying to hook the lane with this ball. After a game or two, the Clone started to mellow out some and became much smoother on the backend. The Clone has become a very good transition ball when I need something to get through the fronts but still have enough of a motor to get through the pins. i would recommend this ball for tournament players, and someone looking for a ball that conditions dictate you to use a stronger core.

  • Great Transition Ball

    Posted by Thomas Szczepaniak on Dec 15th 2023

    The Roto Grip Clone will give you a strong mid-lane motion. I love how the reacta gloss helps store some of that energy that normally burns up in most solids. Get yours at your local pro shop.

  • Clone

    Posted by Todd Benner on Dec 15th 2023

    The new Roto Grip Clone features a reimagined E.T. Core wrapped in the OptiTrax solid reactive coverstock. The 15-pound version features an RG of 2.51 with a differential of .056 and an intermediate differential of .016. Drilled at 5x4x2 which puts the pin above my middle finger, the Clone for me fit right in between the original UFO and UFO Alert in terms of total hook. The new Clone which is finished with Reacta Gloss starts up about 2 to 3 feet later than the original UFO, but about a foot or two sooner than the Alert. With the increased density of the Clone’s weight block, the Clone reads the midlane much better than the Alert and provides a more angular backend than the original. This ball is best suited for medium to heavy volumes, although the Reacta shine finish may not be responsive enough to start with on the heavier volumes. IF you were a fan of either the UFO or UFO Alert, you will easily find a spot in your bag for the new Clone.

  • Roto Grip Clone - Under Rated

    Posted by Joel Donner on Dec 13th 2023

    About Me 900 Global Staff Left Handed: High Rev High Speed Player Pap: - 47/8 +1 Rev Rate: +-500 Speed 17-18mph Layout: 4 X 4 X 1 Ball Video: The Roto Grip Clone almost didn't make it into my bag because I did not like how the UFO's rolled for me. I was a little skeptical on having the same core in this ball but with new cover stock and the Clone being a polished solid I decided to give it a try. BREAKING NEWS - I LOVE IT. This ball is the best of both worlds for me. The Clone has the smoothness of a solid but the length of a polished ball. The backend on this ball is a perfect mixture of the a smooth controllable finish and the sharp backend of a polish. The clone gets off the spot quick but then flips into a more end over end continuous drive through the pocket. This ball packs a punch as well. Please take a look at the video and see for yourself. Glad I got this one it is a good filler piece for me between the Gem and my lower end stuff. I had a huge gap in my bag and this filled it. Side note: I usually don't put so many shots in my ball videos but I started out with the front 8 strikes when I was filming this. Through the 9th one a little wide and slow and went through the face. Joel Donner 900 Global Staff Member Cedar Rapids, IA #StormNation #StrikingWorldwide #RGSquad #Iambowling #teamiambowling #bowlingisfun

  • Strong Shiny Solid from Roto Grip

    Posted by Rich Kollmeyer on Dec 13th 2023

    Layout: 5 x 4 x 2 PAP: 5 1/8 x 7/8 Up Rev Rate: 315 Axis Tilt: 27 degrees Axis Rotation: 45 degrees The Clone features the ET core made famous in the UFO and UFO Alert with some slight modifications to lower the RG and raise the differential. I was expecting a hybrid version to clone the Alert, but was surprised to see it released as a polished solid. I’ve found that to be versatile and usable a lot longer during league than most asymmetrical solids that go back in the bag in the middle to end of game 1.

  • Roto Grip Clone

    Posted by Brian Watson on Nov 29th 2023

    The new ball in the RG HP4 line is the Clone. The Clone is kind of the replacement of the UFO Alert. I drilled mine standard pin up 4.5 x 5 x 2 layout. I also took a 1000 abralon pad and added Step 2 to the cover. I have bowled with the clone on a couple sport patterns and house. The Clone is a polished solid and with a strong asymmetrical core. For me the Clone is controllable and pretty good on the sport patterns. It allowed me to keep the ball in play and on line for the most part. The backend reaction is a smooth arcing motion for me. Think a stronger TNT roll, or a cleaner more tip down lane than a Exotic Gem. For the house shot it was just okay for me and my roll, it didn't give me a lot of miss room as you normally have on a house shot. For my game it is kind a of niche ball, when it matches up its real good and when it doesn't there is just better choices for me. For the sport patterns, it was a good ball to go to when the reality's and gem's start to bog down a little. But is definately stronger than say a Phaze II or Summit. I can see the guys that play a little straighter through the fronts really like the Clone. Good Addition to the RG line! Emerson Lanes Brunswick Pro Anvil Lanes Brian Watson PAP 3 7/8 up 1 1/4 MPH - 16-17 TILT - 17 RPM - 400 Storm Pro Shop Staff

  • Clone is Impressive!

    Posted by Sam Cooper on Nov 22nd 2023

    Sam Cooper Roto Grip Amateur Staffer. Layout 50x5.5x40. I was looking for a bigger piece to add to my arsenal that was versatile. I was having a hard time deciding between the Clone and the Eternity PI. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the clone and have not put it down. My only regret is that I did not drill one sooner. I knew getting this ball it was not a UFO Alert replacement but I saw similar tendencies of how it rolled and hooked. I always loved how the Alert slowed down in the mid lane. Even with the reacta gloss finish on the Clone it does not have any trouble getting into that mid lane roll. Then following up the mid lane roll with a smoother yet strong move on the back end. At this moment I don't have any plans of altering the surface which is a rarity for me especially with shine. I believe this could be a versatile piece for anyone. The Cloned ET Core paired up with the Optitrax Solid cover with shine is an impressive combo. It is not a UFO Alert replacement but IMO it is not too far off. You will see similarities that made you like the Alert just a little sooner on the lanes.

  • Roto Grip Clone review by Chris Pollentier

    Posted by Chris Pollentier on Nov 20th 2023

    Roto Grip Clone Coverstock: OptiTrax Solid Reactive Finish: Reacta Gloss Core: Cloned E.T. Core RG: 2.51, Diff: 0.056, PSA: 0.016 (15 lb.) VLS Layout: 4 x 4-3/8 x 2 Dual Angle Layout: 50 x 4 x 35 PAP: 5 3/16” right x 5/8” up Rev rate: 400 rpm Average speed: 16.5 mph Location: Prairie Lanes, Sun Prairie WI Pattern: Medium volume THS The Roto Grip Clone takes the E.T. Core found in the UFO and UFO Alert and tweaks it slightly to create a stronger version that provide little more midlane roll. It also features the new OptiTrax solid reactive coverstock that comes polished from the factory with the Reacta Gloss finish, which helps keeps the ball clean up front with a continuous backend motion. All told, the design intent for the Clone was to create versatile ball with a consistent and predictable motion from shot-to-shot. Fresh out of the box and off the drill press, the Clone has easy length thanks to the shiny Reacta Gloss polish finish, and it’s certainly retains energy to be strong off friction. However, as is often the case (at least for me), the factory-polished finish tended to make the Clone a bit too over/under for my liking. So, I scuffed the surface with an older 2000-grit Abralon pad just to knock some of the shine off and get a few scratches in the cover – doing this brought the Clone to life! Removing some of the polish better allowed the cover and core to work together. The Clone was still clean on the front part of the lane, but with a light scuff it read the midlane much better and provided a strong and continuous backend reaction. Misses in the oil squared up to the pocked much better to help carry the pesky corner pins, and misses out didn’t jerk off the friction as hard. I see the Roto Grip Clone being a great option after the Gem or Magic Gem, and provides a little more shape on the backend compared to the Exotic Gem. The Clone will be a great option as the lanes start to go through transition because the clean cover will help keep it from reading too early and the strong core will help the ball pick up and read the midlane. The Clone will be a great ball for league bowlers and deserves a spot in the bag for competitive players as well. Chris Pollentier Storm Pro Shop Staff #StormNation #SquadRG

  • Roto Grip The Clone review by Ethan Fiore

    Posted by Ethan Fiore on Nov 15th 2023

    The Clone from Roto Grip was intended to be a remake of the UFO Alert but, it has passed its expectations. The Clone ET core and Optitrax cover is a great combo for a lot of down lane hook but once you get left, it becomes very tame and easy to keep in play. All around good ball!

  • Great in mid lane

    Posted by Dave Adams on Nov 15th 2023

    Roto Grip Clone ball review VLS 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 X 1 7/8 The Clone is another ball that gives me a shape different than anything in my bag right now. As I was a big fan of the E.T. Core, getting a new piece using a revised version of it was something to look forward to. Combined with the Optitrax solid cover with a Reacta gloss finish and you have a great new addition to any arsenal. This ball is plenty clean through the front of the lane thanks to the Reacta Gloss. It really shines (no pun intended) in the midlane. The Clone really picks up for me there and makes a really strong move, even on heavier oil. The ball is pretty forward on the back of the lane, making it very controllable. If you play more up the lane like me, this will really make this ball usable on a variety of conditions. It gives me a good angle to carry while not going sideways if I miss a little. Whenever I used it so far I have seen some big scores. I also find it easy to read the lanes with it as it makes that very defined reaction in the midlane. With the Reacta Gloss finish, this ball is much cleaner and sharper than any other solid covers I have right now. It's a little less overall than my Summit, but stronger than my go to pearl which is the Eternity usually. This ball should be a great addition for fresh oil, or when you need something strong but not too early. If you were a fan of the UFO Alert, you will definitely want one soon. Dave Adams Storm staff

  • Clone Review by Sandy McIntire

    Posted by Sandy McIntire on Nov 12th 2023

    I am a higher speed, rev challenged 220-250ish, high tilt, high rotation, and super low track player. I drilled my Roto Grip Clone 25 x 5 3/8 x15 and my axis point is 3 ¼ right and 7/8 up. The Roto Grip Clone is a big asymmetric solid reactive piece that I really like to use on medium volume patterns. The low Rg and High diff gives this ball high flare potential. When I need something to get longer down lane and still be strong on the backend this is the ball. My YouTube video of the ball can be found at:

  • Cleaner but strong Asym solid option

    Posted by Johnny Quach on Nov 9th 2023

    Seems contradictory but thats what i had it at. A little cleaner than my reality and gem, but still solid so it dug in the oil really well and wasnt very hard off the spot, even with the reacta gloss finish it comes with. When i hit it with some surface is when this ball truly shined. It stored a little more energy than the big asym solids, so when my reality or gem started to flat 10, the clone still kept going and carried. Still fit that spot in the bag so if you were taking 6 or 9, you probably wouldnt take both clone and reality/gem, but it was good if you wanted a tiny bit cleaner option than those two. Two hander, 450 revs, 50x5x50 layout, bowls house shots and PBA regionals Check out our Youtube video and channel: Striking Results Pro Shop

  • Roto Grip Clone Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

    Posted by PJ Haggerty on Nov 7th 2023

    The Roto Grip Clone is the newest addition to the HP4 line and it’s a perfect addition to the line. With having so much success with the UFO Alert a few years ago, it only makes sense that the Clone would be a perfect replacement. My initial reaction after drilling it was “this is a revamped UFO Alert and will be in my bag at almost all times”. So far, that’s been true. Seeing several types of surfaces, patterns, and crossing with different styles, the Clone has been a staple in my bag. The Clone is very similar to the UFO Alert except for a few minor tweaks. The core was adjusted a small amount which lowered the RG and increased differential. This just gives the Clone “more” of everything. More flare, hook, and power. It’s been a perfect compliment to my DNA, Exotic Gem, and Tour Dynamix. I’ve drilled one so far and really like it. I put the pin under my bridge, shifted the CG, and kicked the mass bias a decent amount. The numbers come out as 5 x 3.5 x 55. The surface has been left alone but I’ve had the most success when the pattern blends and I need a ball to still read the front of the lane, but not be extremely quick. Because the RG and differential are strong, I could see several types of players having success with the Clone. Another great addition to arsenals came out of Utah. Go drill one!

  • Roto Grip Clone

    Posted by Michael LeViner on Nov 6th 2023

    Roto Grip Clone Layout: 55 x 4 ½ x 35 When I heard that the Clone was going to be a polished solid, I got excited because the last high-end polished solid that Roto Grip had was the Eternal Cell, which is one of my favorite balls of all time. Luckily, the Clone lives up to the lofty standards! It has more overall hook and more backend motion than I remember the Eternal Cell having, but it is overall still very reminiscent of that ball. Even though it is a solid, it is very clean through the heads due to the polish, but it has a strong down-lane kick that I will call a “strong arc; it is not flippy, but it is not excessively smooth, either. This reaction is not made for fresh, but can easily be the 2nd or 3rd ball in the bag and cover anything from medium-heavy to medium-light conditions.

  • RG Clone

    Posted by Keith C on Nov 1st 2023

    Right Hand Tweener Ball Speed: 16/17 of hand Revrate: 325-350 Test lane: Length: 42' Pattern: THS The Invasion Begins Now! Starting Specs: Coverstock: OptiTrax Solid Reactive Weight Block: Cloned ET Core Factory Finish: Reacta Gloss Flare Potential: High Radius of Gyration (RG):15lbs - 2.51 Differential (Diff): 15lbs - 0.056 Intermediate Diff: 15lbs - 0.016 Designed to resemble the popular UFO Alert we mixed in a few upgrades & performance enhancing tweaks for the bowlers of all skill levels. Drilled mine Pin Down 3 3/4 X 4 X 3 5/8 VLS like my Alert and RST-X2. Out of box my initial reaction was so/so with the continuation down lane. So I took off the Reacta Gloss with a 4000 pad no polish like my TNT. Now I have an asym with as much punch and a 1-2 combination at league or tournaments which can blend out a pattern. It's shape is easy to read for me and with better control of the transition. I have had success playing all parts of the lanes in particular my comfort zones. I was able to open up my angles when needed on a 44' sport pattern as energy retention was maximized. Dominate cover with a forgiving core equals better pin carry. More like a Duo Plus if you think about it. For the league bowlers this is a great choice for your 1 or 2 ball bowler. For the competitive bowler it's another ball in your arsenal when you need that smoother asymmetrical solid. Simply put, this version is the next generation all bowlers need in the bag. Keith Cordy 900 Global Staff Ambassador #GoGlobal #SquadRG #stormnation #12InARowProShop #CustomThumbzProshop #JoPoGrips

  • Clone Review by Luke Rosdahl

    Posted by Luke Rosdahl on Oct 24th 2023

    User Specs: Left handed, 375 rev rate, 17mph speed, 45 degree angle of rotation, 7 degrees tilt Layout: 4 ¾ x 3 ½ x 2 ½ The Clone is a new asymmetric ball in Roto Grip’s HP4 line. It features the new OptiTrax solid cover which is medium strength. The core is the Cloned E.T. core which is modified from the original E.T. core in the UFO and UFO Alert, and it comes in at a 2.51 RG, .054 differential, and a .016 intermediate differential in 15 pounds. On paper it’s a slightly stronger solid version of the UFO Alert, but this cover is a decided step down in strength from the MicroTrax on the UFO and on the balls in the Gem line. The box surface is Reacta Gloss, but I resurfaced mine down to 1000 grit on a resurfacing machine and then finished it with a light application of Storm’s Step 2 compound. The result was underwhelming. The ball is significantly earlier and smoother than was expected, and with the shine, it was lazy and flat, so I decided to take a 2000 pad to it by hand. This completely changed the reaction, the surface now better fit what the core wanted to do and I got an incredibly controllable and forgiving reaction. Early rolling without being early hooking, and an even, continuous, climbing arc on the backend. The Clone feels like an asymmetric version of the TNT. It’s got the same slow, heavy roll, but for me, the Clone has the torque that the TNT lacks to give it more conviction and presence at the pocket. It works best for me on tougher conditions, but it’s surprisingly effective on regular league conditions because remember, the cover is clean enough to where it’s still able to be in play on lighter conditions. It’s a step down from the Gem, a step sideways from the TNT, and a step up from the Tour Dynam-X in my opinion, and for me it’s one of the best sport condition balls out there right now.

  • Clone

    Posted by Gil B on Oct 21st 2023

    Roto Grip Clone the newest in the HP4 Line. Features the Clone Et core and the new Optitrax solid cover. Since I miss my UFO Alert so much I drilled to with my favorite pin down layout to replace my baby. Out of the box for me it did show some similarities to my UFO Alert. For me it got to far down lane for me and was coming around the head pin too much. Not an issue hit it with a 2000 pad by hand and took a little shine off the ball. OOOH I am in love. This ball def takes well to surface change. This change seemed to make the ball pick up in the right spot and control the reaction downlane. Loving the Clone. UFO ALERT who lol

  • Clone

    Posted by Zachary Woelfel on Oct 14th 2023

    The all new Roto Grip Clone reminds me a lot of the UFO Alert. The Clone has all of the great parts about the Alert with more midlane control. The main difference that I feel changes the ball motion comes from the OpiTrax Solid Coverstock. The cover gets the ball into roll quickly, while still giving the downlane shape that you are looking for in the Clone. I am excited to see what this ball can do on a variety of different conditions, make sure you go and get yours today!

  • Roto Grip Clone

    Posted by Curtiss on Oct 3rd 2023

    Roto Grip’s newest HP4 line ball has a little bit of a different twist on it. The Cloned ET core which features an RG of 2.51, differential of 0.056 and PSA of 0.016, has the new Optitrax Solid cover but this solid is polished with Reacta Gloss. This ball has been a big surprise for me in how much it shapes in the oil. The polish helps the ball get through the heads, but because of the such strong core, it picks up so well in the midlane with plenty of backend reaction. It is very versatile, as I am able to throw it on fresh house shot, as well as longer sport shots. I compared this ball to an earlier and stronger UFO Alert, Next thing to do is get another one and put some surface on it, as I think it could make a good heavy oil ball as well.

  • Clone

    Posted by Gabriel Garcia on Oct 2nd 2023

    Introduing Roto Grip's newest Asymetrical High Performance ball, the Clone. There has been a lot of hype about this ball because it features the same core found in the UFO line, only wrapped with the OptiTrax Solid Reactive coverstock. This coverstock has reacti-gloss finish, giving this big asymetrical solid some length through the front part of the lane, while still being able to handle oil in the middle part of the lane and pop downlane. This ball has been a homerun when I needed something bigger but cleaner to handle the wet-dry in the middle part of the lane. I don't see this ball being close to the UFO Alert because of the difference in coverstock and the Clone seems to be overall smoother and more predictable downlane. I have had a lot of success with asym solids with some polish on them and I'm sure you guys will too, especially for those clifted house shots!

  • Clone Review

    Posted by Glenn Wendel on Oct 1st 2023

    Ball Specs: Roto Grip Clone Optitrax Solid Reactive Asymmetric Cloned ET Core Finish Reacta Gloss Polished Layout 4.5 x4.5 with 3.5” Pin Buffer Bowler Specs: Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50. Speed at release 17 Review: I was very excited to get this ball because of how much I liked the UFO Alert and also the look of this ball was enough alone to order it! The Clone has an Asymmetric core that is not overpowering but provides a medium to strong predicable motion. I do feel this ball is a bit smoother than my Alert but the Clone is a stronger ball with a more powerful roll. I rolled this ball on a few house shots with no worry of over- under and I was able to play a few different angles with success. I could stay in the oil and the ball still read well and if I got it to the dry it came back with a strong hit. The dry shot will be obvious in the video. I seemed to have my best reaction when I let the Clone roll off my hand while playing just inside the friction. This should be a nice shiny medium type solid for most people and styles. This ball fits between my Hustle M-M and my Exotic gem in total hook. The Clone is another nice addition to the Roto Grip line of balls. Summary: The Clone is a nice rolling predictable solid. The color and shine of this ball gives it great shelf appeal. This ball could be used as an asymmetric benchmark ball. Video Link: Glenn Wendel Storm Pro Shop Staff

  • RG Clone

    Posted by BRIAN HIRSCH on Sep 23rd 2023

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another ball review, and this time it's for the Roto Grip Clone! In 14 pounds this ball is wrapped in OptiTrax Solid Cover and comes with Reacta Gloss and an RG of 2.52, Diff of .056, and an MB of .016. This is the first ball that I drilled since going to 14 pounds so I wasn't too sure what differences I would see or feel, but so far so good, and now onto the review. SPI says that this ball is Engineered For - Medium to Medium-Heavy Oil Conditions and for a polished ball I expected to see a strong ball but wasn't ready for how strong this one is. I haven't been a fan of the Reacta Gloss but something told me to try it with it on and glad I did. SPI has got to where Reactta Gloss isn't too bad and with this ball, I was able to play in the track on a THS and I am able to use this ball for the night. I have only six league games so far this year and this ball has been in play for five of them. I do see this in the house shot - benchmark spot in the bag for sure. On a longer pattern and or higher volume I do not see this as a first out-of-the-bag ball but in a tournament, it will be thrown at some point. The Cloned ET Core was something we saw in the UFO and UFO Alert with the Clone having a tweek to the weightblock. Check us out on Youtube at Get out to your STORM VIP shop or Pro Shop and get yours today! BOWLER STYLE: RH - Power Stroker Rev Rate: 320 Ball Speed: 15-16 PAP: 4 7/8 right 3/8 up. #Storm #VISE #BowlersChoiceProShop #BabesAndBallsBowling #LogoInfusion or #IAmBowling (coupon code HIRSCH 20% off at checkout)

  • Clone Review by Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson

    Posted by Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson on Sep 17th 2023

    Roto Grip Clone Cover: OptiTrax™ Solid Reactive Reacta Gloss Weight Block: Cloned E.T.™ Core (Asymmetrical) Color: Alien/Deep Mist/Cyber Grape Review: First off, the colors on this ball and logo are awesome and look SOOOO good in person with the reacta gloss (major shelf appeal). We drilled this ball with our normal layout: tweener, 350-375 revs, 16.5mph, layout of choice is 4x4x2 (pin is above bridge). This ball is pretty comparable to the UFO line if you had one of those pieces. If you didn’t, you can expect a clean ball motion through the front and mid parts of the lane. The reacta gloss finish is perfect for an immediate ball down from a strong Asym piece when starting out on a fresh block. If we were using this on the fresh we would probably knock the reacta gloss off and go with a slight bit more surface to blend the lane a bit. Overall this ball looks great on the lane and on the shelf. Go pick up your Clone today! Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff Members #SquadRG

  • The Clone - It comes (back) in peace, but strikes at will.

    Posted by Todd Sigeti on Sep 4th 2023

    Layout: 5.25 x 3.5 x 2.75 The new Clone is the latest asymmetric piece in the Roto Grip line. Compared to the current high-performance asymmetric offerings (Gem and Exotic Gem), the new Cloned ET Core has a higher RG (2.51 at 15 pounds), allowing it to lope a little further down lane and get through the fronts a little better. With a high differential and PSA of .056 and .016, this has a ton of hook potential in the midlane and the back end, and especially for a solid asymmetric, it gets kicked in the teeth when it makes its move. This ball combines the new Cloned ET Core, which is a modified version of the core found in the UFO and UFO Alert. The RG is slightly lower in 15 pounds (2.52 vs. 2.51), and the differential is slightly higher (.054 vs. .056). What's the result? More of a continuous motion on the backend than the UFO Alert, but earlier roll and motion in the midlane. The UFO, with its dull solid cover, was more like the Hyper Cell from nearly 10 years ago--the Clone is very reminiscent of the Eternal Cell from about 8 years ago. On the THS pattern that they put down during league, this is a very versatile asymmetric that I could see using at any point in the session. Its dynamics allow for a straighter starting angle with a big, but predictable, move on the backend after getting it to the outside dry, but also for playing the puddle in the middle. Due to the Reacta Gloss finish, it maybe be beneficial to take some of the shine off of the ball before playing in that oil, but your results may vary. This is going to be a great piece for the 1st or 2nd transitions during tournament play. In pro shops now! Todd Sigeti Storm Amateur Staff

  • Clone

    Posted by Jeff Shadbolt on Aug 30th 2023

    15 Mph 340 RPM PAP 4 7/16> 5/8^ Right Handed Ave 220-230 Visit the YouTube channel for reviews! Clone 5x3 1/2x2 5/8 RG 2.51 DIFF .051 INT DIFF .016 This solid Asymmetrical is something I did not have in the arsenal. With its shined Optitrax Solid Cover and Cloned E.T Core this ball is just different. I can create more more angle downlane with this over the other Asymmetric solids. It seems to be in play on a variety of conditions as well.