Roto Grip Rush Bowling Ball

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In today's Fast-paced and High Scoring environment your equipment must have the technology and horsepower to stay ahead of the competition. Roto-Grip has delivered once again with the introduction of the Rush. The Rush is powered by an all new Hemispherical-"Hemi" core. This low RG/medium differential "Hemi" produces increased spin rate for earlier mid-lane traction with continuous acceleration to the finish line. The tread on the Rush consists of an all new Posi-Trac solid reactive coverstock designed for added traction and continuous backend motion.
Core2-piece Asymmetrical
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish1000 grit matte
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

9 Reviews

  • AMFBadBoy

    Posted by AMFBadBoy on Mar 6th 2007

    I threw this ball on tour back in 2003-2004 and drilled several of them. No matter how you layed it out, no matter what you did to the surface, it sucked. Shine it, it went 50 ft. then dead left, ring 10. Scuff it just a bit, it hooked at your toe then rolled out. Not even Walter Ray could have made this donkey roll well. For those of you who were actually talked into buying this ball. I feel sorry for you because your scores would be 20 pins higher a game with something else in your hand.<scrip

  • Giddyupddp

    Posted by Giddyupddp on Mar 3rd 2007

    Found ball online and thought I would give it a try as the price was right! If you are a tweener or stroker it would be a good ball for medium to light oil. For a cranker or slower speed you would likely find a use for it in the medium oil range. I have only used it a few games and found its my choice for later in the night when the lanes dry out some and my Robo Rule starts to hook too early. This is my second Roto-Grip ball, my first was the EPIC which was great until it finally died out after 120+ games, and I would say the RUSH hits hard but is nowhere near aggressive as the EPIC. For the nationals thinking of getting the SD-73 which I hear is great and would fit my high speed medium revs game.

  • sirbowlsalot

    Posted by sirbowlsalot on Nov 14th 2005

    Got this ball a couple of weeks ago from a stroker friend who didn't like the reaction. Plugged the thumb and re-drilled with pin below bridge in center and cg shifted positive with no x-hole. Ball speed for me is around 15mph. Lane conditions are medium volume of oil (defense-c) to 38ft with a buff to 42ft, drier outside of the five board on the left and right. Ball tracks about an inch from the fingers and thumbholes with a bit of axis tilt(not much) and about 30 degrees of axis rotation. Polished, this ball clears the heads as well as ANY solid reactives I have throw. It starts to try to make its move late in the mids, and then comes on strong in the backs, hitting the pins with little or no deflection whatsoever for me. If anything it would, at times, roll a bit TOO hard, leaving the occasional pesky 9 pin. Overall carry seemed good, with a seemingly high strike percentage an the better throw shots. Pin action also seemed to be quite lively when impact occured. Ball

  • jdubghetto

    Posted by jdubghetto on Nov 1st 2004

    Top ball, best i have ever thrown would recommend this ball to anyone for any conditions, even on dry lanes this ball performs, u do have to put a lil more behind it but the snap on it kills the pocket! This ball is one of the best out in my opinion. So if your looking for a ball for medium to heavy oil coniditons, go look for this ball and buy it on sight. i have brought my average up 4 pins in the last two weeks with this ball. So go buy it and i am running out of things to say considering u must have a minimum number of words. Thank you<scri

  • JHylka

    Posted by JHylka on Jun 24th 2004

    After seeing my brother throw this one, it was a normal "gotta have it" thing. Drilled with pin 3-3/8 in from pap, with cg at 105 deg. For being an early-rolling ball, the Rush does get down the lane (better be some oil up front) then makes one helluva break with a continuous hook. It's almost like, when the ball gets to where you need it to start hooking, someone picks up the right hand side of the lane and starts tilting the lane to the left more and more. The result is a smooth, continuous hook that absolutely does not stop until the pins are dead. I think what I like most about the Rush is that the pins stay low. No high-flyers here, just low-flying pins to knock each other senseless. With my brother's Rush, the first drill was 5x5. NOT GOOD! If this ball isn't drilled aggressively, you will take the midlane out of the ball, and that's where you want the ball to work. His got redrilled label leverage, and it was incredible. I had mine drilled as indicated above and I am very impres

  • E-Strong

    Posted by E-Strong on Jun 10th 2004

    Got this today. Been wanting to try the Rush as I have had a Top Fuel and some Storm stuff. I'm still a big LaneMasters/AZO fan but waiting on some new stuff to come from them. I spoke with a regional PBA member who bowls for Roto-Grip and got some details about this ball. A great ball for anyone who doesn't stray too far past the 3rd arrow. If you bowl down and in, or throw a small "belly" shot this ball WILL WORK. I played 15 to 10, 15 to 5, straight up 10 and 6 to the twig with the ball coming back to the hole for a HUGE pocket hit. Not too many corners either. With some speed and hand adjustment I was able to make this ball work with those shots on a very heavy oil league shot with carrydown. I shot 698 out of the box with a 264 high. I ran 16 in a row from the 1st game into the 10th of the 2nd. If I hadn't choked I shoot 700 easy and maybe catch a 300 for the second game. Not a bad outing for the first time. As with my other reviews I'll update here later after bowling some other

  • jcfd31

    Posted by jcfd31 on May 27th 2004

    Just what i was looking for something more than the retro Blue. its drilled the 4" from PAP with the pin above the finger. the more i throw this ball the more i like it. very strong rolling and still predictable. works good even with some carry down. i am a tweener now after my wrist surgery needed a little help in the hookin dept. if you want a little punch to the pocket that wont knock you down with the price, this is the BALL! any thing after this has nothing to do with the ball just filling up space! these reviews having to be a min. of 100 words is totally nuts.


    Posted by EXCALIBER on May 4th 2004

    Because this ball is Roto Grip, I think it was passed up by many bowlers. I have it drilled leverage It gives an extremely strong ARC into the pocket. It is very readable. The Rush is another ball that I can play almost all over the lane with. It starts reading the lane early, but does not overreact. SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH!!!!!!! This ball is smooth. Despite the colors I get alot of people asking me what I am throwing when I do actually use the Rush. There are a few balls that I already have that are extremely close to this, so I go with those........sometimes questioning myself afterwards as to why! If you have been thinking of trying Roto Grip, let yourself start with the RUSH. It will not disappoint.

  • plowe

    Posted by plowe on Jan 29th 2004

    I wanted a ball that hooked sooner than my polished ball. I usually throw a Columbia Wicked, which I love. This ball was everything I hoped for. It reacted well, sooner, and carried great. This is definitely a ball for oil. I shot a 633 out of the box, then a 612, 626, and 602. My average is 195 and i think with this ball it could go to the 200 mark. My ball speed is around 15 mph and I play second arrow shot, and am a tweener. This ball helped me to have more hand in the release. This is my first RotoGrip ball and I am very pleased with it. Get one!