Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball

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Color: Navy/Electric Blue/Orange Coverstock: GI-17 Solid Reactive Weight Block: RAD-X Core Factory Finish: 2000 Abralon Flare Potential: High Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48 Differential (Diff): 0.054 Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.018 Storm Sure Lock - Available 3/14/17
ColorNavy/Electric Blue/Orange
CoverstockGI-17 Solid Reactive
CoreRAD-X Core
Intermediate Diff0.018
Factory finish2000 Abralon
Cleared USBCYes

16 Reviews

  • 1tommygn

    Posted by 1tommygn on Jul 13th 2017

    The Sure Lock is the solid covered version of the Lock and Snap Lock, in the premier line of balls from Storm. This solid cover is called GI-17. The Sure Lock uses the same RAD-X core as the previous two releases. The Sure Lock color combination of orange, electric and Navy, is sure to remind bowlers of the Virtual Gravity Nano. The Sure Lock comes from the factory sanded with a 2000 grit abralon finish. The core numbers of the Sure Lock are 2.48 Rg, .054 diff, and .018 intermediate diff, in 15 lb balls. I used a very strong layout of 3.75 x 5.5 x 2.5 on the Sure Lock, to compliment my Snap Lock drilled 3.75 x 6 x 2.5. I decided to go with this strong of a layout, because many of the current oils today give me an over under reaction, if I'm not using a higher flare drilling, as I don't have an ultra high rev rate. Long pin distance drillings with more surface on the ball become too speed sensitive for me, and often times cover too many boards. A stronger layout like this, for me, tends to reduce the overall board coverage because the core finds it's prefered spin axis quicker and I don't need to use as much surface to get the ball to read the lane the right way. When bowling in centers with either a flatter pattern, or using older technology oil that isn't as "slick" as the new stuff, I use more traditional layouts and or would gravitate more towards the Snap Lock. My Sure Lock in the box finish had good motion, but was too big of a gap from my Snap Lock. I lightly smoothed out the cover on all four quadrants with Storm step #1 compound. With this finish, the Sure Lock gives me that earlier and stronger reacting version of my Snap Lock. The Sure Lock has a more defined motion than the Alpha Crux, which it replaced in the line-up. The Alpha Crux is more rounded through the backend, where the Sure Lock is a more defined shape. The Sure Lock is a big hooking ball, that will cover some boards depending on your layout choice. The defined shape through the backend is more ideal for slick lane surfaces, and not real squeaky clean backends. If you are looking for a big ball motion with change of direction, look into a Sure Lock. Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Storm Sure Lock. Now go Bowl up a Storm!

  • stormroto

    Posted by stormroto on Jul 10th 2017

    The new ball from Storm is the Sure Lock. The Sure Lock is the solid cover version of the original Lock. I was a huge fan of the Lock, but the Sure Lock may be the strongest ball I've thrown for awhile. It has great overall hook, but the Sure Lock has more backend motion even for a strong asymmetrical core. At the last couple tournaments that I've bowled lately there was a lot of the Sure Lock on several pairs. The interesting thing was that there was several different styles throwing the Sure Lock. Bowlers were playing out around the track and some playing the deep inside line, all with great success. Very good addition to the Storm Premier Line. PAP- 3 5/8 up 1 1/4 Speed - 16-17 Rev rate - 400 Tilt - 17 Layout - 5 x 4.5 x 4.5

  • Doughboy1

    Posted by Doughboy1 on Jul 9th 2017

    I'm a 60 year old right handed bowler. I have medium speed with 255 RPM Rev rate. I prefer to use same layouts on every bowling ball. I drilled the sure lock pin up 50 x 4-1/2 x 35. This ball likes a lot of oil. I roll up 5-10 and the ball moves down the lane good and makes a hard turn off the spot. I have shot 751 with games: 279, 240, and 232 out of box. This ball for me is a step up from Phase II.

  • mwtarkington

    Posted by mwtarkington on Jul 7th 2017

    This ball is strong. For me, it's too strong for a THS. I've tried using it with the oob finish and had very little success on any THS leagues. However; instead of tweaking the surface, I decided to try it on some sport patterns. I had the chance to roll it on both regional & tour chameleon patterns and that's where it shined. On the regional pattern, I was able to play a bit straighter and had to ball down quite sooner, but while it worked, it worked quite well. On the tour pattern, with about 10 games on it (slight lane shine), the Sure Lock was awesome for the first 3 games. Just making minor adjustments from pair to pair. I really liked what I saw and plan to keep this ball in the bag for higher volume/longer pattern tourneys. For anyone looking for a stronger ball, something that could be at the top of the bag, you need look no further than the Sure Lock.

  • PJ Haggerty

    Posted by PJ Haggerty on Jun 19th 2017

    Storm Sure Lock Ball Review by PJ Haggerty The Storm Sure Lock is the newest addition to the Premier Line and man, does it hook! I believe the Sure Lock is the strongest ball in my bag and I've had the most success with it on medium and longer patterns. Before I drilled it, I felt like I needed to drill a strong ball with a strong layout for those types of patterns and it's perfect for them. I mapped out my Sure Lock as: 4 x 4 x 70 with no weight hole. The pin, cg, and mass bias are all stacked starting under my ring finger. From a surface standpoint, I left it as is out of the box, but have put 1000 by hand on it a few times to use on longer patterns or create a hook spot on the lane if I'm trying to do so. With the RG at 2.48 and Diff at .54, the Sure Lock is meant to hook early and often. If you are looking to replace the strongest ball in your bag, I'd put the Sure Lock up against anything out there. For folks going to USBC Nationals, I could definitely see this ball being used in the Singles & Doubles portion of the event. Go Drill One! #StormNation

  • RyanDPatterson30

    Posted by RyanDPatterson30 on Jun 13th 2017

    This ball completes the trifecta with the Lock series. If you need a ball that HOOKS this is the ball you drill. Although this ball has a very strong cover with a very good core, the continuation you still receive with this ball is crazy. This is the first ball out of my bag in tournaments when I'm bowling on longer patterns or high volume pattern s. This ball also strikes a lot on house as it allows you to play parts of the lane that other balls are strong enough for or burn up to soon so you lose your carry. This ball allows me to be very comfortable on longer patterns with my tendency of higher ball speed. If you are looking for a special addition to your Arsenal this ball is that.

  • stormtajiri

    Posted by stormtajiri on Jun 5th 2017

    I found this ball one of the most hooking balls that I have ever thrown. It handles heavy oil very well. On lighter volume conditions, this ball wouldn't be ideal since it wants to start hooking very quickly. I like to use this ball on the fresh and on heavier volume lane conditions. For people with a higher rev rate and a slower ball speed, I would recommend adjusting the surface to a 4k or even polished if you see the ball not retaining enough energy. This is definitely one of my favorite asymmetrical balls. Everyone should have one in their bag!

  • fjcallahan

    Posted by fjcallahan on May 15th 2017

    The Storm SureLock was the Premier Line March release which featured the GI-17 Solid Reactive cover and the Rad-X Core. I'm a huge fan of the SnapLock, so when I heard about the solid release, I was stoked. I'm speed dominant with lower than average tilt and solid covers tend to burn up on me. I used a big drilling angle and a high rg pin out to get the ball some help down lane. At first I wasn't too happy with the look from the SureLock...It was too smooth and did not hit very hard. I didn't give up on it and I'm happy about that choice because, after three or so games, with a bit of glaze on the cover...bang! It's like it came to life! I tossed a 289 the first game in league, left a weak ten, operator error, finished with a decent seven set. Next time out I rolled a clean 720 with a few corner pins sprinkled in...just so you know, I'm a ball driller and I've never claimed to be a super star on the lanes. This rock makes me look pretty darn good! I highly suggest drilling one up, it suits more speed dominant players and heavier volume patterns. Beware of the cover strength, she really hooks a bunch out of the box. All in all another solid release from Team Utah!!! #stormnation

  • cburge13

    Posted by cburge13 on Mar 29th 2017

    Storm Sure Lock Layout: pin above the bridge cg directly 2 inches below. Oob condition Lane conditions: 40 ft ths, hpl This ball is absolutely amazing, a hooking machine. I wanted this ball to complement the Snap Lock. It allows me a step up when the lanes are a little more oily and still be able to use a more controllable piece then going to Alpha Crux. I could play deep in the oil and the ball would still have the power to kick corners or swing it out to the dry playing the whole lane and still had no problems getting back to the pocket. This ball has tremendous shelf appeal with it blue/orange color scheme and the orange clove frangrance is delightful. This ball is available now. Go see you local pro shop operator today, you won't be disappointed. If in the Evansville, IN are go out and see Nick Austin at The Bowling Place located in Arc Lanes. Bowl Up a Storm


    Posted by ITZPS on Mar 27th 2017

    The Sure Lock is Storm's newest hook monster in the Premier line, and it's without doubt the strongest ball I've ever thrown across the board. It has a very heavy roll and has plenty of midlane traction but also manages to add in quite a bit on the backend. Fans of the original Virtual Gravity will get that nostalgic feeling with this one as it's quite reminiscent of the VG, just stronger in every way. Out of the box, this ball needs oil, and a lot of it. With some polish it could be in play on heavier house patterns, but this ball is going to be most at home on heavier volume sport patterns when you need traction AND backend finish. Most higher rev players won't need this much hook, but higher speeds and/or low rev players will love this ball, it will be the strongest motion they've ever had. I feel like the Sure Lock sets a new standard for heavy oil balls.

  • Rickm835

    Posted by Rickm835 on Mar 21st 2017

    Ball: Storm Sure Lock Specs: 2000 grit AB with a 40 x 4 x 40 layout Lane info: SPL installed in early 2010's and using KEGEL Flex with Fire conditioner w/ defense – C cleaner What I liked: WOOHOO!! This Lock is the best of the bunch. Stronger than the Trick, Alpha, Lock in all aspects. Longer length off of the pattern, strong and very reliable angle into the pocket and very adaptable to lane and surface changes. The cover for me in the past give me mixed emotions, but pairing it with the Lock core, the pairing now works the best for me. I have a strong tilt and rev dominate and left handed, so usually solids are not too friendly to me, they tend to loss all "focus" mid lane and making change to a different ball or alter the launch angles and change the in play part of the lane that I am more suited for earlier than most lefties. The Sure Lock gives me length, controllable hook and roll and overall a very good ball for me when I am bowling on SPL or newer Brunswick lane panels.

  • rodbowler75

    Posted by rodbowler75 on Mar 17th 2017

    When this ball was posted on the Storm page I was really excited to add this to my bag. The layout of mine is 65 x 4 7/8 x 21 and my PAP is 4 1/4 x 1/4 up. This ball does not disappoint on the lanes. Super strong just like an Alpha Crux but reads faster and soon stores energy down to drive through the pins. If you're looking to add a big ball in your bag this is a great choice in the Storm product line.

  • Kingpinwoods

    Posted by Kingpinwoods on Mar 14th 2017

    Sure Lock Another great release in the Premier line. Sure Lock is the snow tire of the Lock series. On a 39' heavily oiled house shot it will impress you with how clean it is to get down the lane, but once it reads friction off the spot hold on it's going left. Once I realized how much miss room I had, I couldn't miss. As long as the ball drop area stayed oily, I never had any problems getting it through the fronts. For a big hooking ball it really gets down the lane with ease, and the motion off of the mid lane is super strong but extremely controllable. After about eight games with the Sure Lock for ME started reading a little to early and being hand challenged I put it on the spinner and put it back to box finish, then I took a 3000 & 4000 pad and smoothed out the cover stock. I then went back to the same pair of lanes and started off where I had finished up with the Sure Lock box finish. Even though the lanes were pretty beat up with the smoother cover the ball reacted like it was on a fresh house shot. Made it through the fronts with ease and had that big strong arc down lane with the hitting power of a freight train. Looking forward to using the Sure Lock on all heavier oiled Sport patterns.

  • Storm Andrew

    Posted by Storm Andrew on Mar 14th 2017

    This ball is a hook monster! I placed one of my favorite layouts, 4x4x2, on it and bowled on a fresh 42' THS (Typical House Shot). Normally, as a stroker, I like to stand around 21/22 to start and keep my angles tight. The Sure Lock had me standing 26 to start and it was not long before I was standing board 30; around start of game 2. This ball will allow you to really open up your angles. All you have to do is stand left, throw it right and watch it come back. As far as it's hitting power; it is similar to Lock's of the past. It has a high carry percentage when you are anywhere near the pocket. This ball will be my go-to ball on fresh Sport Shot and heavier volume of oil patterns. Check out my video on this new release!

  • bambam300300

    Posted by bambam300300 on Mar 7th 2017

    The Storm Sure Lock is an amazing ball. I drilled this ball max aggressive for Heavily Oiled Lanes. My PAP is 4 5/8 X 11/16. I threw the Storm Sure Lock on the White # 2 Pattern during a Doubles Tournament. I scored 226, 226 and 290 for a 742 set out of the Box no Practice. I played 30 to 5 and 30 to 12. The 30 to 5 line caused the ball to roll smoothly to outside part of lane and when she reached the back end the hook was tremendous and powerful. The low pin reaction was amazing. The 30 to 12 line caused the ball to roll smoothly and what amazed me was I was not intentionally trying to play this line it happened by accident but the ball read the lane so smoothly that when she reached the back end she was not so aggressive that she went Brooklyn she was quite the opposite. She actually stayed there and crushed the pocket as if I had the outside angle. The finish was the factory out of the box finish. I must say I think this has become my favorite ball of all time as of right now. If I compared this ball to the Alpha Crux I would say this layout was about 5 boards stronger than the Alpha Crux with more back end and more pin reaction. This is a must have ball. I will be ordering another one with the pin down for earlier roll on Patterns that are longer than 44'.

  • caseyccg

    Posted by caseyccg on Mar 6th 2017

    Orientation: Right Handed Rev Rate: 375 RPM Speed: 16-17 MPH PAP: 4 5/8 straight across Location: Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO Pattern: High Volume THS Layout: 60, 5 ¾ , 40 The Sure Lock is strongest ball I've ever thrown from Storm. From the first look at the Sure Lock, it reminds you of the famous Virtual Gravity. The reaction is very similar to the VG as well. The Sure Lock is a solid but it's surprisingly clean in the front part of the lane and generates more backend than you would expect. Like all the balls in the Lock series, the Sure Lock revs up quick, but unlike the original Lock and the Snap Lock which tended to quit on the back, the Sure Lock keeps going. If you need a ball for heavy oil, definitely get a Sure Lock.

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