Storm Lock Bowling Ball

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Striking Results By now you’ve probably seen the broadcast which documented the inspiration and perspiration which went into the development of the Catalyst™ Core which powers Storm’s Crux™. And now a similar amount of blood, sweat, and tears has gone into the development of our latest Premier™ Line release, the Lock. It has both a new core and coverstock which we are confident that you will embrace the moment you see it go down the lane. Speaking of embrace, thanks to all of you who have embraced the Storm brand over the past 30 years. Your support has helped us become the number one brand on the PBA Tour for nearly a decade as well as the ball of choice among league and tournament players across the globe. We appreciate you! Unlocking Your Potential We all have our own styles, our own games. And the ‘keys’ to better bowling are different for each of us. Some have all the speed in the world but lack the rev rate to match. Others have a great handle on their equipment but don’t understand which ball to use and where to play on the lane. No matter what it takes for you to bowl your best game, Storm is committed to providing the technology to help you get there. And a stronger, more aggressive bowling ball only helps you if it is stronger in the right part of the lane. If it’s too early or too late you will have trouble carrying the corners, plain and simple. To help create that perfect breakpoint, we engineered a new weight block shape and surrounded it with a nearly-lethal coverstock. Remember that the weight block is considered to be the engine of the bowling ball. This new asymmetrical RAD-X™ Core is built on the same platform which powered other RAD™ (Radial Accelerating Disk) designs throughout Storm’s rich history. Its dynamic design with super-dense materials produces superior hook and ball motion. You can really see it rev up! And when surrounded by the grippy new GI-15™ hybrid reactive coverstock, the new Lock is sure to produce all the performance you need when battling heavy oil. It’s textured game improvement technology in 2015, hence the name GI-15, that’s sure to elevate you to the top. With Storm in your hands, you’re a lock to win! Storm - We are “The Bowler’s Company™.”
ColorBlack Pearl /White Pearl/ Crimson
CoverstockGI-15™ Hybrid Reactive
CoreRAD-X Core
Intermediate Diff0.018
Factory finish3000-grit Abralon
Weights12-16 lbs
Cleared USBCYes

17 Reviews

  • sk8sbowlingreviews

    Posted by sk8sbowlingreviews on Feb 3rd 2016

    Speed: 17.5 mph (off hand) Rev Rate: 325 Axis Rotation: 75 Degrees Axis Tilt: 3 Degrees PAP: 5.25x1 up Layout: 65x3.75x40 The Storm Lock features a brand new core and coverstock combination and they definitely work together well. The new Rad-X Core is wrapped within the brand new GI-15 Hybrid Cover and together they create a motion Storm has not had in their Premiere Line since the original Virtual Gravity. Typically these high-end asymmetric bowling balls roll early for me (low tilt bowler) so it makes it more difficult to keep the ball from losing too much energy in the fronts and leaving me shooting corner pins the entire set. The Lock is definitely different. I cannot believe how easily this ball clears the fronts and retains energy, and then creates enough angle at the break point to drive through the pins well. I haven't been more impressed with a Premiere Line ball in years! I find the Lock is very versatile with surface changes. With a simple polish right over the box surface I was able to play medium and even some burn squads with my Lock and never had issues with it rolling out. Being able to manipulate the ball so easy with surface adjustments has made the Lock a staple in my bag for tournament play. Its a ball I know I can create the shape I am looking for each and every week. If you would like to see this ball in action you can see a video on my Youtube Channel:

  • Rotogripskitt159

    Posted by Rotogripskitt159 on Feb 2nd 2016

    Lock and load,when i first saw the release of the LOCK storms newest ball to the premier line,i couldnt wait to get my hands on it. Just seeing a pic of it made me think how great this ball would be down the lane with the new cover stock that storm is using, G1-15 one word Amazing,then the Rad-x core. So after drilling this ball and making it part of the new arsenal in my bag, i know now for a fact that i dont have to worry about those tuffer and heavier volume patterns. The Lock hits like a loaded gun and throws pins like no other. I decided to drill the ball using the layout 55x4x45 and wow, love at first site. love this ball and the look it gives me. Left the box finish on it. Dont wait for someone to tell you about it, be the first one to get it and be the one to tell them. Storm LOCK

  • 814

    Posted by 814 on Feb 2nd 2016

    The Storm Lock may be one of the strongest Asymmetrical balls that I've ever thrown. If you have a center that puts out a lot of Oil or you need a ball that can help you create some hook this is the beast for you. For me the lock is a little cleaner through the fronts than the Crux and Slightly more angular. Even with that being said for my personal use I found it beneficial to bring the ball to 1500 grit and Polish it. For me this really took the smoother and more strong early roll away and gave it a cleaner through the front more angular roll in the back reaction . I think one of the overall best features of the lock is the versatility to match each players demands. I have seen these strait out of the box perform very well for bowlers of all levels and also be polished up and offer a different but very useful shape to bowlers that need a little help getting it further down lane. If you are in the market for a new Asymmetrical high performance ball the lock is a great option and should offer you just about anything you are looking for with the versatility of its cover stock.

  • 1tommygn

    Posted by 1tommygn on Jan 28th 2016

    The Storm Lock is the latest release from Storm, The Bowlers Company. This premier line release has a brand new cover stock called G1-15, which is a hybrid reactive. The core is a new shape also, and it is called the RAD-X core. The numbers on this new core is Rg of 2.48, a differential of 0.054 and an intermediate differential of 0.018. The black pearl/white pearl/crimson color has an attractive look when sitting on the ball rack. I drilled my Lock with a 3.5x5x2.5 layout. I have used my Lock on heavy longer patterns with good success. My Lock reads the lane earlier and has a stronger hook set motion than a Crux that I have drilled with the same layout. The cover rolls through the front about the same as ERG hybrid on the Crux, but doesn’t seem to lane shine as fast. I have applied as much as 1000 grit abralon to my Lock for the long PBA Badger pattern. The Lock was easier to the spot than my Hyper Cell with the same cover preparation, and didn’t break down the pattern as quick. I haven’t had many opportunities to use my Lock, as I drilled for a specific purpose, but the times I have been able to use it, it gave me the reaction I needed to stay within my game and repeat shots to make a regional final, and post our league high series on Badger pattern. The Lock is a strong ball for longer patterns. I would suggest using it for such, or you will have to really polish the ball and probably want to go with a weaker layout than what I chose for my Lock. The Lock will be good for bowlers that have high ball speeds and lower rev rates, or bowlers looking for a true heavy oil ball, that doesn’t hook all in the first 10 feet, even with surface on it. Update: Since originally writing this review, I have polished my Lock so I can use it more often. I hit it with Storm step #1, on all four sides. This ball stills digs in, and changes direction with a strong heavy roll toward the pins; but now it does it on less volume of oil. The Lock is a really nice ball that with cover adjustments, can be used on medium to heavily oiled lanes; so much so, I ordered a second one so that I can keep one shined, and have one dull. Thank you for taking some time and reading my review of the Storm Lock. As always, bowl up a Storm!

  • storm_tajiri

    Posted by storm_tajiri on Jan 11th 2016

    Storm Lock Review by Storm Staffer Joshua Tajiri Introducing the newest addition to the premier line from Storm, the LOCK! The Lock features a brand new core design derived from a very successful core technology previously used, RAD-X Core featuring RAD (Radial Acceleration Disk) Design. The coverstock used in this ball is brand new designed to grip the lanes. The GI-15, Game Improvement 2015, hybrid reactive coverstock is capable of handling heavy oil very well. I drilled my lock with a 45° x 5? x 40° Dual angle layout placing the pin above my ring fingers. This is my favorite layout on Asymmetrical balls. The layout will provide me great length with a strong and continuous backend motion. The Lock rolls best on longer patterns and heavier volume lane conditions. The motion of this ball reminds of my all time favorite Virtual Gravity. I’m able to get the ball to tip even from the oiliest lane conditions. Compared to the Crux, the Lock gives me a stronger hook of the breakpoint with more continuation through the pins. Overall the Lock is a couple boards stronger than the Crux. Based on performance, I give this ball an A+. Based on shelf appeal, the Lock deserves an A+. Great colors and smell and the swirls look good when rolling down lane. The colors remind of me a critical theory. LOCK yourself into competition! Thank you for reading this blog and hope you stay tuned for future blogs, Joshua Tajiri Storm/ Roto Grip Amateur Staff

  • LouisN

    Posted by LouisN on Nov 30th 2015

    Storm Lock Review - By Louis Narvaez This is one of the strongest balls I have ever drilled up. What immediately impressed me about this ball is the move it makes off the spot. When the lock is ready to go left, it is not a subtle move by any means. Not only does this ball read the mid lane, but it still retains enough energy to "snap" off the spot down lane. The Lock allows me to get left and still retain energy at the pins. This has now become my go to ball for longer or high volume patterns. For anyone who may have a higher ball speed, or a lower rev rate, this is something you have to consider. For those of you with higher rev rates, or slower speed, this may be better suited for use on longer or heavier volume patterns.

  • mwtarkington

    Posted by mwtarkington on Nov 29th 2015

    Right Handed Ball weight: 15 Rev Rate: 378 Ball Speed: 18.2 Axis Tilt: 7 Axis Rotation: 45* PAP: 3 3/4 horizontal, 7/8 up Layout: 40 x 4 1/2 x 35 I decided to drill my Lock for our house shot, hoping to advertise the strength of the ball. I wasn’t wrong, everyone noticed how strong this ball is. Problem is, it’s too strong for our house shot. The first few nights I rolled it, I had to put it away. I couldn’t move enough to keep it around the pocket. One league night, I fought with the ball for the entire first game, managing a weak 194. I was fighting with the Lock the whole time. Before the second game, I decided to change balls, but first, I figured, ‘Let’s see what happens if I just dive left and send it as far right as I can…’. First frame, game 2, targeting around 18, I over throw it right into the gutter. Go figure, I hit the puddle we have inside 15 and nothing wants to recover. I figured that frame was toast, so I tried it again, but took my speed down a bit and, using the width of the lane, crushed the spare. After that, I decided to stay with it and try to see how much room that look gave me. After 11 in a row, I realized this ball gave me a tremendous amount of area. I hadn’t modified the cover, so this was the box finish with about 9 games of lane shine. I have not had an opportunity to use it on any true sport patterns. It is my understanding that the strength of this ball is really on sport patterns where you don’t have to be concerned about the huge puddle in the middle of a THS. I’m really hoping to use the Lock on some holiday tournaments coming up. This is really more of a first impression, but I like what I see thus far. I’m really excited to try it on a medium-long sport pattern to see what it can do. For the time being, I’ll have to settle for what I’m seeing on our THS. Anyone looking for something strong that has no issue finishing at the end of the patterns, this ball is it.

  • stormroto

    Posted by stormroto on Nov 26th 2015

    Right Handed REv Rate - 400 Ball Speed - 17 Axis Tilt - 20 PAP - 4 up 1 1/4 The New Addition to the Storm Premier line is the Lock. The Lock has a new Core design called RAD-X and is wrapped with a new Gl-15 Hybird coverstock. Thanks to Steve Kloempken for giving me a Layout - 5.25 x 4 x 3.5. The Lock is a very strong asymmetrical ball. Reminds me a little of the Virtual Gravity, with the Lock being a little cleaner through the fronts, thus giving me a little more kick downlane. The Lock is the first Asymmetrical from storm that I am able to use all all 3 games on our league pattern. As long as you keep it in the oil early you will see very good continuation through the pins. Even with the strength of the Lock it is very versatile on all type of oil patterns. Looking forward to using the Lock on Sport and Kegel patterns. Get # LOCKedin

  • Tony Marino

    Posted by Tony Marino on Nov 19th 2015

    Introducing the newest addition to the premier line from Storm, the LOCK! The Lock features a brand new core design derived from a very successful core technology previously used, RAD-X Core featuring RAD (Radial Acceleration Disk) Design. The coverstock used in this ball is brand new designed to grip the lanes. The GI-15, Game Improvement 2015, hybrid reactive coverstock is capable of handling heavy oil very well. I drilled my Lock 4.25 x 5.25 with a 4” pin buffer, which put the pin in my ring finger. This ball gives me a lot of hook down lane with a great amount of continuation for an asymmetric. The first ball that came to mind when I threw the Lock was the X-Factor, only MUCH STRONGER. If you have an average to above average rev rate, you will need to find some oil for this ball. On house shots, I can get in and hook it in the puddle and not worry about leaving corner pins. The Lock rolls the best for me with the coverstock finish at 1,000 grit with a light coat of polish over the top.

  • Rick A Schafer

    Posted by Rick A Schafer on Nov 17th 2015

    Hybrid surface made it clean through the fronts Asymmetric core made the ball continue throw the pins very well , i am able to open up the lanes on most patterns and this new rad x core just doesn't stop rotating , this unique core and surface gives me a great option for the start of most tournaments, i drilled mine just like the match makers and i get all the reaction i need, It is easily maintained with reacta skuff after every session, i bowl at a brunswick center which uses a A22 so with no reverse oil this ball allows me to smooth patterns out by not getting to the roll phase too soon, The Lock is a piece that every bowler should have

  • Roto Grip Rick

    Posted by Roto Grip Rick on Nov 11th 2015

    Lock Review: Layout: 50 x 3 1/2x 60 Surface: 2000Ab with Storm Factory Polish Lane condition: 41ft THS with ICE oil using the latest FLEX machine and older HPL lanes. Started with out of box surface and the ball was reacting early and strong in the mid lane, I hand polished it and what a difference that way. The ball read the front and mid part of the excellently, and the reaction off of the pattern was still strong and still produced completely AWESOME pin carry and keep the pins jumping from side to side. I was able to play pretty straight inside of the track area on the left side of the lane and was able to still get great carry and the ball never labored even with the super heavy volume of conditioner between 15l and 15r that my center uses on the house pattern. This ball takes service adjustment really well and for an asymmetrical ball it is not “over” powering like most of them on the market. I like the color combination because it is easy to see the ball transition of the lanes VERY well. If you need that ball that is strong but steady, then get “LOCKED IN” with the LOCK.

  • caseyccg

    Posted by caseyccg on Nov 3rd 2015

    The Storm Lock is my new favorite asymmetrical of all time. It’s a clear throwback to Storm’s classic asyms. It revs up very fast and makes a strong backend move. Reminds me a lot of the original Virtual Gravity, so I guess you could say it’s a modern version of the Virtual Gravity. The Lock is cleaner through the front than balls with the NRG (nano) cover, but with its fast rev’ing RAD-X core, it has no problem picking up in the midlane. The Lock also has a strong backend move. This ball is so strong that it tries to rollout and “lock” up to the pocket on even the most heavy oil patterns. It was easy to keep it going through the pins though. I just had to make sure I kept it in the oil or adjust my speed. The Lock is the strongest asym on the market, without a doubt. But despite its strength, it’s also the most versatile. It’s the best heavy oil ball you can buy.

  • bigmikecraig

    Posted by bigmikecraig on Nov 1st 2015

    Layout = 65 x 5.25 x 35 I have been throwing the Lock on mostly house conditions but also go to test is out on a 45' Mexico City pattern. Man does this ball remind me of the original Virtual Gravity. Very continuous threw the pins for a dull/strong ball. On the sport pattern, the Lock still had good teeth and got thru the pins very well. Mexico City plays shorter because the volume is lower, but as I kept tweaking across the lane the Lock didn't give up energy and got thru the pins well. The cover does lane shine a little but that only helps to tame the early burn potential down. Finally an aggressive ball that can be thrown on the puddle!

  • PJ Haggerty

    Posted by PJ Haggerty on Oct 31st 2015

    Storm Lock Ball Review by PJ Haggerty The Storm Lock is the latest addition to the Premier line and features a brand new core and coverstock that’s never been seen before. After drilling two Locks, I’m very impressed so far. A high performance ball that still goes through the pins properly. I’ll discuss the two I drilled below. The first Lock I drilled is as follows: 5 ½ x 4 ½ x 35 with a hole two inches under my axis. This gives me a strong, but controllable motion. I haven’t been able to use this one when there is a lot of friction, but it’s a great ball to use on fresh conditions or lanes with heavy volume. I’d recommend leaving this one around 2000 or lower to be one of the strongest balls in your bag. The second one I drilled is one of my favorite house pattern drillings. This one is drilled at 5 x 4 x 70 which puts the mass bias just to the right of my thumb. Right out of the box, I put it on the haus machine @ 3000 with water to create a bit of shine but still keep the initial teeth in the cover. Comparing this to the first one, this Lock is much cleaner and more responsive down lane. I’ve been able to use this one on more lane conditions, including Cheetah as well as house patterns. As I continue to move left, this Lock doesn’t quit which is great. Go drill one! #StormNation

  • BowlersMartPark-Mike

    Posted by BowlersMartPark-Mike on Oct 25th 2015

    Storm Lock Layout: 40 X 4 1/4 X 65 Box Finish Bowler Info: 325 Rev Rate Speed: 16 - 17 MPH Pap - 4 7/16 over, 3/8 up The Storm Lock adds it's name to the list of some of the strongest balls in the market, though it does it with a bit more energy retention downlane than the heavy oil balls of the past. The new Rad X core revs up very strongly in the midlane, but saves plenty of energy to go through the pins the right way. The Lock can easily handle any amount of oil you can throw at it, especially with any surface changes. I would not recommend this ball for lighter oil conditions, though as seen in my review video, the Sky Rocket (which is 4-5 boards weaker overall) is better suited for those conditions anyways. Video: Mike LeViner Bowlers Mart

  • StoRoto2013

    Posted by StoRoto2013 on Oct 23rd 2015

    The newest addition to the Storm’s Premier Line is the LOCK. The LOCK features a new Hybrid Reactive shell the GI-15 and also a new core design in the Rad-X. This combination means more Hook! I drilled my LOCK with Pin over the fingers with the mass bias kicked out with no hole. The Dual angle coordinates are 60 X 5 ½ X 45 with no cover modification… 3000 grit. My coordinates are PAP 5 5/8 by ¾, Rev Rate around 300, more up the back release and my balls speed is around 15 mph. I like to go straighter if possible. I was able to throw the LOCK and also the two Cruxes on various medium to long patterns and also the famous THS. The first thing that I noticed was the LOCK had a different motion than the Cruxes. The LOCK does not roll as early as the Crux and does not get down the lane as far as the Crux Pearl. What the LOCK does do is read the middle lane with a vengeance. The LOCK on a Typical House Shot is bumper bowling at its best. Yes the LOCK hooks a ton but it does get through the heads enough to conserve enough energy to punish the pins. The Crux rolled too early and lost too much energy to be effective compared to the LOCK. The Crux Pearl was in play when I moved right and played more of the dry. On the medium to long patterns the Crux would roll good early on and really keep the over under to a minimum but as the condition changed… The LOCK would be the ball to go to because it is strong enough to make the turn but is clean enough in the heads. The continuation the LOCK has through the lane and through the pins is beyond impressive. Carry down is not a problem with the lock but you can see some over reaction on the fresh. As the session continued and the heads became super fried, the Crux Pearl did come into play and allowed me to play farther right with my feet. The LOCK is a STRONG bowling ball with a touch of LENGTH with a lot of ATTITUDE on the BACKEND! The Premier Line has become Stronger with the Addition of the LOCK! Dan Schaden Jr Storm / RotoGrip Staff VISE Staff

  • kevenwilliams

    Posted by kevenwilliams on Oct 20th 2015

    Staffer: Keven Williams Hand: Left Handed Speed: 18mph Rev Rate: 450rpm Pattern: Typical House Shot The New Storm Lock could be one of the BEST asymmetrical balls ever made. If you ever got to throw the Storm Virtual Gravity, the Lock has a very similar roll to it but upgraded to todays game. The Lock has a very strong early roll, but is smooth at the break point down lane. You can play straighter with speed or you can soften up, hook the ball and it will still get into a roll down lane. The Lock is very versatile ball for all patterns of lengths and difficulty. This is you bowling ball you can’t be without in the your bag.

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