Lane #1 Buzzsaw Carbide Pearl Bowling Ball

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We have launched our second round of bombing with our Pearlized Carbide BOMB. This beautiful purple pearl Carbide Bomb glides straighter through it's launch, then turns hard, locking on to it's target, destroying the enemy with a massive explosion, just in case they got away the first time. The Buzzsaw /C Pearl "Carbide" Lane #1’s new Pearlized Buzzsaw/C Carbide goes longer and hits harder with its new Pearlized “Carbide Particle Formula” coverstock. With the perfect combination of Lane #1’s patented diamond core and new Pearlized “CPF” cover, the Pearl Buzzsaw/C Carbide out strikes and out scores all competitors. The new Pearl Buzzsaw/C Carbide hits harder while scoring more consistently, giving you the confidence needed for you to win. For bowlers not in need of a 16 lb. ball, Lane #1’s 14 and 15 lb. lighter weight Carbide Saws come fully packed with the 16 lb. ball core, power boosting these light weights for optimum performance. This feature comes first and only from Lane #1.

Line Buzzsaw Carbide
Color Blue
Coverstock Particle Pearl
Core 2-piece
RG 2.556
Differential 0.039
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Polished
Weights 14 thru 16lbs

1 Review

  • jeff300

    Posted by jeff300 on Dec 20th 2002

    This is my "go-to" ball. I know I can always get a good clean read of the lanes with this ball. It never over-reacts and plays well on any oil pattern. Performs much better on synthetic lanes than wooden lanes in my experience. I have mine semi-dull, so it needs a decent amount of oil in the front part of the lane to make it to the breakpoint. I have mine drilled with the pin over the fingers and at 45 degrees to the CG. Gives me a nice arc on the back-end. This is the mellowest of the Buzzsaws that I have tried.