Faball Wheel Bowling Ball

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Core2-piece Asymmeterical
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishSanded
Weights14 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

9 Reviews

  • PBAShrek

    Posted by PBAShrek on Nov 7th 2006

    This was one of the last run balls from the original Faball company right before they shut down and were later bought out. This ball has a 3-D type block in it with a more dynamic bias, and gives it tons of roll, accompanied by pin shrapnel at 60 feet. I put just about all I had in it to get the ball down the lane, talkin 20+ mph!! It was all I could do to keep it on the right side of the head pin. Too much for the condition I was playing, I know, but I was only seeing what she would do. Now that I know, it's nice to know that I have something I can play with in the pool. Just got to avoid the beach, keep moving left, and keep my fingers in it and I could play all day on a 50-foot pattern if necessary. Man I still can't believe the turn I saw when I hit this ball....good God....*ahem* 10 out of 10.

  • fordthunder

    Posted by fordthunder on Mar 16th 2005

    It took 4 full set to put it up to my average but once past the break in period it continues to exceed expectations. Picked it up on EBay NIB for less than 50 bucks. Worth EVERY PENNY! I have a Lane 1 Gold Nugg that doesn't hit this hard. My only wish is that the guy at my pro shop drilled it correctly, he drilled into the core about 2". I think that may have been the reason for the longer than average break in period. But I went from 540 sets to an average of 630 in about two months. It has made a Hammer-head outta me!

  • marks50000

    Posted by marks50000 on Jul 29th 2003

    This ball is great. This is the best Investiment I have ever made In a ball so far. This ball Just Hits so hard. It literally sends the Pins Flying. This ball is also very consistant, Hits the pocket just about everytime. Even when you dont hit the pocket it pulls out strikes sometimes.This ball is even good for spares, Just not good for getting a 10 pin alone.I would highly recommend this ball if you really want to pull out some high scores. I use to use a groove urethane until I bought this one. I was averageing about 180 and now I am over 200. This will increase your average if you throw the ball correctly and Consistantly

  • bowldoc4u

    Posted by bowldoc4u on Jul 27th 2003

    No hook No hook No hook No hook!!!! I couldn't belive how bad this ball was. I had one of these about a year ago and hated it because it hooked in the fist 10 feet then went straight. I must had drilled about 2 cases for Jason Williams trying to get a good reaction but had limited sucsess. I hated mine but gave it a 6 pin ratins for the fact it did carry well just reacted horrible. I hate that you have to put in a 100 words case this ball need two, Trash Can! I think im almost at a 100 let me check,

  • tappytappy6

    Posted by tappytappy6 on Jul 11th 2003

    This ball I was very skeptical about because a friend of mine threw it, and hated it, but since we were completely different bowling styles, I decided to give it a try. BEST THING I EVER DID. I normally average about 205 in my league, with this ball, it brought it up to 214 by the end of last year. The one thing i love about it is its such smooth roll, and it's a great ransfer from oil to dry, then just powers through the pins like there's no tomorrow. I would definetely recommend this ball to everyone.

  • g_thing

    Posted by g_thing on Jul 9th 2003

    Overall, this ball has been another Hammer surprise considering all of the crap it received in terms of press. I find it interesting that the core resembles the Ebonite Warrior so much as it does. The main dislike is the way it had to be drilled because of Hammer's lack of knowledge in the beast they created. The ball does roll over the fingers, which if I am not careful, causes some major problems. If I come out clean no worries. The ball is not the oil monster it's claimed to be, at least not for me. It will hook, but I see the ball being a more straight down the 5-7 board and let the ball walk right in. Solid pocket hits haven't been that bad in terms of 10's. Sometimes they go, sometimes they don't. Great light hit action out of the ball. For the summer, it's been the first ball out of the bag, all depending on the conditions. If you can get one cheap, try it. I think you are going to like it!! As usual....Hammer on.

  • The_Spirit

    Posted by The_Spirit on Jun 13th 2003

    Picked up one cheap on ebay and had it drilled for the leveraged positions (3-3/8" for pin & c.g.), but needed a weight hole which reduced some hook (but we must remain lane legal!) Was expecting med oil but got moved to light oil/dry lanes, but drilling was still appropriate for those conditions. 1st game shot 203 (2 opens, a 6 & a 10 pin, poor spare shooting), next games all 234+ (with no 10's at all!) I am a tweener or a power stroker or a mini cranker (whatever!), and whether I through it outside the 1st arrow or just inside the 3rd arrow with speed, it ALWAYS SNAPPED BACK WITH AUTHORITY!!! If you can pick one cheaply as I did (around $50.00), you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend this ball to anyone except my competition!<

  • ramttc

    Posted by ramttc on Feb 21st 2003

    Fantastic ball, everything I was looking for, great hook, and hits hard. Doesn't leave many ten pins. Very forgiving even when I occasionally missed my mark, it found the pocket. The ball I have has a pin of 1" so I had it drilled offset with a balance hole and this ball will flat out hook! The pin action with this ball is outstanding, keeps the pins low on the deck and sends them flying. This ball will add 10 pins to my average. I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to many high scores with the wheel.

  • bot

    Posted by bot on Nov 28th 2001

    The Wheel is another great production of faball bowling ball. Combine this ball with 4d reactive, you can cover most of the lane conditions for the strike shot. I dont have the drilling pattern but i always can get it if somebody out there interested. Just drop me an email or message. I have been using a lot of balls from different company and I found most of the faball hammer series works so well for me. The wheel is a great ball. It really cover me up when I cannot use the 4d reaction. The wheels hit low on the pin deck and it give a good mix. Leave less 10 pin than other of my balls. This ball need plenty of oil as it start hooking quite early. This ball is a forgiving ball. If you miss your target a little bit, this ball will recover well. Damn Good Ball - Wheel.<scri