Blue Alien

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Designed to compliment the popular Green Alien, Elite has taken its technology of bowling balls to the next level. Elite is proud to introduce - The Blue Alien! The Blue Alien combines a version of our Atomic Core with a solid Solar Eclipse Coverstock featuring T.C.T. What is T.C.T.? Thermal Contact Technology allows the ball to read the proper amount of friction on the lane and in the oil pattern, eliminating the dreaded “over/under” ball reaction. The end result… more forgiveness! The new Blue Alien with its Solar Eclipse Coverstock reads the mid lane sooner then the Green Alien…giving you incredible hooking power on the heavier oil conditions. This Changes Everything! Again!
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishSanded
Weights14 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

3 Reviews

  • striker09

    Posted by striker09 on Apr 9th 2007

    I T I S A F I N E B A L L B U T I W I S H I T W E R E L E S S E X P E N S I V E B E C A U S E I H A V E O T H E R B A L L S T H A T W O R K B E T T E R A N D T H E Y C O S T E D O N E T H I R D O F T H E P R I CE O V E R A L L A G R E A T B A L L T H O

  • leftyinhawaii

    Posted by leftyinhawaii on Mar 1st 2007

    I purchased this ball because I wanted a non-particle ball that could turn on heavy oil. I'm still trying to get the feel for this ball, but it does not hook nearly as strong as I had hoped. The Blue Alien does play extremely well on medium-heavy oil. I should note that the oil machine operator in our house has no idea what he's doing so there's a strong chance that what I consider to be medium-heavy oil would be heavy oil anywhere else. The lanes are "block" oiled (even oil from channel to channel and from foul line to 45 feet) and they lay it down pretty thick. They also don't clean the backends or the pin deck. Very challenging conditions to say the least. Despite the awful conditions, the Blue Alien hooks evenly and smoothly to the pocket and hits very well.

  • beejayud

    Posted by beejayud on Feb 8th 2007

    This ball is a good forgiving ball. Out of the box it comes sanded and is way too aggresive. Took the ball to 500 and it didn't come back. Took the ball to a polished finish 1000 or so and it is amazing. Just bowled my first 300 game with it. The ball likes you to stay behind it and finish nice. Does not like extreme oil when polished. Other than that the ball is the best scoring ball on a house shot I have ever used. My ball is set up with the pin above the fingers with a average drilling. Would like to try the green alien with a more aggressive drilling.