Alien Reactive

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Building on the success of the R series, Elite has taken our technology of bowling balls to the next level. Elite is proud to introduce - The Alien! The Alien combines our new Atomic Core with our innovative Eclipse Cover featuring T.C.T. What is T.C.T.? Thermal Contact Technology allows the ball to read the proper amount of friction on the lane and in the oil pattern, eliminating the dreaded "over/under" ball reaction. The end result, more forgiveness! Elite believes that ball reaction is largely based on the Cover of all performance balls. The Core is a major factor in the balls movement, but the Cover is the only part of the ball that comes in contact with the lane. That's why Elite performance balls utilize proven core technology (RG and Differentials) and apply unbelievable covers. Elite's next generation of Covers are now here and available. We are excited to offer our customers more forgiveness.
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishMatte
Cleared USBCYes

5 Reviews

  • thenuge26

    Posted by thenuge26 on Dec 7th 2007

    i like the ball, and if the heads are soaked and the backends are dry, it works great. i got it drilled before i knew what i was doing, but its just too early and smooth for me now. i had it drilled for the earliest roll on the instruction sheet, but it runs out of energy after 3 or 4 frames of league bowling. im going to take it to the shop and have them plug it and drill it to go longer, we'll see how that works. but seriously, unless the reaction changes significantly, its not nearly as good as my x factor reloaded that my uncle gave to me, and that ball is almost 6 years old now. i am often embarrassed to use it, because people like reminding me what an idiot i was to pay 300 bucks for-at best-a mid performance ball. if you need something that hooks, get a black widow or a secret agent, or just get both for the same price as the alien!!!

  • DJ840

    Posted by DJ840 on Dec 7th 2006

    This is one of the only balls I've ever owned that can cover all the boards on the lane without killing your speed. I will try the Blue Alien soon when I have an extra $300 to spend. My house shot is about 41 Ft. synthetic so by 3rd game there is alot of carrydown. I know when there is too much oil carried down, the Alien will cut through it like a hot knife through butter... The surface is also very versatile...I polish the ball if I go to houses with shorter oil patterns and it still shreds the 1-2 pocket with hook to spare. No honor scores with it yet because I like to play down the 1st arrow with less aggressive equipment early in the set.

  • bowlingman86

    Posted by bowlingman86 on Apr 16th 2006

    This ball is great! I got this ball for x-mas and it has well over 100 games on it, and it stills hooks as if it just came out of the box. The way it can get back to the pocket when you stray from you mark is amazing. This ball makes it effortless to bowl in heavy oiled lanes, however, it's uncontrollable on a dry to med oil lanes. So if you bowl in a oily house this ball is perfect for you. I know the price is REALLY high, but like the old saying goes you get what you pay for. In this case a great ball that is sure to improve your game.<scrip

  • SlyVato777

    Posted by SlyVato777 on Mar 6th 2006

    This ball truly is good, but it's sad that this company is ripping people off. If you didn't know, Elite is poured by Brunswick. And if you take the time to compare balls, this is absolutely identical to the Ultimate Inferno. Everything is the same...the core, the coverstock, everything. The only thing different is the color, a little alien on the side, and about 150 extra dollars. If you want a really good ball that hooks alot and is consistent, buy this ball. If you want the exact same thing, but half the price, buy the Ultimate inferno.<scri

  • Shortstep

    Posted by Shortstep on Feb 5th 2006

    I got this as my heavy oil ball and it works great. I typically play second arrow with my R43 but with this ball I have to play between the third and fourth arrow. It's a shot I'm not used to playing but love playing now that I have this ball. Out of the box it was strong but I wanted it to read a little earlier so I had my pro shop sand it to 800 and now it's perfect. I'm thinking of buying another one to save for tournaments only. To all the doubters out there Elite is well worth it.