Columbia 300 OutRage Bowling Ball

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Introducing OUTRAGE, the newest RAGE TM from Columbia 300®. OUTRAGE features the combined power of SUPER-FLEX RESIN II TM with the patented CERAMICORE® Satellite. The polymer core is engineered with increased dual density flip blocks. This keeps OUTRAGE hooking even in heavy oil. And the unique Power Point Pin TM delivers added weight to the Smoke Grey Pearl OUTRAGE. You don't throw it, you unleash it.

CHARACTERISTICS: Introducing the Smoke Gray Pearl OUTRAGE TM , The newest RAGE TM from Columbia 300®. Increased density in the outer flip blocks gives the Outrage a high flare potential that reacts earlier and produces a controlled breakpoint in heavier oil conditions. By utilizing various drilling methods, the breakpoint can be moved dramatically, thus giving bowlers the versatility to compete on a variety of lane conditions. This ball is the perfect complement for your RAGE... Coverstock Core Ceramic Content New Technology Hardness FEATURE SUPER-FLEX RESIN II Polymer Core with dual flip blocks Fired, undrillable, CERAMICORE satellite POWER POINT PIN fired, indestructible, pressure treated Zirmonite(6.1 gm/cm). 75 - 78 BENEFIT The hottest coverstock on the market compliments this high RG core to create unequalled backend reaction. High RG (radius of gyration) with medium flare potential stores energy for maximum backend reaction. 4 -6% more energy transferred to the pins, compared to unfired imitations. The exclusive POWER POINT PIN directly impacts top weight. More weight is concentrated toward the top of the core, enhancing hitting power.

ABC/WIBC approved
Core Technology: Polymer core with dual flip blocks. Fired, undrillable, Ceramicore® satellite.
Core Technology Benefits: The increased density of the dual flip blocks increases flare potential to give continuous hook on heavy oil. 4-6% more energy transferred to the pins compared to unfired imitations.
Coverstock: SuperFlex2
Coverstock Benefit: The hottest coverstock on the market compliments the increased density dual flip blocks to give a stronger hooking action.
Hardness: 75-78
ABC/WIBC Approved: Yes
Track Flare: N/A
Color: Smoke Gray Pearl with White Engraving

Line Rage
Color Grey
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Core 2-piece
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Polished
Weights 10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes

4 Reviews

  • dukeofearl

    Posted by dukeofearl on Feb 13th 2008

    Got this Shickdaddy reject and did the usual thumb hole, and had it polished to the max. Friday 2nd shift league lanes were pretty toasted, and I had been struggling. Pulled this out and went wild, 10 in a row playing 12 at the foul line and 10 at the arrows. Won some serious cash, payed for my new Dexter SST6's that night. Continued to use this ball on fresh shots medium or lighter, and on toasted conditions. Finally gave this one away, and it is being used on fresh medium shot on wodd lane house with great success this (2007/2008) season.Kind of sorry I gave this one away.

  • shickdaddy

    Posted by shickdaddy on Jan 2nd 2008

    Was a pretty decent ball, on the right conditions. Was a little to jumpy on lanes that dried up and did not have enough on lanes that were oily. Was great for fresh house shots and then again late in the night when the lanes had carried down alot. I owned this ball at a time when I had a very deep abg and was bowling alot of tournamets. I only carried this for tournaments when I had a very deep bag. Would not recommend this for someone looking to only carry 1,2 or 3 balls. It is great for filling in a small hole in the middle of your bag.

  • Neo

    Posted by Neo on Nov 10th 2002

    Not a bad ball to go to to play down 2/3 board. It kicks out good when the lanes are mid oily. if you play through the middle, it usually rolls out from over flair, causing the ball to not roll to its ability. Still, the core does make up for some of this, so its a pretty good match up, cover to core. It is also a suprisingly short ball for a pearlized coverstock. This is due to the extreem flair created by this ball. Not bad, but it could have been made with a less agressice core / more agressice cover stock

  • sirbowlsalot

    Posted by sirbowlsalot on Oct 6th 2001

    This ball is one of the best balls I have ever thrown! Mine is pin-out about 1 inch. Drilled it label drilling with the pin right beside my ring finger giving the ball a lot of finger without hardly any side weight. This ball is still as strong as a lot of the newer "MEGA-BALLS" out there today. This ball will flare big but won't over-hook unless the lanes are really dry,and the carry ratio is really good due to the entry angle this ball creates, even fron inside the third arrow. I can get my feet really deep and play the third to fourth arrow and still expect to carry good and get out that corner pin. Wish they were still availabe. Good ball Columbia!