900 Global Rip / IT Bowling Ball

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Looking for a ball that tears up the lanes off the spot? The 900 Global Rip/It has the motion you want. With its high RG Hula core and performance pearl S55 coverstock the Rip/It will easily clear the fronts and mids before making a sharp turn through the pin deck! Designed for medium to medium-light oil volumes.
CoreHula Core
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Weights12-16 lbs
Cleared USBCYes

2 Reviews

  • iamone78

    Posted by iamone78 on Sep 19th 2013

    Dual Angle: 65* x 5" x 35* PAP: 5-3/8 (right), 11/16 (up) The Rip-It utilizes the hula core from the AMF OMG Pearl and Black Mamba. Not having thrown either of these balls, I wasn't sure what to expect. I drilled this as an experiment for a skid/snap type reaction. After about 7 shots on a THS, I started to see what 900 Global was intending this ball to be. This ball gives great length and a strong, snappy backend move. Where the King Cobra or Black Eagle left off, I needed to move a few boards right and I was back on line. I could get deeper as the shot dictated and still had great backend movement and pin carry. On the 2013 USBC Natl's shot, I was forced more to the right, but once there was some dry to the right created, I could move deeper with my feet. If you are getting an early mid-lane read with your aggressive ball, don't hesitate, pull out the Rip-It for more length and a great move off the dry. This ball will not be the first ball out of your bag, but will compliment the King Cobra or Sure Thing very well. It definitely fills the gap between the Black Eagle/Wisdom/Jewel and the Hook line.

  • DanScig

    Posted by DanScig on Apr 16th 2013

    Ball Drilled 70 x 4 1/2 x 35 Pin up over the Ring Finger and CG stacked below it. My Rip/IT was thrown on my normal Med/Heavy THS. In practice the ball gave too much length and was soft on the BE so this ball was put up until some of the Break Down in the later games occurred. After much of the play wiped the oil from the right side of the Lane this ball came to life. While I was watching everyone else’s ball duck hook 5 ft past the arrows I was amazed with how easy this ball pushed through the Heads gave an easy read of the later mid lane and a smooth and yet slightly angular move to pocket. What impressed me even more then how easy it was to get the ball to the pocket on this dry condition was how well this ball hit the pins. Messengers and off hits carrying were the norm and not the exception. If you are like me and were having trouble after the lanes starting drying up give the Rip/IT a shot you will be more than a little pleased with the results.

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