900 Global Grip It Bowling Ball

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The Grip/It fits the role of the traditional benchmark ball, providing consistent roll and a strong backend on medium lane conditions. The amount of performance this ball offers at this price point is what truly makes it a must have piece. With a moderate RG of 2.49 and 0.040 Differential, the Grip/It's symmetric diving bell core will it allow it rev up in the midlanes while providing a strong, consistent and continuous downlane motion. The Hybrid S64 Coverstock, finished at 4,000 Abralon, will provide plenty of traction in the oil as well as downlane at the breakpoint. Strokers and tweeners will enjoy being able to open up the back of the lane with the Grip/It while more rev dominate players will be able to play deeper without having to loft gutter caps or worry about the ball rolling out. If you're looking for mid-price piece that will truly WOW you this fall, grab a Grip/It!
ColorPurple/Gold Pearl
CoverstockS64 Hybrid
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish4,000 Abralon
Weights12-16 lbs
Cleared USBCYes

3 Reviews

  • iamone78

    Posted by iamone78 on Jan 3rd 2014

    PAP: 5-3/8" (right), 11/16" (up) Pin to PAP: 5" CG to PAP: 4-1/8" Dual Angle Layout: 60* x 5" 45* Having had success with the Favorite and King Cobra, I decided to keep thelayout used on both of these balls. Initially I left it at its OOB dull surface and what I got was a ball that rev'd up in the midlane and had a strong arch on the backend. Perfect benchmark ball reaction. I decided I needed this ball to go a bit longer so I used a NEAT 'T' pad on 4 sides and hit it with some polish. At this surface, I had more length and a much cleaner midlane read, Additionally, I now have a much stronger backend reaction, but with a predictable arch. The reaction is not skid/flip at all. I am now able to follow the transition with this ball and play deeper without sacrificing pin carry. The Grip It allows me to use it for all 3 games of league.

  • DJ840

    Posted by DJ840 on Sep 12th 2013

    Nothing more to say than HOLY VERSATILITY!!! I have only had my 900 Global Grip/It for three weeks, and it is already my go to ball when the lanes get "complicated". I threw it with the box finish (4000 sanded) after I drilled it, and 5th arrow wasn't deep enough. I then gave it the T-Pad (4000 smooth), and it added about five more boards of room. Added a little polish to the surface and...WOW. I had the whole lane in my back pocket! I will probably get two more, and have one with each surface. Plain and simple. Great versatile ball with a ton of potential. Check out my videos of 900 Global/AMF Products on youtube, username "conventionalspinner"..

  • DanScig

    Posted by DanScig on Sep 12th 2013

    Drilled 50 x 4 1/2 x 70 The Grip/It is new first out of the Bag League ball. It reads the lanes a touch earlier then a Train but opens up the back ends significantly more. I always was a bit worried about moving in a swinging my Train because they just were not angular enough to constantly kick out the corners no such problem with a Grip/It. This ball was much stronger than I thought it would have been just from looking at the Core and reading the Diff numbers. I can use the ball on all Medium and Most Heavy Volumes of oil. If don't have a biggest hand on the block and you are having a little trouble carrying on House Shot this is defiantly the one ball to add to your bag. Needs a little oil upfront to help it get down the lane but it is a big hitting, angular new release from 900 Global.

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