900 Global Network Bowling Ball

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With a newly developed coverstock blend and our strongest asymmetric core to date, the Network has everything you need to conquer the lanes. A strong midlane read, powerful backend motion and endless continuation are at your disposal! The new XPT74 coverstock is chemically engineered to have more uniquely shaped porosity structures that extend deeper in the shell, allowing for quicker oil absorption yet maintaining responsiveness down the lane. The re-engineered CFT2 core features modified densities that have created a lower RG, higher Differential and 900 Global's strongest Intermediate Differential to date, enabling unprecedented power and energy through the pins! Use the Network on moderately heavy lane conditions and GET CONNECTED!
CoverstockXPT 74 Pearl
CoreCFT2 (Asymmetric)
Intermediate Diff0.030
Factory finishNeat
Weights12-16 lbs
Cleared USBCYes

3 Reviews

  • DanScig

    Posted by DanScig on Feb 19th 2014

    Drilled 55x 4 3/4x 50 Ping above the Ring Finger Ball of the Year from 900 Global.. Nothing more needs to be said but I'll continue anyway.. This ball is an absolute gem. It reads the mid lanes and has great continuation through the pins a rare combination. For those of you who own the Protocol expect 2 feet earlier read of the lane and the anywhere from 3 to 7 more boards of hook based on your rev rate. The hit and carry are both awesome. I have yet to bowl a full set with this piece and shoot under 690 and that encompasses about 14 League Sessions and 2 tourneys. This ball is equally at home going up the boards as it is swinging the gutter. I will say that the back end reaction is a strong arc so moving in past the 5 Arrow might get difficult. Lucky I have not had to get the deep yet as the ball clears the heads generally very easily giving the ball the ball the appearance of more length. Another Great ball from the Guys/Gals at 900G. See BuddiesProShop.com on YouTube for the video http://youtu.be/6KGU0LvdiQY

  • conventionalspinner

    Posted by conventionalspinner on Feb 5th 2014

    Who needs Wi-Fi?? You can reach the pocket with the new Network from 900 Global! Clearly will be the best ball in 2014. Many entry angles, and amazing recovery! Just check out the honor scores so far!! A total must have at all the Demo days. Add the popular 74 coverstock to the Protocol core, and what do you get? Power into the pocket, and pin carry that destroys your opponent. Not to mention the color of the Network.. Looks like it belongs on the top shelf at Hershey's Chocolate Factory Store! Pure asymmetrical powerhouse! 7 arrows on a lane..why not be able to cover all of them? Drilled a few up already with instant results. See my videos of 900 Global/AMF products in actions on youtube, username "conventionalspinner"...

  • iamone78

    Posted by iamone78 on Jan 26th 2014

    PAP: 5-3/8" (right), 11/16" (up) Ball Speed: 15.5 - 16 Dual Angle Layout: 70* x 5" 40* (no x-hole) Surface: OOB; NEAT - 'T' Pad (~4,000 Abralon) Strongest backend from any ball I have ever thrown! At 70* x 5" x 40* I thought I would see a smooth a complete skid/snap motion, what I got was a decent midlane read with a huge, strong backend reaction. It wasn't anything like I had seen before from a ball. 900 Global has definitely found something really good with the CFT core. For as strong as this ball is, it certainly stores energy and really carries well and keeps the pins low. This reminds me a lot of the Break S75. The Protocol or Eagle Pearl will be an easy step down from this ball. Don't be afraid to use this pearl on some oil. The Network will allow bowlers of all styles to move deeper and open up the lane. Thanks 900 Global for continuing to put out quality equipment.