Storm Lightning Blackout Bowling Ball

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Feeling nostalgic? We’re bringing back a favorite and giving it a major upgrade!  The Lightning Blackout throws it back to classic style and performance that long-time fans of Storm can appreciate. Just as the original did, this modernized Lightning carries on the same reputation across length, power, and control. Utilizing a pearl version of the ReX coverstock in black obsidian pearl, along with the performance proven A.I. Core Technology, this bowling ball is designed to stand out on the lanes.

Color Obsidian
Coverstock REX Pearl Reactive
Core Warp A.I. Core
RG 2.53
Differential 0.029
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Reacta Gloss
Weights 12 thru 16lbs
Fragrance FPineapple Cherry Delight

7 Reviews

  • Storm Lightning Blackout – WWRD 5/17/2024

    Posted by Patrick Dombrowski on May 17th 2024

    Cover: ReX Pearl Reactive Core: Warp A.I. Core RG: 2.53 RG. Diff.: 0.029 Finish: Reacta Gloss Fragrance: Pineapple Cherry Delight Storm’s new Lightning Blackout is a Pearl Symmetric Piece. This piece is good for Medium-Light Volume Patterns. PAP is 5 5/16 R 1 3/16 Up. Rev Rate: 400. Speed: 16.5. Drilled this piece with the Pin Up between the Fingers and the CG kicked out 1” from the palm. Burned up 43’ house pattern, Out of Box ball motion was clean through the fronts with a sharp backend reaction. I compared this piece to the The Road (2-2 Left). This piece fits between the The Road and the Original Hy-Road. This is a Versatile piece that fits all styles of bowlers. Check out the Ball motion Video on my YouTube Page:

  • Lightning Blackout Review

    Posted by Adam Chase on May 15th 2024

    Layout: 4 1/2 x 3 x 2 1/2 Surface: Reacta Gloss The brand new Lightning Blackout gives us a new ball reaction in the Storm Signature Line. This ball gives a clean, medium strength and angular ball motion designed for the lane pattern burn that we haven't seen in a long time in the Storm Lineup. The Lightning Blackout uses the Warp AI core which brings the same low differential found in the !Q series (.029) with a higher RG value of 2.53. What this produces is a clean ball motion that you can keep on line much longer than typical balls in the lineup. The REX Pearl coverstock found on this ball allows it to handle more oil overall than the !Q Ruby and will read the midlane stronger overall due to the coverstock being much stronger. On the typical house shot, with my higher rev rate (470 rpm), I was actually able to play much straighter on the fresh on a higher friction pattern than I would normally be able to. The weaker core allowed the ball to get through the front and the midlane much cleaner while keeping the ball more on line. The REX Pearl cover read the midlane still strong enough when missing left in the oil and gave me plenty of down lane motion when missing right into more friction. The best part of this ball is that the use of this ball is primarily for the pattern burn. Since this is the case, I was able to still move left with my feet and see enough angular backend motion to continue striking as the pattern broke down. I was still able to clear the front easily while still seeing enough continuation down lane to strike. Where this ball could find issue, is getting too far to the inside with your feet. The lower differential causes trouble for the ball to hook enough down lane if the lanes are not burned enough to the outside part of the lane. Compared to the Journey, I found the Lightning Blackout to be about 3 feet cleaner and be overall more angular in the back part of the lane. The Lightning can be potentially used on fresh conditions if the lanes have a lot of friction or can be used as a burn ball with higher volume patterns or lower friction lane surfaces. For me, it will be used as a ball down from the Journey primarily where I need to create more length and a stronger backend. Adam Chase Storm Staff

  • Lightning Blackout

    Posted by Steven Collins on May 14th 2024

    Dual Angle Layout: 55 x 4 1/2 x 25 Storm Vector Layout: 4 ½ x 4 ½ x 1 5/8 This ball is GOOD!!! Based on the numbers I was expecting something similar to the IQ Ruby, but the REX cover is much stronger. The ball gives me good length, solid midland reaction, and a strong backend. The REX cover is quickly becoming my favorite cover stock from Storm. The Lightning Blackout seems to be a bit earlier and stronger than The Road, so it gives me a great 1-2 punch on house shots.

  • A snappier iQ tour? WOW

    Posted by Brad Paynter on May 14th 2024

    Check out my ball video at Short summary - benchmark shiny ball, similar to a snappier iQ Tour. To me, that translates into house shot killer, but versatile enough to use on sport and challenge patterns. 2.53 RG. .029 differential, REX pearl reactive coverstock. All that means its relatively quick off the spot, and it smells great. Pineapple cherry delight, sounds like a good pie. Think of this ball as an iQ tour , but more responsive and more overall motion. Final thoughts - ball is good, you probably need one. Be sure to watch the video!

  • Storm Lightning Blackout

    Posted by Kevin Duncan on May 11th 2024

    Storm Lightning Blackout Layout: 4.0 x 4.5 x 2 Storm Pin Buffer Layout Rev Rate: 325 rpm, 7 degree of axis tilt, 40 degree of axis rotation Testing information: 41 foot THS (medium to light volume) Bowling Center: Fulton Bowling Center Kegel Machine – Brunswick Anvilane Storm’s Lightning Blackout utilizes the REX Pearl coverstock and the Warp AI core. We add some surface to the Lightning Blackout – 3000 Abralon. The test pattern was a 3-day old league pattern with some open play on it as well. The pattern actually held up well as the testing went surprisingly well. We tested the Lightning Blackout up against the Storm The Road. Both balls use the REX cover. The Road is a hybrid and the Lightning Blackout is a pearl. It was clear during our test session that the Lightning Blackout was stronger and handled the oil better, especially on the misses left into the oil. This could have been the surface helping, but I still think the Lightning blackout was the better option on this test pattern. Visit your local Storm VIP Pro Shop! #Stormnation #SquadRG

  • Lighting Blackout

    Posted by Lighting Blackout on May 10th 2024

    Lighting Blackout - Ball Specs Cover Stock: REX Pearl Reactive Finish: Reacta Gloss Core: Warp AI Core Layout: 65 x 5 x 35 RG: 2.53 Differential: 0.029 Review Storm’s new Lighting Blackout has the awesome REX pearl cover wrapped around the Warp AI Core, which makes the ball clean through the fronts with a strong backend motion. The Warp AI Core falls under the same rating as the iconic IQ tour. As a mid to low rev player the Lighting Blackout allows me to move right on the fresh and left on the burn. This ball will be in my bag for league and tournaments. This is a great ball for all levels of bowlers. Order one from your local pro shop today! My ball review videos are posted on YouTube channel Stanley Waite. Stanley Waite 900 Global Staff Member Dover, DE

  • Storm Lightning Blackout

    Posted by Matt Fazzone on May 10th 2024

    Storms Lightning BlackOut is a pleasant surprise in the bowling bag. The Wrap AI Core features a RG of 2.53 and Diff of 0.0029 and is wrapped around the REX Pearl cover. The differential is the same as an iQ Tour but the RG is a lot higher but I believe they will work hand in hand with one another. I drilled mine 5.5 x 5 x 3 and when I first started to throw this ball it reminded me a lot of a iQ Tour Nano Pearl but it got through the front part of the lane easier. It almost appeared to me as the ball looking sluggish for the first 45 feet down the lane but it never missed the spot. It allows me to stay on top of it when I’m using urethane but it has enough versatility that I can open my angles up with it and hook it. I feel like this will be a great addition to the fans of the iQ Tour series who just want the ball to shape a little more down lane.