Storm IQ Tour Ruby Bowling Ball

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In many cultures, ruby is considered the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary. Since Storm began manufacturing bowling balls in 1991, we know that your relationship with us hasn’t hit the four-decade mark yet, but that’s okay. You’ve been good, so we’re going to give you your ruby now. With that, we’re proud to present your next love in bowling, the !Q Tour Ruby.

Line IQ
Color Ruby
Coverstock R2S Pearl Reactive
Core C3 Centripetal Control
RG 2.49
Differential 0.029
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 1500-grit Polished
Weights 12 thru 16lbs
Fragrance Berry Splash

13 Reviews

  • Why you "Gotta Have a Ruby!"

    Posted by Rick Klimowicz on May 25th 2023

    IQ Tour Ruby • Storm • Master Series Core • C3 Centripetal Control Core Coverstock • R2S Pearl Reactive • Finish 1500-Grit/Reacta Gloss Polished Weight • 15 lbs. RG • 2.49 Differential • .035 Layout • 4 x 4 ½ x 2 ½ Tester PAP • 5” R, 5/8” D Tester Axis Tilt • 11° Testers Rev Rate • 300 Test Pattern • 42' T.H.S. (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street Storm has taken the legendary success of their IQ Tour Series to another level with their release of the IQ Tour Ruby. With Storm's C3 Centripetal Control Core's superb reliability and the friction-biting R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock, the new IQ Tour Ruby is the next "must-have" ball to add to nearly any bowler's arsenal! So, let's take a closer look at why you "gotta have a Ruby!" The C3 Centripetal Control Core may be a mouthful, but the word "control" is all you need to understand when it comes to the C3! Being a straighter player, I depend on a core's consistency and predictability to keep my A game in play. And the C3 symmetrical core does this exceptionally well. I can count on the C3 to rev up smoothly in the mid-lane without being overly aggressive and burning up its energy too soon. And with its stable and predictable motion, I can rely on the C3 to keep on "truckin'" for me off the pattern. And unlike other symmetrical cores that run out of gas because of my low rev rate, the C3 retains an intense amount of energy that erupts as it impacts the pocket and blasts it through the pin deck. So, if you're looking for a benchmark core, you can rely on and trust? Look no further; the C33 Centripetal Control Core is a great choice! The sharp-looking R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock is an exceptional choice for the Ruby! And don't let the glossy finish fool you! The R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock is a well-blended mixture that produces a flawless transition between skid, hook, and roll throughout a night of typical league bowling. However, being a straighter player, surface is my best friend. So for my straighter, high-speed low rev game, I took the R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock to 1000-grit Abralon and followed it up with Storm Step #2 Compound, and the results were fantastic! I like how the R2S Pearl easily skated across the heads on a fresh THS but gently started gripping in the mid-lane. And when the Ruby finds the end of the pattern, the R2S Pearl performs at its best. I like how the R2S Pearl loves friction but isn't too quick or "jumpy" when it finds it. Instead, I found the R2S Pearl cuts through the pattern smoothly without sacrificing the power I needed for the pins. And I liked how the R2S Pearl methodically blended its way through the over/ under and spotty conditions that develop towards the end of the third game. So, clearly, after a night of league bowling, I could easily say the R2S Pearl Reactive kept me in my comfort zone all night with the IQ Tour Ruby! In conclusion, the IQ Tour Ruby is a great new release by Storm. Bowlers of many styles, speeds, and releases will find a place for the Ruby. And for that straighter and rev challenged bowlers like me, you will find a benchmark ball that will be there for you shot after shot! So, stop in your local Storm VIP Pro Shop today and see for yourself why you "gotta have a Ruby" in your arsenal! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro Shop Penndel, PA

  • IQ Tour Ruby

    Posted by Chris Freeland on May 20th 2023

    Storm IQ Tour Ruby Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive Core: C3 Centripetal Control Core Factory Finish: Reacta Gloss Layout: 4 x 2 The IQ series is legendary. The Emerald IQ was one of my favorite balls of all time and now we have a Ruby IQ that is simply a different color. The Ruby provides a fair amount of mid-lane control for a super shiny ball, yet still somehow has a sharp breakpoint off the spot. In terms of shiny midpoint balls in our lineup, I have the Ruby a fair amount stronger than the Revenant, which is much cleaner and tends to be more useful on higher friction environments. The Ruby has already taken a prime spot in my bag and is the first ball out in many situations. The IQ series has always been great for a variety of styles for their forgiveness and long window of usefulness. I expect the Ruby to be no different. Chris Freeland Storm Amateur Staff Average Rev Rate 400 Average Speed 18 mph PAP: 4 1/8 over 3/4 up

  • Review

    Posted by Storm Andrew on May 15th 2023

    One of the most popular lines is back with the IQ Ruby. Place this core with any cover and it's an instant hit. Similar in cover to the Emerald we see the newer polish on the Ruby. This ball will be a great transition ball and most likely will be the weakest ball I bring to league or tournament play. It was about a 4 board difference to the right against the DNA. The ball is clean and continues very well. We had been missing this performance within the SPI line as the Emerald has been discontinued for nearly 4 years. This ball provides a great benchmark shape and will essentially be a step down off the Phasze 5, Zen or Fate. Those who love the IQ line; the Ruby will provide that same great anticipated benchmark controllable reaction.

  • Storm iQ Tour Ruby

    Posted by Matt Fazzone on May 14th 2023

    What more can be said about the second longest production ball about the famed iQ Tour. Everyone has either had one or multiple iQ Tours and not just the Solid. iQ Tour Gold & Emerald were super popular among members of the bowling community was well and now with the introduction of the Ruby we have a cleaner shape in the iQ line that we have been missing. I drilled mine 5 x 5 x 3 and my first impressions of throwing this ball is that its a shape in my bag that I don’t have. Now wasn’t a huge fan of either of Gold or Emerald but I absolute love the Blue so I tried to keep the thoughts of the other two out of my head and decided to drill this pin up because I felt the other two were a little more over under for me. I love using the iQ Tour Solid on the fresh on a number of different patterns but when I have to open my angles up it loses some hitting power because of the lower diff in the ball, now with the introduction of the Ruby I am able to keep my angles in front of me a little longer in blocks because of the pearl cover stock so it gives a little more pop off the back end. I believe this ball will be popular among all skill levels of bowlers and you don’t want to miss out!

  • Storm IQ Tour Ruby

    Posted by Mike LeViner on May 14th 2023

    Layout: 45 x 4 3/8 x 40 The IQ Tour Ruby mimics the reactions of the IQ tour pearls before it, but in the Ruby color and with Reacta Gloss, it has a cleaner and quicker backend reaction. The Ruby, for me, is the flippiest ball in the Storm lineup currently. It is very clean in the front part of the lane, and turns quickly and sharply when it sees friction. With that comes some positives and some negatives; this ball is amazing when the lanes break down and circling the lane becomes necessary. When the lanes are fresh or the pattern is long, however, this ball can skid too far and become unpredictable. That's when equipment such as the Phaze II or DNA would be better suited.

  • Storm IQ Tour Ruby – WWRD 3/17/2023

    Posted by Patrick Dombrowski on May 13th 2023

    Cover: R2S Pearl Reactive Core: C3 Centripetal Control RG: 2.49 RG. Diff. 0.029 Finish: Reacta Gloss Fragrance: Berry Splash Storm’s new IQ Tour Ruby is a Symmetrical Pearl piece that is good for Light-Medium conditions. PAP is 5 5/16 R 1 3/16 Up. Rev Rate: 400. Speed: 16.5. Drilled this piece with the Pin up between the fingers and CG kicked out 1” from the palm. Out of Box ball motion is clean through the fronts with a smooth motion on the backend. I took a 2k and 3k Abralon afterwards and it was still clean through the fronts with a few more boards stronger on the backend. I compared this piece to the Night Road, Fate, and Revenant. The Night Road was 3-3 stronger and sharper on the backend. Fate was 3-3 stronger. Revenant was 2-2 more than the IQ Tour Ruby. Check Out the Ball motion Video on my YouTube Page:”

  • IQ Tour Ruby by Casey Murphy

    Posted by Casey Murphy on May 13th 2023

    Orientation: Right Handed Rev Rate: 400 RPM Speed: 16-17 MPH PAP: 4 ½ over and ½ up Location: Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO Pattern: High Volume THS VLS Layout: Layout 1: 5 x 4 x 2 ½ (pin above bridge) Layout 2: 4 ½ x 4 x 4 1/8 (pin below bridge) IQ Tour Ruby is more like the IQ Tour Gold than the IQ 30 or Emerald. The darker IQ 30 and Emerald both stood up a little quicker and got forward. Jerk and Snap. The Gold and Ruby being lighter both hit the dry but the stay a little more round and continuous. I’ve liked all the IQ Tour PEARLS and the Ruby is no exception.

  • IQ Tour Ruby

    Posted by Will Tefft on May 11th 2023

    IQ Tour Ruby Ball Specs: Cover: R2S Pearl with 1500 Grit Polish Core: C3 Centripetal Core Fragrance: Berry Splash Review: The IQ line is back with another addition, this time with another pearl. We all know the original IQ Tour is a staple in all bowling bags. The IQ Tour Ruby is going to be in the slot right next to before long. The Ruby follows in the footsteps by the other great pearl IQs in the Gold, Emerald and 30th edition versions. The Ruby is clean through the fronts with a very smooth motion when it hits the spot. The biggest difference with this ball? Well that would be the bright Ruby Red color. This ball really stands out on the lane and easily turns heads. Sitting on the shop wall it has quickly become a center piece that people are drawn to instantly. When I hit the lane with this ball I could easily see how it has the same motion as the other pearl IQs. This ball releases on March 17th, make you pick yours up! Will Tefft Storm Staff Member #Stromnation

  • IQ tour pearl is back!

    Posted by Garrett Richardson on May 3rd 2023

    The Storm IQ tour Ruby is a great piece! Super excited to have another IQ tour pearl back in the bag! Its been long overdue but worth the wait! I did something different layout wise with this one. All my past IQ tour pearls were mostly pin up over the bridge or ring finger but for the Ruby I went pin down under my ring finger. I wanted to try to getting the ball to slow down based on my ball roll with pin down and it probably made it even stronger down lane! I went ahead and change the surface to 3000 abralon to knock off the factory finish to help calm it down and it was too calm so brought it back to factory finish for now. Out the box I was getting a very strong almost angular back end motion much more than expected for a IQ. Comparing to the IQ tour solid its around 5 boards stronger that I have to move right to keep it in line. But I have noticed even though its strong but if you miss your mark or off your hand it will show on the lanes and can leave wash outs like crazy. During league I am able to bring it out game 2 after using once the lanes transition and can usually stand in the same spot (standing 23) from game 1 due to using a stronger ball which can be a Storm infinite physix or Storm absolute. Gets down further being much cleaner and seeing it strong motion on the back end and keeping the pins low once its hit which is nice! Garrett Richardson Storm Amateur Staff

  • Ruby

    Posted by Casey Mattingly on May 3rd 2023

    She’s back and she’s perfect! This is the first ball that I have really liked with the new ReactaGloss finish. Ruby is obviously the Same IQ Tour Pearl core and cover. We’ve had Gold, Emerald, and now Ruby. It’s hard for me to compare this to the Emerald as I drilled all of my Emeralds pin down. My Golds were all drilled pin up, same layout as the Ruby. This really does remind me of the Gold ball. I just have to say it…nothing beats R2S. It’s my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! The motion of the R2S Pearl iQ’s are just a staple in the bag. Clean and control. Layout: 5x4x2 Balls getting a lot of play Infinite Physix: 5x4x2 Eternity: 5x4x2 Phaze4: 5x4x2 Fate: 5x4x2

  • IQ Tour Ruby Review by Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson

    Posted by Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson on Apr 22nd 2023

    Ball Specs: Storm IQ Tour Ruby Reacta Gloss R2S™ Pearl Reactive Weight Block C3™ Centripetal Control Core (Symmetrical) Color: Ruby Review: Another great addition to the IQ line. We drilled this ball with our normal layout: tweener, 350-375 revs, 16.5mph, layout of choice is 4x4x2 (pin is above bridge). The lightweight core and nano pearl coverstock work incredibly well together to make this ball predictable and smooth from beginning to end of lane. Because this ball is so versatile you will see many players altering covers to get the reaction they want on a given lane condition. This piece fits best in our shop for tournament veterans and seasoned league bowlers. The IQ Ruby Pearl will most likely be the first IQ ball out of the bag for those who have several IQ pieces simply because of the versatility and predictability factor. From there they move to a different IQ piece rather than ball down. For league bowlers looking for a pearl piece to add to their arsenal, this may be the direction you want to steer them simply because it is so easy to alter the cover and still work for multiple styles of play. Overall a very solid piece from Storm and yes, it smells and looks great as always! Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson Storm Pro Shop Staffers #StormNation

  • Storm IQ Ruby review by Ethan Fiore

    Posted by Ethan Fiore on Apr 18th 2023

    The New Storm IQ Tour Ruby has the R2S Pearl Coverstock and the C3 Core. As I’m a big fan of the IQ Emerald, I was very excited when I heard they were making another pearl IQ and it did not disappoint. Very clean through the front part of the lane but reads the lane a lot earlier than I anticipated. More like an Original IQ Tour Shape with a shiny cover. I fit the Ruby in between my IQ Tour and IQ Emerald. If you’re a big fan of the IQ Line, this one will not disappoint! Ethan Fiore ⭐PBA Member⭐Roto Grip Staff⭐CoolWick Staff⭐Tournament Director⭐ Right 2 Handed Rev Rate: 500 Speed: 17.5 PAP: 4 1/8 up 7/8

  • IQ does it again!!!!

    Posted by Tarik joyner on Apr 17th 2023

    Plan on seeing this ball everywhere you go!!!! This has to be one of the smoothest bowling balls I’ve seen going down the lane. With some surface on the ball i can see it being a first ball out the bag possibly, I’ve used it after throwing my DNA, and this ball lets me get left and really open up the lane without any effort. This one i drilled the pin out in the ring finger and it gave me a smooth down lane and a strong back end finishing through the pins hard. This ball is gonna be a big compliment to the original iq tour, me myself it compliments my DNA very much so. This ball I believe is gonna be everywhere from league to tournament bowler, Like I said not first ball out the bag maybe but definitely later in the the blocks or on a longer pattern with adding some surface to it possibly 2000-3000 grit to take the shine off the ball. I’m giving this ball a 5 star. For everyone that Loved the IQ emerald mixed with the power of the gold IQ this is a perfect mix of it. Tarik Joyner 900 Global staffer 17.5 MPH 400 rev rate