Motiv Raptor Fury Bowling Ball

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WWRD: 11/29/2023

Line Raptor
Color Red
Coverstock Leverage™ XFS Solid Reactive (Jackal Ambush/Black Venom variation)
Core Affliction™ V2 Symmetric (Sky Raptor)
RG 2.48
Differential 0.055
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 2000 Grit LSS
Weights 12 thru 16lbs

2 Reviews

  • Unleash the Fury on the Lanes - Motiv Raptor Fury Review

    Posted by Brandon Morris on Nov 25th 2023

    If you're seeking a ball that embodies power, precision, and sheer aggression on the lanes, look no further than the Motiv Raptor Fury. This ball isn't just about making an impact; it's about dominating the game. Design and Appearance: The first thing that catches the eye is its sleek, intimidating design. The combination of the vibrant colors and the sharp Raptor logo screams aggression and speed. Holding this ball instantly boosts your confidence. Performance: But it's not just about looks; the performance matches the visual intensity. The Raptor Fury features the Agitator™ Solid Reactive coverstock combined with the Sidewinder™ asymmetric core, providing an unparalleled combination of hook potential and control. The aggression this ball delivers on the backend is breathtaking. When it hits the friction, it bites hard, making a sharp turn towards the pocket. The continuation through the pins is phenomenal, delivering powerful strikes consistently. Versatility: One of the surprising aspects is its versatility. Despite its aggressive nature, the Raptor Fury manages to read the lanes well across various oil patterns. It maintains a strong mid-lane read without sacrificing backend motion, making it a reliable choice on medium to heavy oil conditions. Control and Feel: The ball's control is impressive, offering predictability without sacrificing power. It's forgiving enough for minor errors in release, yet responsive to adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune your game. The feel off the hand is comfortable, providing a reassuring sensation as it rolls down the lane. Final Thoughts: In conclusion, the Motiv Raptor Fury lives up to its name and then some. It's a high-performance ball suitable for bowlers looking to dominate the lanes with authority. Whether you're a competitive bowler seeking maximum hook potential or a casual player wanting consistent strikes, the Raptor Fury delivers the goods. This ball is a game-changer, a true force to be reckoned with. Unleash the fury on the lanes and watch your game soar to new heights with the Motiv Raptor Fury. Brandon M Motiv Staff


    Posted by RICHARD VERRY on Nov 13th 2023

    RICHARD VERRY RIGHT HANDED REVS: 435 TILT: 8 AXIS ROTATION: 45 PIN TO PAP: 5 X 1 UP MOTIV STAFF Motiv designed the strongest symmetrical option in the current line with the RAPTOR FURY. First off the shelf appeal on this ball is amazing. I love RED. The FURY in 15lbs sits at a 2.48 RG and .055 DIFF. The return of the AFFLICTION V2 core which is the strongest core used by Motiv provides excellent mid lane read with a smooth but continuous motion through the pins. The core is wrapped in the LEVERAGE XFS cover a tweaked version from the AMBUSH. Compared to the Ambush, the FURY will give bowlers more length and energy retention. The FURY will also provide more down lane motion. The FURY will provide a benchmark motion on higher volumes. For me, this ball gives me the motion I like to see from a big sym. Early read with smooth motion. Playing straighter and taking some hand out of the ball I am able to control over/under ball reaction. The FURY blends the pattern perfectly. For those Speed Dominant bowlers the FURY can be the first ball out of the bag on high/med high volumes. For LOWER REV bowlers that like to play straight, this ball will give you control as well as a blended motion. Higher rev bowlers that like to open up will love the control this ball provides.