Storm Phaze V Bowling Ball

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Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.
ColorArctic / Sapphire / Slate
CoverstockR2S Pearl Reactive
CoreVelocity Symmetric Core
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishReacta Gloss Factory Finish
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

40 Reviews

  • Ethan Fiore

    Posted by Ethan Fiore on Feb 17th 2023

    The Storm Phaze 5 is definitely a necessity! It has the well know R2S Pearl Cover with the Velocity Core, it is a great compliment to the Phaze 2 and Zen. Compared to the Phaze 4, I think the Phaze 5 is a little cleaner with more downlane motion. It is definitely weaker than the Zen but a great ball down from it. For all you players who have a higher rev and have problems controlling your ball reaction, this is the one for you! Ethan Fiore ⭐PBA Member⭐Roto Grip Staff⭐CoolWick Staff⭐Tournament Director⭐ Right 2 Handed Rev Rate: 500 Speed: 17.5 PAP: 4 1/8 up 7/8

  • Brent Ritchie

    Posted by Brent Ritchie on Feb 16th 2023

    PAP - 4.5 over x 1 up Layout - 4 1/8 x 5 3/8 x 2 3/8 Finish - Reacta Gloss So my initial idea with drilling the Phaze V was something to take the spot of my Zen in the bag. Very similar drillings but since the RG is a little higher on the Phaze V we brought the pin a little closer to the PAP to try and mimic the little bit earlier/stronger ball motion the Zen provides. At box finish, the Reacta Gloss was a little too squirty in the oil so I decided to take a 2000 pad to it by hand and that certainly made the ball perform more to my liking. The ball still makes a very strong move off the dry, and enters the pocket with a nice heavy rolling motion which enabled a high carry percentage. Adding a little surface to the cover certainly fit my eye much better as the very late breaking "hockey stick" motion doesn't typically work the best for me and I tend to leave a number of single pins. Getting the Phaze V into a roll earlier, from front to back, yielded much better results. This will be a great ball for opening up your angles and circling the lane left to right especially on medium or slightly drier conditions. Brent Ritchie Storm Pro Shop Staff Member

  • Brian Watson

    Posted by Brian Watson on Feb 10th 2023

    Storm's very successful Phaze line has a new addition called the Phaze 5. The Phaze 5 is basically a replacement for the Phaze 4. I recently changed to 14lbs so the RG is a little higher from 2.48 to 2.53 of the 15lbs. Which the higher RG helps me with my roll being a little different. As in the past the phaze series was a little too midlane for me. I drilled mine 4 x 2.5 x 2 and I hit the cover with a light 2000 pad as the reacta gloss finish doesn't roll very good for me. For me this is the best Phaze release as I get the very good midlane roll, and still has the strong arc motion downlane. Its not as quick response as Fate or Revenant but round enough to go through the pins the correct way. I'd say its a good ball to go down to when the bigger Asyms like Gem, Reality start to bog down a little. But stronger than the Fate, Revenant, Hyroads. Brian Watson Storm Pro Shop Staff PAP - 3 7/8 up 1 1/4 RPM - 400 Tilt - 17 Speed -17

  • Sandra McIntire

    Posted by Sandra McIntire on Feb 7th 2023

    I am higher speed, rev challenged 220-250ish, high tilt, high rotation, and super low track player. The Phase 5 has definitely become one of my favorite newer releases. I drilled mine 5x3x2 and my axis point is 3 1/4 right and 7/8 up. The Phase 5 is a perfect addition to my arsenal because it allows me to ball down from my Exotic GEM, stay right, but still provides the same shape and continuation I need. This ball definitely does not disappoint and the Blueberry Crumble scent is amazing!

  • Roto Grip Rick (In reply to: Mike LeViner )

    Posted by Roto Grip Rick (In reply to: Mike LeViner ) on Jan 26th 2023

    Storm Phaze V Layout and surface information: 5.5 x 4.5 x 3 out of box with Reacta Gloss - but adjusted to 4K Fast. My intention for this Phaze V was to add it to my new 6 ball tournament arsenal line for mid to heavy length and volume condition tournaments where I know the surface tends to be a little tougher to deal with, or just know that piece I can lean on when needed like most higher level bowlers that use Phaze IIs, iQ Tours, or Hy Road lines. I use more hybrid pearlized and pearlized covers over solid coverstocks. I found that the surface adjustment fitted better to my game of higher revs, and mid to low ball speeds. Using it out of the box the Phaze V floated on the fronts and mids of the lane and did not quite come off the pattern like my "eyes" like to see. I need a little earlier motion for my comfort zone. If the balls take too long to develop in the back end, I tend to try to force it straighter or do something that I know won't work well, but it is human nature to try to "control" things. The Phaze V ball did recover a ton when I opened up the angles to feed the ball farther down the lane and make the breakpoint closer to the backend but without duck hooking and hitting behind the 1-2 pocket. It 100 PERCENT shreds the pins once it gets there. I really, really love my Phaze V at 4K fast finish.

  • Mike LeViner

    Posted by Mike LeViner on Jan 20th 2023

    Layout: 45 x 4 5/8" x 40 The Phaze V has become my go-to ball for the medium-lighter house shot conditions that I see on a day-to-day basis. It is very clean through the front of the lane, and has a strong backend reaction without being too quick. I would classify it as a hard arc reaction. I'm able to play straighter with it, or move in deeper when the lanes break down. I don't like using the Phaze V when fresh heavier amounts of oil are present; the Fate is better if there is only a bit too much for the Phaze V, or (of course) the Phaze II if there is a lot more oil.

  • Nate Garcia (In reply to: Mike Craig - Storm Amateur Staff )

    Posted by Nate Garcia (In reply to: Mike Craig - Storm Amateur Staff ) on Jan 14th 2023

    The rebirth of the beloved Phaze 4, the Phaze 5 is coming at you! The Phaze 5 has the R2S pearl coverstock and the trusted core found in all the phazes. I will say that the Phaze 5 is close to the 4, but a little more cleaner and harder off the spot. I see this ball succeeding the most on heavier medium and long oil patterns after the first transition from your solid symmetrical to your pearl symmetricals. This is a ball we need back in the line and the R and D department did an amazing job releasing this piece. The ball is here to stay and I am sure everyone will be throwing this ball at league and a lot of tournament patterns. Don't miss out on this hot piece and pick it up at your local storm VIP pro shop.

  • Mike Craig - Storm Amateur Staff

    Posted by Mike Craig - Storm Amateur Staff on Dec 22nd 2022

    I drilled up my PHAZE V 75 x 4.5 x 20. I lightly hit the surface with a 3000 pad to slightly dull the surface. I have thrown this on a couple of PBA50 longer patterns along with house. I put this up against other strong Utah pearls like the INFINITE PHYSIX, NIGHT ROAD, and 900 Global ZEN. On the longer pattern, this ball was pretty good once the pattern started to burn in the track. It gave me something I could start to open up the lane with and know it would finish and hit. On the house pattern, it would start to go sideways at the break point if my speed was too slow. Against the NIGHT ROAD, it was earlier and sharper off the spot. When the NIGHT ROAD was slow, the PHAZE V was the play as it was more continuous off the spot. Compared to the INFINITE PHYSIX, the PHAZE V was in play once the INFINITE start to slow down or stopped hitting. Compared to the Zen, they were very similar. Both stronger pearls that you could throw on oil and open up the lane with. If I had to choose, the ZEN is a little more proven for my style but you can't go wrong with either the PHAZE V or ZEN.

  • Anthony Wiegand

    Posted by Anthony Wiegand on Dec 1st 2022

    The all new phaze v is the 5th of the phaze series. The velocity core wrapped with r2s and the all new reacta gloss is a 1,2,3 punch. We were all waiting for the response on what happened to the phaze 4 and the all new phaze v is living up to the hype and taking the cake. If you're looking for the latest and greatest phaze this is the ball for you. If you bowl nationals or pba events and need a new phaze 4 well look no further this phaze v is the ball. Get to your local pro shop and put your favorite layout on this piece and you wont be disappointed.

  • Jordan Behunin

    Posted by Jordan Behunin on Nov 30th 2022

    Storm Phaze 5 – Not much to say except this ball is exactly what I was looking for! This ball gets through the front of the lane with ease, but it doesn't overreact on the back end. I drilled mine pin down, and I'm thinking about drilling another one pin up. I won a tournament with this ball shortly after drilling it up. I have bowled some of my best games in league this year with it as well. It definitely deserves a spot in the bag.

  • Rodney Gilmore

    Posted by Rodney Gilmore on Nov 27th 2022

    Ball Review Phaze V RG: 2.48 Dif: .051 Cover: Reacta Gloss Factory Finish PAP 5 3/8 over 1 5/16 UP, Medium/Ball Speed Rev Rate 255-300 Layout: 4 x 4 x 2 This was a very pleasant surprise to see the new Phaze V released to replace the Phaze 4. I really liked the Phaze 4 very disappointment when it was DC'd due to unfortunate circumstance. The Phaze 5 is no disappointment. The Phaze line is one of my favorites. The Phaze V is a bit smoother and cleaner than the 4 and still as that nice strong backend motion with strong continuation we expect to see from the Phaze Line. I struggled a bit with the surface out of box made a change to 2000 polished and man did this ball come alive had several high series in league. The Phaze V will be very versatile for most all play styles. This ball is in the bag right next to the Zen! Good Luck and Good Scoring!

  • Gil B

    Posted by Gil B on Nov 27th 2022

    PHAZE V. The Phaze line the most stable in the Storm line introduces the Phaze V. A new pearl version with the R2S cover stock and featuring the new reacta shine. Typically the Phaze line for me is rather smooth and consistent for me . This Phaze V was super quick through the fronts and really sharp on the back end for me not something I was expecting. But this ball does take well to surface and after hitting it lightly with a 2000 I read a little earlier and slowed down for me. I find this time to time that I need to hit the cover a little to get a better reaction. I laid this one out 4.5x4.5x3.

  • Garrett Richardson

    Posted by Garrett Richardson on Nov 23rd 2022

    The Phaze 5 with a pearl coverstock is smoother than I expected and I AM IN LOVE! With the popular phaze core its a awesome combination that I was looking for when I need a ball to get down lane but not be too sharp in the backend like a traditional pearl does. Much more controlled yet strong and goes through the pins very well! My layout is 5 1/4 x 4.5 x 3 which puts the pin over the bridge and kicks the CG out. With it being a smoother ball I am able to stay in the ball longer especially during league on a house shot. Comparing it to the Phaze 4 I had to knock off the shine on the Phaze 4 with it being 1500 polished to read and not sail down lane. With the Phaze 5 I kept it at factory reacta gloss finish and reads much better and is stronger overall. Phaze 5 will be a great ball for league! Garrett Richardson Storm Amateur Staff

  • Pierre-Luc Larouche

    Posted by Pierre-Luc Larouche on Nov 23rd 2022

    The Paze 5 with his R2S coverstock and the reacta gloss finish have a really good combination of surface. The Phaze 5 for me is really clean and rounds !!! I realy like it when the lane come dry. Phaze 5 provides me nice length and great punch with a good degree of control. I prefered it when I need to cross the lane a lot. It's perfect for the house shot when have not much oil or at end tournament. The Phaze 5 is a great addition for all arsenal if you want to find someting to put in the bag for most medium and THS patterns. Another great Storm product for sure !!

  • Chris Freeland

    Posted by Chris Freeland on Nov 21st 2022

    Storm Phaze V Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive Core: Velocity Layout: 4.5 x 3 x 2 The Phaze V (P5) has the R2S Pearl Reactive cover wrapped around the lower RG Velocity core. The P5 plays a bit weaker than I expected due to the super clean cover and is better suited for me as a transitional ball because it gets a bit caught up in fresh oil. I found the Phaze 4 a bit more round and early than the new P5. The new P5 is most comparable in my bag currently to the Night Road in overall hook potential, but they are quite different in shape. The Night Road's cover is much stronger and the P5's cover is much cleaner. I like this combo because I can fine tune shape to optimize carry given what the lane wants. I think the P5 will prove to be a favorite among a variety of styles given that most bowling centers have more hook these days. Chris Freeland Storm Amateur Staff Average Rev Rate 400 Average Speed 18 mph PAP: 4 1/8 over 3/4 up

  • Michael Slatky (In reply to: Storm Phaze 5 by Casey Murphy )

    Posted by Michael Slatky (In reply to: Storm Phaze 5 by Casey Murphy ) on Nov 20th 2022

    Storm Phaze 5 Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive Finish: Reacta Gloss Core: Velocity RG: 2.48 Differential: 0.051 Layout: 5 1/2 x 5 x 5 - 2LS Layout Extras: 2 1/8 Finger Depth, "X" - 4 1/2 D and 1 Inch Left Tester: PAP 6 1/2 R, 1 1/4 D Review: The Phaze series continues on with the new Phaze 5. This updated version of the Phaze series features the all new Reacta Gloss finish applied to the R2S coverstock. If you have enjoyed the Phaze series this is a must have. If you are looking for a great reaction on a variety of house patterns the Phaze 5 is sure to be a winner for most styles of bowling. I've enjoyed the oob Reacta Gloss finish on this ball. In comparison to the 1500 polish finish the all new Reacta Gloss finish appears to be cleaner through the fronts and more controlled in comparison to the Phaze 4 with the 1500 polish finish. The Phaze 5 provides nice length and great punch with a high degree of control. In my opinion, the Phaze 5 and Phaze 4 are definitely different in overall reaction due to the Reacta Gloss finish. The Phaze 5 is a nice addition for any arsenal and you'll likely find a spot in the bag for most medium and THS patterns. The blend of length, overall strength and control provides a lot of options for this piece. The Phaze 5 is quickly becoming one of my favorite balls in the bag. Be sure to grab one today! Michael Slatky 900 Global Staff Member York, PA

  • Storm Phaze 5 by Casey Murphy

    Posted by Storm Phaze 5 by Casey Murphy on Nov 20th 2022

    Orientation: Right Handed Rev Rate: 400 RPM Speed: 16-17 MPH PAP: 4 ½ over and ½ up Location: Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO Pattern: High Volume THS VLS Layout: Layout 1: 5 x 4 x 2 ½ (pin above bridge) Layout 2: 4 ½ x 4 x 4 1/8 (pin below bridge) The Phaze 5 is a remake of the Phaze 4. I have the Phaze 5 cleaner, more continuous on the back. The Phaze 4 hooked earlier and stopped more. I actually like the Phaze 5 a little better personally because I feel it rounds off the spot and carries better. I need some friction to cover a lot of lane (which is typical of R2S cover) but I have no problem playing any part of the lane. I think the Phaze 5 is an improvement off of the Phaze 4 and the perfect compliment to the Phaze 2.

  • Dan Marriott

    Posted by Dan Marriott on Nov 15th 2022

    Phaze V features the famous Velocity Core that has been in every Phaze ball to date, wrapped in the R2S Pearl Cover. The same cover/core combo as Ph4ze but ball motion wise they are not the same for me. Phaze V is MUCH QUICKER downlane. For me Phaze V allows me to go around the lane more than I ever could with the Ph4ze. Phaze V allows me to be comfortable when I need to get left and play those deep inside angles. Get yours today at your local Storm VIP Pro Shop today!! #900Globa

  • Glenn Wendel

    Posted by Glenn Wendel on Nov 14th 2022

    Storm Phase 5 Ball Specs: Coverstock R2S Pearl Reactive Velocity Core (Symmetrical) Finish Reacta Gloss Polished Layout 4 x 4 2" Pin Buffer Bowler Specs: Right Hand. PAP 5" Over 1/2 up Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Speed at release 17 Review: The Storm Phase 5 provides a strong motion with control and the back end most bowlers are looking for. Storm has managed to wrap up all the best assets of a bowling ball together in the Phase 5. This ball is NOT a remake of the Phase 4 which I was a big fan of, and this one may even be better. The Phase 5 reads the mid lane nicely than creates a controllable angular motion that is predictable and hits hard. I have a lower rev rate but can move deeper and trust this ball. I have used this ball on medium to oily lanes with a lot of success. I would put this ball right between my Electrify and Infinite Physix in total hook. The total hook of this ball is a bit more than I expected probably due to the way it bites in the mid lane. The Phase 5 is not afraid of oil and it has not shown any squirt past the breakpoint for me. Strong and angular symmetric balls are nice to have in your arsenal. The Phase 5 seems to work well on multiple patterns also. I see this ball on a lot of racks and in some cases if I sell one to somebody a few folks on their team end up getting them as well. I have had two people say they are buying them for a teammate for Christmas. There is a lot of positive chatter on this one for sure. Summary: The Phase 5 is strong and angular. The hit and carry is excellent. I love the box finish on this one. Glenn Wendel PBA Member Storm Pro Shop Staff Video Link:

  • Tony Marino

    Posted by Tony Marino on Nov 14th 2022

    The specs of the Phaze 5 should look very familiar. R2S pearl cover plus the Velocity core is the same combination that was on the Phaze 4... HOWEVER they roll distinctly different. I don't know if it's the different polish and finish or the color pigment differences, but there is a clear shape difference in the 2 balls. The P4 is a more angular shape than the 5. Now I have not yet tried to mess around with the cover on the Phaze 5 because I love the way it rolls (the Phaze 4 was slightly too clean to be a staple in my bag). Because of all this, I love what I see from the Phaze 5. Because of how clean the R2S cover is, it can sometimes be overpowered by the core but that is not the case with the Phaze 5. I see it as the perfect next ball down from the Phaze 2 and unlike the Phaze 4 it maintains a similar shape. So if you want a step up from a Night Road or HyRoad, or a step down from the Phaze 2 or Infinite Physix, the Phaze 5 fills that gap.

  • Stanley Waite

    Posted by Stanley Waite on Nov 14th 2022

    Phaze V - Ball Specs Cover Stock: R2S Pearl Reactive Finish: Reacta Gloss Core: Velocity Core Layout: 65 x 5 x 35 RG: 2.48 Differential: 0.051 Review The Phaze V is the newest ball in Storm's iconic Phaze line. Storm has combined the velocity core with the R2S pearl reactive cover stock. I tested this ball on a 42 feet typical house pattern. The Phaze V is a little cleaner than the Phase 4, which allows me to play further to the right and stroke the ball. Phase V reads the midlane very well with a strong finish on the backend. This ball is very versatile I was able to the right and left of the track area without losing any hitting power. This ball will be in my bag for league and tournaments. Order one from your local pro shop today! My ball review videos are posted on YouTube channel Stanley Waite. Stanley Waite 900 Global Staff Member Dover, DE

  • William Tefft

    Posted by William Tefft on Nov 11th 2022

    Ball Specs: Storm Phaze V Reacta Gloss R2S™ Pearl Reactive Weight Block: Velocity™ Core (Symmetrical) Color: Arctic/Sapphire/Slate Review: The Phaze line has been one of my favorite lines dating back to the first Phaze. The motion I saw from the Phaze 5 is very similar to the Phaze 4. The big difference between the two were the colors. The Phaze 5 really stands out when going down the lanes. If you like a bowling ball that can get down the lanes and make a strong backend motion look no further. I tend to use this ball more when the lanes begin to burn up and the oil starts to transition on me. I have seen many different style bowlers enjoy throwing this ball. In my bag I like to go from my Phaze 2 starting to my Phaze 5 when I start to see the lanes change and the Phaze 2 becomes to much ball. Will Tefft Storm Staff Member #Stromnation

  • Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson

    Posted by Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson on Nov 11th 2022

    Ball Specs: Storm Phaze V Reacta Gloss R2S™ Pearl Reactive Weight Block: Velocity™ Core (Symmetrical) Color: Arctic/Sapphire/Slate Review: We love the Phaze line. Coming in with the same specs seen in the Phaze 4, this ball is sure to prove more than shelf appeal. All of the bowling balls in this line have been perfectly executed with unique and important benchmark shapes. After throwing this ball we really notice it is core dominant and wants to start up rather quickly. This ball really likes to get down the lane and create some room for you to move your feet left. The Phaze V would be a great ball on the burn or in the transitional period in a block where you need something a little weaker than an RSTX2 or something along those spec lines. Overall this ball will pair perfectly with the Phaze 2 and 3 in our bags. Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson Storm Pro Shop Staffers #StormNation

  • Chris Pollentier

    Posted by Chris Pollentier on Nov 9th 2022

    Storm Phaze V Coverstock: R2S Pearl Reactive Finish: Reacta Gloss Core: Velocity Core RG: 2.48, Diff: 0.051 (15 lbs) VLS Layout: 4 3/4 x 4 x 2 1/2 Dual Angle Layout: 45 x 4 3/4 x 40 PAP: 5 3/16" right x 5/8" up Rev rate: 400 rpm Average speed: 16.5 mph Location: Prairie Lanes, Sun Prairie WI Pattern: Medium volume THS The Storm Phaze V is the next iteration of the famed Phaze series of bowling balls and features the proven Velocity core paired with the renowned R2S pearl reactive coverstock. The Phaze V replaces the Phaze 4 in Storm's lineup following USBC's removal of the Phaze 4 from approved-use in national tournament competition. At first glance, the Phaze V appears to be a direct replacement for the Phaze 4 in that they are the same core/cover combo. However, the major difference (besides the color and blueberry crumble scent) is that Phaze V is the first Storm ball to come with the new Reacta Gloss factory polish finish which replaces the previous 1500-grit factory polish. As a result, Phaze V feels a touch cleaner and is able to change direction harder off the friction downlane compared to Phaze 4. I typically find myself on the fence when it comes to factory polish. There have been some balls where I've left the ball shiny and others where I've cracked the cover with an Abralon pad. With Phaze V, I wanted to try out the new Reacta Gloss factory polish before making any changes to the surface. For the first 5-6 games I found the reaction to be very sensitive to the oil, but as soon as I moved right the ball immediately checked. I decided knock some of the shine off with a used 1000-grit then 3000-grit Abralon pad by hand, which resulted in a much better reaction by blending out some of the over/under yet retaining that quicker motion on the backend. If you are/were a fan of the original 1500-grit factory polish, I think you'll be a fan of Reacta Gloss. Even if you're not a fan I suggest you first give it a try before knocking the shine off. The Phaze V is a perfect step down from the Phaze 2 or Infinite PhysiX and is a step up from balls like the Hyroad Pearl or Night Road. After knocking some of the shine off, I've found it to be very versatile and is my go-to for medium volume house patterns and is a great transition ball for both league and tournament play. Bowlers of all styles will get plenty of use out of Phaze V, and it will fill that spot in your tournament bag for when the lanes open up and you can create steeper launch angles. You won't want to miss out on this one. Chris Pollentier Storm Products Pro Shop Staff #StormNation #CoachzProShop

  • Storm Phaze V Ball Review by Ric McCormick

    Posted by Storm Phaze V Ball Review by Ric McCormick on Nov 7th 2022

    Storms newest addition to the Phaze Line from SPI the new Phaze V! This ball features the popular R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the Velocity Core seen in the Phaze Line! Mine is drilled pin over my bridge Cg kicked and with the cover core combo this will give you a good compliment to the Phaze 2 when you need a cleaner more downlane motion! Get yours at your local Pro Shop today!