Sports Tec STeel Bowling Ball

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Choose the STeel and you get the most popular, versatile reactive coverstock on the market - we call it Sport-Flex" - and a proven core desing. The STeel is designed to have a sharp backend reaction and send a metallic message to the pins as it cuts through the pocket like a sword.
ColorSteel Blue
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

2 Reviews

  • BamaBwler

    Posted by BamaBwler on Feb 7th 2003

    This was my first "hooking" ball I've purchased. I've tried some others that were closely drilled for me, Messenger Ti, Reaction Richocet, and this ball tears them apart. It literally makes the pins jump off the lane when you hit the pocket. I looked it over, had it drilled standard, walked over and threw my then highest game of 180. It is absolutely predictable. Even when I'm playing on my base lanes, where I think they put cooking oil on synthetic, and most people can't find a hook, this ball glides down to the backend and takes a nice leisurely turn to the pocket and drives all the way to the 8. I wanted more hook so I used a green scotch brite pad and WOW! This is what I expected - 209 and 211. Heck, I let a first timer use it and he rolled a 145 - Now he's hooked! You can't beat the price. $109 dilled at my local shop. Don't be scared to save a little money and try Sports Tec.

  • bluesquest

    Posted by bluesquest on Dec 19th 2002

    When you consider price as well as performance together I would have to give the Sport Tec Steel very high marks. I bought the ball mostly as an experiment, my goal was to find a ball that had a reactive shell but still not as aggressive as the more expensive equipment so it would not over react on the dryer conditions. The ball was easy to drill and came from the factory with a super high shine on it, which makes it even easier to control. Once I actually had it on the lane my 1st surprise was that the ball hooks as hard and hits as hard an almost all of the high priced balls on the market that I have tried. The Steel read the lane easily and carried well in the pocket. It was equally effective on both high and light pocket hits. I guess the only disappointment I would have would be that the ball does hook more than what I was wanting. Even though the Steel hooks more than expected I am still very happy with it because now it is a part of my regular arsenal and not just put asi