Roto Grip Hustle Camo Bowling Ball

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Built to provide performance for both the novice bowler and the advanced bowler, the Hustle Line of balls serves as the standard in which all other entry level balls are compared. So, whether you are looking to get your very first ball or looking to get a ball to fill out your arsenal for those lighter conditions, have no fear, the Hustle Line is here! VTC™ COVERSTOCK Versatile Traction Control (VTC) was formulated with durability and consistent performance in mind specifically for the HP1 and HP2 lines. This formula delivers outstanding performance while providing control and versatility without being overly aggressive. So, if stability and control is what you are after, look no further.
CoverstockVTC Solid Reactive
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish1500 grit Polished
Weights10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

27 Reviews

  • Ric McCormick

    Posted by Ric McCormick on Jul 26th 2021

    The new Roto Grip Hustle Camo features the VTC Solid Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the Hustle Core! The new Hustle Camo comes out of the box with 1500 Polished which is the same combination used in the famous Hustle Ink! My Hustle Camo is drilled with my normal pin over my bridge layout with the cg kicked! This ball for me fits the gap between the Hustle PBR and the Hustle RAP AMAZING!!!! With the camo being a solid coverstock but a polished coverstock is will be a clean motion through the front part of the lane but roll like a PBR on the backend with a little more continuous motion due to the polish! This Hustle Camo is a big BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!! Head over to your local pro shop and get the best entry level ball on the market today!

  • Adam Chase

    Posted by Adam Chase on Jul 26th 2021

    The New Hustle Camo is the newest "solid" ball in the HP1 line. The Hustle Camo brings back the VTC solid reactive Coverstock to bring the ball more durability and more performance down lane as seen in previous Hustle line balls. The new army/black/brown color gives respect to our service men and women. These colors will definitely pop out for those who are a veteran or currently serving our country. The layout I gave on this was 3 3/8 x 70 to give this ball earlier motion on the lanes then the 4 x 35 drilling currently on my Hustle PBR. This ball can be great for fresh house patterns or tournaments with shorter oil or less volume patterns. The 1500 polish finish on this Camo is different from the 3000 abralon finish on the PBR. This surface difference will give the ball a little more length while adding slightly more pop down lane than the PBR. Removing the polish or adding more surface to the coverstock will enhance its more earlier rolling nature if you want it to handle more oil. Adam Chase Storm Staff