Blue Pearl

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LineABS Nanodesu
CoverstockParticle Pearl
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Weights11 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

1 Review

  • Troy49ers

    Posted by Troy49ers on Jan 7th 2005

    I just drilled this up an hour before competing in league play. Drilled the ball with the pin kicked out beside the fingers and the CG under the ring finger. The ball rolls with great consistancy and hitting power. I was warming up with this ball and trying to get a good feel. About the middle of the second game it was starting to come together. Last game 12 in a row, So my overall opinion is extremely good. I have never drilled a ball and went out and threw a 300 game in my 40 years of bowling. If anyone is looking for this ball call 1-800-222-2695 Done-rite bowling supply company. Great company and a great product.