Motiv Pride Empire Bowling Ball

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The Pride™ Empire introduces a new level of backend speed to the MOTIV® line. Featuring the brand-new Propulsion™ Pearl Reactive cover stock, this beast showcases an angular response unlike anything before. The MOTIV® engineering team has been making clear advancements, leading the industry in pearl cover tech in recent years, and this new Propulsion™ system is the pinnacle of angular performance. Utilizing this new pearl cover, the Pride™ Empire pushes through the front of the lane with ease, storing energy for a dynamic move down lane. And that’s at a 5000 Grit laser-scanned finish! Bowlers who desire maximum length and a violent response to friction can adjust the finish to a higher grit like 5500, but they may get more than they bargained for. We kept it at 5000 to tame this beast a touch. The Dominion™ asymmetrical core at the heart of the Pride™ Empire also displays special characteristics. A moderate primary RG differential and low intermediate allow the ball to dominate on lower oil volumes and higher friction surfaces than more powerful asymmetric balls like the Jackals, which are designed for higher volume patterns. Additionally, the asymmetric physics of the Pride™ Empire provides ball drillers with greater layout versatility since weight holes are no longer allowed in competition. When To Use: Speed Dominant Bowlers - For speed dominant bowlers who love to see angular motion, the Pride Empire will fit well below the Mythic Jackal in their bag. The Mythic Jackal is a strong asymmetrical hybrid option for creating angular motion. When that ball is too strong, speed dominant bowlers should have no issue stepping into a Pride Empire and creating even more angle to the friction. Balanced Bowlers - For bowlers with a balanced speed to rev rate ratio, there are many uses for the Pride Empire. A strong and smooth drilling will give the bowler a great ball to use behind their original pride to continue controlling the lane without worrying about the friction developing up front. However, a balanced bowler using a cleaner and more angular drilling could use the Pride Empire to create more angle down lane than possible with anything else in their bag. Balanced bowlers will find the Pride Empire to be a crucial piece in their tournament and league arsenals. Rev Dominant Bowlers - Bowlers with substantial rev rates will see use for the Pride Empire when they want to maintain control of the lane while still creating a substantial angle. This will serve as the most angular ball in the middle of a rev dominant player’s progression.
CoverstockPropulsion™ Pearl Reactive
CoreDominion™ Asymmetric
Intermediate Diff0.010
Factory finish5000 Grit LSP
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

2 Reviews

  • Trent Overbey

    Posted by Trent Overbey on Aug 27th 2022

    Layout 55 x 5" x 30 Taking pride in the ball motion chart, the MOTIV Pride Empire is introduced with a combination of medium-oil mid-lane read capability and devastating backend. The brand-new Propulsion Pearl Reactive coverstock, finished at 5000 LSP, has been wrapped around the controllable Dominion core (2.50 RG, .042 Diff, .010 Int. Diff) to create a unique reaction with versatile capabilities. Knowing the Dominion core heavily influenced the reaction I saw in my original Pride, I used a longer pin-to-PAP placement, paired with a smaller VAL, to allow better length and backend recovery. What I ended up with is a ball that outperforms anything else currently in my bag in the last 15-20 feet of the lane. While I could throw this on the fresh for league, I prefer to blend out the lane just a bit more so I will start with the Mythic Jackal. Once my Jackal starts to labor on the back, that is where the Empire shines. The new Propulsion coverstock system is lightning fast in its response time to friction which has given me the ability to throw the Empire at ridiculous launch angles when the transition and burn dictate it. I have had many nights where I switch to this ball towards the end of game one and do not need to pick up any other (except for spares, of course). To give a reference for this break-down lane play, I have lined up anywhere from 22-16 (lay down and arrows) all the way to 35-23 without seeing any diminishing return in its hitting power. While you will see a bit of forgiveness if you miss in, thanks to Dominion getting the ball to rev, watch out if you miss right – it will check mark off that dry to make up for that miss direction! Having that middle of the block ball in your arsenal that can forgive in the oil but hit off of the dry is a great tool to have, and the Pride Empire fits that bill perfectly. Trent Overbey In the Zone Pro Shop MOTIV Staff

  • Justin Mooney

    Posted by Justin Mooney on Jul 22nd 2022

    First impression of this ball is WOW! This ball is perfect for when your solids are starting to hook too much, but the lanes are still too wet to get into a ball like an Iron Forge or a Ripcord Velocity. This ball is the perfect ball for when the lanes are hooking. The amount of mid lane motion and continuation down lane is just straight amazing. If you're looking for the next pearl to drill, this one is it! Layout: 60x4 3/4x35 PAP: 4 9/16" Over 1 1/2" Up Justin Mooney | MOTIV Staff