Lane #1 H2O Bowling Ball

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LANE #1's HybridTM Offset goes a LONG way in quenching your insatiable gut wrenching thirst for more strikes and higher scores. Perfect for medium to drier lane conditions. The Buzzsaw Hybrid Offset combines LANE #1's HybridTM RadioActive 18 Coverstock, their latest bowling breakthrough, along with their patented diamond hybrid C/2 core with offset atomic mini nuggets. With it's added flip and hook capabilities the Buzzsaw H2O keeps your strikes from drying up..!!
LineBuzzsaw H20
CoverstockHybridTM Pearl RadioActive 18
CoreOffset Stacked Mini Diamonds Within Patented Diamond
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Weights13 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

10 Reviews

  • Grayson

    Posted by Grayson on Dec 12th 2007

    Very good ball for those med-dry lanes as I drilled it up stacked with as much hook as possible and now I got it :D When the ball faces real dry lanes it starts to jump too much and gets hard to controll yet I can play it moving deep it will recover. I played the lane on different THS and if there is a dry part and you can play the outside board you have a winner in your bag. And othervise the ball is best on those transitioning med-dry lanes but keep in mind it is a pearl and does not work well well on carrydown! Then it will show over under. But when you are able to avoid those carrydown-boards you win!

  • royplayer

    Posted by royplayer on Nov 11th 2007

    One of the best rolling balls I have ever owned. Shot 297 with it in the summer at one house and a couple of months later shot 300 in another. Very versatile ball that rolls just as well for lower track players as well as higher tracks. Had mine drilled right handed with the pin over the fingers and the mass bias to the left of the thumb. Ball would probably roll great regardless of the layout. Can be used on heavier oil if you have a lot of hand. Hits like a truck. Thrown quite a few games with mine and it still hits hard.

  • agrobmei

    Posted by agrobmei on Jun 10th 2007

    Just got this ball a month ago. Great ball when new. Drilled ball with pin below fingerholes. CG at 20 degrees to give it a little "kick" on the back ends. Weight hole on axis, with axis at 5 1/2 over 1/2 up. I have medium speed (about 15 mph) and above avg rev rate (about 350). When used on the PROPER condition, it is a great ball. The problem with the ball, for me, is that it tracks out FAST! 20 games and I need to resurface it. It starts hooking out of the heads! Not good. Will probably end up selling it for something not so high maintenance. Maybe a Buzz or Hornet.

  • bobbabouy

    Posted by bobbabouy on Mar 7th 2007

    In preparation for USBC Open, tried this ball WAY Outside for the first time! WOW! Held, held, cleared the oil and took off for the pocket.. Only 1 game of practice for this shot and after first 6, 10 pin, missed 10 pin, and some more strikes, shot a 257 game.. I say it is versatile because I DO use it for my 10 pins.. I have it drilled rather tame, but when I get hand in it, it hooks off the wall!! I have also played this ball across 20, not swinging out past 15 and consistently strike on 40 foot sport pattern. Another great ball from Lane #1

  • regaw5

    Posted by regaw5 on Feb 11th 2006

    This is my favorite ball that i have ever thrown, i had the ball drilled with the pin under the fingers and the CG just barely kicked out to the right, no weight hole was needed. The ball rolls very early and keeps a consistant smooth arc into the pocket This ball allows me to play parts of the lane that i cant with my other balls because it doesnt hook a ton, but doenst lack carry either. I think i leave more 8 pins with this ball then i leave 10 pins, but ill take an 8 over a 10 any day. The color of this ball is also awesome, unlike most of the Lane #1's

  • JWBowler206

    Posted by JWBowler206 on Dec 5th 2005

    my first h2o was drilled target wighted but this ball was still drilled strong, it still hooks alot. this ball hits harder than any thing i have ever drilled i loooovvveee this ball. I just got the ball about a weak ago but i have thrown about 30 to 40 games with it. this ball is not ment for very dry lanes i use it in heavy oil all of the time and still score well. i think i should drill another but for dry lanes. this ball is my favorite ball ever it is very versitle. i hope to drill up a tsunami soon

  • JWBowler206

    Posted by JWBowler206 on Aug 26th 2005

    I thought that this ball was great it did not hook to early or hook to late down the lane. It hit hard and seemed to carry all the time. with a target weight it even worked good in oil. but in extreem oil it seemed to not hook at all. almost every day I bowled with it I had at least 5 boards of space to hit the pocket and I bowled with it a lot. on sport shots it reacted very well paying inside on an oily sport shots seemed to work very good. on house shot it worked great even though I had a sport shot drill pattern. BEST BALL EVER

  • - Bill

    Posted by - Bill on Jul 26th 2005

    We drilled this ball up for one of our test staff members. Lefty, medium ball speed, medium revs. We used the Mo Pinel Asymmetrical layout chart and put the pin 4 1/2 inches from his axis and the Mass Bias 5 3/8 inches from his axis. A small weight hole was used. This player tested the ball out on a variety of lane condition, and found it to be best when the lanes were drier. The ball was clean down the lane and made a sharper move to the pocket then the old Silver/C Buzzsaw. I look forward to seeing more Asymmetrical Buzzsaws in the future, with more aggressive coverstocks. Any questions, please email me at Thanks, Bill "The Place All Bowlers Shop"

  • DavidRuck

    Posted by DavidRuck on Jun 5th 2005

    I had hit 600 once prior to using this ball. I had never thrown over 200 3 times in a night. My high series was 556, its now 682. This ball is perfert on wooden lanes! I won't complain about it on synthetic, but I haven't used it enough there to write anything. If feel that this purcahse was well worth the money and value from Buddies Pro shop. The kept me updated on when the ball would arrive and provided quick and quality service. I'm thorwing mid to high 500 consistantly since buying this ball. Lane 1 has done it right!!!

  • yanks619

    Posted by yanks619 on May 3rd 2005

    Just drilled the H2O, a.k.a. the Water Ball. Reminds be very much of the Monster Bruiser but better. Ball was drilled 3 1/2 by 5 up 2 3/4. Weight hole drilled Target Weight. Good, clean length through heads and makes a nice strong move in the backend. The guys at did an excellent job on this ball for me. I go there for all my bowling needs. With the great coverstocks that Brunswick has now, Lane 1 balls should be popping up in more places around the country. Lane conditions that were out on the lane when I tested this ball were, a medium oil, 38 ft pattern. I played around the 2nd arrow and had about 4 boards left down the lane.