Faball Nail Reactive Pearl Bowling Ball

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Two Piece Ball with Industry Standard Bulb Core. Hammer Neoflex Reactive Cover.

Line Nail
Color Purple
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Core 2-piece
RG 2.50
Differential 0.016
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Polished
Weights 10 thru 16lbs

3 Reviews

  • david bennett

    Posted by david bennett on Feb 15th 2002

    Hi all-just bought this ball 3 weeks ago. Had it label drilled 33/8" pin to pap and cg to pin in 1:30 configuration. I was acquiring this ball for a "fried heads" condition. I decided to get some lines on it during league just to develop the track. Much to my surprise it reacted much stronger on my standard league condition which is far from dry. Today, I sanded it on the spinner out to a 2000 grit and polished with 2000 grit polish. I'll have to get back to you on the results. Thus far, it hasn't fit into the niche I wanted but overall I would recommend this ball. I give it an 8. I will update this review when I have some more lines on it. I am back to update. I recently used this ball at the local masters tourney for the last 2 games. The heads were becoming fried quickly. I was impressed with it's ability to get through the heads and the strong finish. The 2000 grit surface definitely was the trick for creating the dry lane ball that I wanted. I would still rate it an 8 overall. Ge

  • liquidHero

    Posted by liquidHero on Jan 5th 2002

    Definitly one of my favorite balls for med./light oil, or oil with strong backends.very even rolling and predictable.I have drilled two of these for myself to experiment with the reaction a bit.The first one is drilled 4 x 4 leverage,which gives me a very nice desired motion to the pocket.The second I tried axis leverage with the pin 3" from my P.A.P., to see if i could smooth the reaction even more.This drilling works but really does need some dry backends to be effective.overall a great ball.With this cover and core combination,this ball or something very similar will always be in my aresenal.

  • DrBob806

    Posted by DrBob806 on Jan 3rd 2002

    If you can find one, grab it. Crankers will love it playing deep inside on late shift leagues, or when heads fry up. The down & innners should be able to play near their track area when the lanes are breaking down or already gone. A great "arsenal" ball for most. It's not the biggest hooking ball by any means, but will definitely serve a purpose for many. I don't like carrying 4 balls to league/tournaments, but as many of you know, today's game dictates this. This is my "dry " ball, the last stop before my Black Hammer.