Faball Ice Blue Razor Bowling Ball

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CoverstockReactive Pearl
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Cleared USBCYes

3 Reviews

  • Maxx

    Posted by Maxx on Apr 2nd 2004

    If there is NO oil left on the lanes when your league starts, this is the ball. This ball will be controlable when newer balls considered to be unagressive are hooking off your hand. When I put away my light oil ball (Monster Slayer), the Razor Blue Ice is the ball I take out. I use a Hammer Blue Pearl Urethane as my spare ball when facing these conditions. The Razor gets enough traction to make the toss it to the right, watch it come back shot perfect. If you like to roll the old gutter shot this ball could leave quite a few ringing 10 pins as the ball breaks sharply into the pocket. With light oil this is a good shot , although I prefer the Monster Slayer. The ball does'nt roll out, but at least with the weight I throw it doesn't have the power to go deep inside. It needs a sharper angle. If the inside line is still there I'll keep the Monster Slayer out untill its gone. This ball is lane specific but it is a good ball to have in your bag if you are a league bowler on

  • ginopalu

    Posted by ginopalu on Mar 26th 2003

    The ball did not track out and I used it for hundreds of games. I play deep inside with slow speed and it turned the corners on medium to dry lanes. I used it for spares as well since it diidn't overreact like so many reactives. How come they keep coming out with balls that roll early, overreact and wear out in only 20-30 games. I have gone back to a 3 piece reactive (Ice Blue Claw) since it is the closest reaction I can get to this great ball. I drilled it pin under the ring finger and no balance hole.

  • RandyO

    Posted by RandyO on Dec 14th 2002

    I recently dropped to 15#, and needed a replacement for my Berry Razor. All that I could find was the Ice Blue Razor. I did some quick research, and found an old BTM article that rated the Razors. They loved the Ice Blue, rating it a better ball than the Berry. I really liked my Berry, but this Ice Blue is a great ball. Just finished a 10 game block on an old wooden house, and starting off the backends were screaming, and the heads were 'medium oil' at best. The Ice Blue wasn't quite enough ball, so I threw a Hammer Spike for the first 5 games. The Ice Blue came out for the last 5 games. I didn't shoot big numbers (+65) for the last 5, but it wasn't a high scoring condition. This ball will keep you in play while everyone else is bumping up against the ball returns and cursing. I was standing around 33 to 38 and swinging out to anywhere from 7 to 10 at the break point, and when I did my part, the ball carried very well. There were no surprises. Clean through the heads, doesn't over reac