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Elite fans asked us for a ball that produced more backend reaction and here it is! The Elite R47 combines the Rapid Recovery Core with the new Return Reactive cover stock. The Elite R47 is the most angular Elite ball ever made. Welcome to the game.
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Cleared USBCYes

2 Reviews

  • walesliao

    Posted by walesliao on Jan 18th 2007

    My first Elite ball.Actually,I think the price tag is a bit higher than expect. In fact,I pretend it is DZ & drilled as my first DZ.Then the result told me that they are allmost same.Without any surprise.. But after several games played,I noticed that this ball has an deadly weak point -->Coverstock thickness.Due to Brunwswick PowerKoil series coverstock is the fastest oil-suck material compares to other reactive resin.Then this ball just became a bit stupid and not react as factory finished after 30 games. Frankly speak,nice core + nice coverstock.But very short life span...very near with Columbia EPX-T1.

  • tponzi

    Posted by tponzi on Mar 10th 2006

    "This ball reads the lanes like nothing I've ever seen. Carries everything. It hits a little weird (pins stay low) but it will carry if your light or high. I've played this ball down and in on 10 at one house and then at 45 out to 15 at another and this ball just eats em up. Most forgiving ball I've owned" Had it punched with the ring finger directly over the pin. This produced about a 4 inch flare on the ball the way I throw. I throw about 17mph and turn it around 18 to 20 times before getting to the head and I have a high axis of rotation. I let my brother use it and he scored well and is buying one this week. He does not put as much hand on the ball as I doo and throws around 15mph and he had the same results. Can't say enough good things about this ball. I also have a big one in my bag that will be collecting alot of dust now that I have this in there.