Elite Bowling R43 Bowling Ball

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Weight Block - E.T.C. (Energy Transfer Core) The "heart" of the EliteR43 and EliteP43 is the E.T.C. - Energy Transfer Core. We designed our Energy Transfer Core to store energy until the moment it needs it most - entering the pins. By delaying the transfer of energy further down the lane our E.T.C. hits the pins with more momentum creating more pin action and higher scores. Cover Stock - Infinity and Infinity Plus The "brains" of the EliteR43 and EliteP43 is the Infinity (reactive) and the Infinity Plus (particle) cover stocks. The EliteR43 has the Infinity cover stock. The EliteR43 provides maximum back end reaction without the unpredictable snap some reactive balls give you. The EliteR43 can be used in light to heavy oil, depending on the surface of the cover stock. Highly polished for maximum length and maximum back end or sanded for maximum hook in heavy oil. The EliteP43 has the Infinity Plus cover stock. The Infinity Plus cover stock was designed with versatility in mind. T
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishPolished
Cleared USBCYes

7 Reviews

  • napilim.pro

    Posted by napilim.pro on Mar 27th 2021

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  • Bosco_13jr

    Posted by Bosco_13jr on Dec 19th 2007

    Overall review is that the ball is a heavy rolling ball that will keep pins low on the deck. witch makes for better pin fall, this ball stars reading the lane very early but it still gets a good amount of lenght. also if you put a little loft on the ball the pins explode upon impact.to smooth the balls roll scuff the ball lightly with a 1000 aberlon pad and it will take down the angle of the ball. I have put 200-300 games on the ball and it still hits like it is new. i have won 7 tourneys with this ball and one tournoment i averaged 248 for 10 games.

  • mila

    Posted by mila on Nov 30th 2006

    People who buy Elite balls are forgetting one thing: All of them are based off a Brunswick ball. The elite P43 and R43 are based off the Brunswick Monster series of balls with NOTHING changed, and you're feeding Elite money for it. Likewise, the Elite PBA and Alien balls are also based off other Brunswick balls. Compare some of them to the Infernos and some of the Brunswick's retired balls. You will make a shocking discovery: Elite duplicates Brunswick balls and over charges for them to make a buck. Do yourself a favor and support other ball manufacturers, not Elite.

  • leftturnmike

    Posted by leftturnmike on Oct 25th 2006

    Very consistant ball. Ball came shiny out of box. Wet then dry sanded on spinner with 1500 grit- ball rolls up mid lane and carries power to pocket well. Able to easily read lane and adjust - not too over/under. Great carry and hitting power. Gotta like the old school basic black cover also. This is my second Elite ball as the R47 and this ball compliment each other well- same drilling in both. I do believe they are worth the extra bucks over other performance balls. Ball drilled label leverage; I'm a stroker with a fairly high track. Ball reacts great.

  • MixNitUp

    Posted by MixNitUp on Mar 7th 2006

    Here are the sepcs on my ball: 15Lbs 4oz Lay Out: 4 X 4: Pin under and between 2.9oz Top Weight bridge, CG kicked out just slightly 3-4 inch pin Small weight hole in line with my Center Of Grip This ball is awesome. I threw it on PBA pattern 1. It got down the lane and made a smooth but hard turn to the pocket everytime. I played between the second and third arrows and BAM! This is the smoothest rolling ball I have ever thrown. Its also good on a house shot. Not squirly or jumpy, just very smooth and consistent. Very nice ball, I definately recommend this one to anyone looking for a smooth rolling ball that does not over react

  • Shortstep

    Posted by Shortstep on Aug 20th 2005

    I would highly recommend this ball to anyone who is looking for a medium heavy to heavy oil ball. It's got a smooth arc and carrys everything. This has become my go to ball. It's the first out of the bag every week. If the lanes are flooded then I just move a little right if more on the medium oil just go left a little. This ball has great foregiveness too. As I just got back into bowling this ball helps make up for my imperfections. Elite has a winner on there hands and it's called the R43!!!<s

  • MR879

    Posted by MR879 on May 4th 2005

    This ball is great. I noticed there's no other reviews, but I think that this will change once more and more people find out how good this ELITE ball is. If your looking for a ball that gives you a consistant look on a number of lane conditions....this is the ball. It's amazing because when I first start bowling league the lanes are a little oily....the ball seems to read the oil and hook perfectly. After the second game the lanes really start hooking I just move left and the ball still hooks perferct. But more amazing....it still hits hard.