Elite Bowling PBA Shark Bowling Ball

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The PBA Shark offers superior performance on the PBA Shark Oil Pattern, PBA Regional Tour / Senior Tour Pattern #5, USBC Sport Bowling Leagues with heavy oil, USBC Sanctioned Leagues, and a variety of other conditions. Elite's PBA Shark is designed to hook through the heaviest and longest oil patterns, providing flare potential and hitting power from the extreme inside line. The Shark features Elite's all new Thermal Contact Technology – T.C.T. which gives players more forgiveness and maximizes hitting power.
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishSanded
Cleared USBCYes

4 Reviews

  • agrobmei

    Posted by agrobmei on Jun 10th 2007

    Me, 15 MPH, about 350 revs, 200 avg player. Tried this ball for the 1st time this weekend on a house shot. It did not hook as much as I thought. I actually left it in out of the box condition just to see how it would react. Only hooked when it saw friction and EVERYTHING does that. Rolled hard, but did not hit as hard as it rolls. My No limit hooks about the same as this on the house shot and hits harder than this ball. No Limit is also more versitle. Got this ball for a shark pattern/Pba experience league, but dont think it will serve me very well on it. I am almost sure I will be using something else like my Riot Zone. I think there a lot of better choices, but I just thought I'd try an Elite for a specific pattern and see how it does. May do better on the Shark pattern than I think. Will let you know.

  • Ogreinabox

    Posted by Ogreinabox on May 7th 2007

    i would like to Thank Curtis Woods jr on this ball selection. i drilled up a shark for peak performance according to the elite reccomendations. Pin 33/8 from my PAP , cg the same. i used a 1.5 inch buffer to my Val. My first response was OMG this thing really moves. Before the shark i was throwing my favorite No Mercy drilled as agressive. The Shark was about 6-8 boards more aggressive i could not believe it. Simply amazing. Brian Voss was right a ball designed for the heavyiest sport pattern excels on a heavy house shot. The Ball is very predictible and surprisingly forgiving in oil.i have used this ball now for about 25 games and with my religious cleaning nothing slowing down yet. People that need the extra hook over other companies top end balls will love this ball minus the price. In my mind and at my prices it is definately worth the extra $. My current arensal. Shark ( heavy oil ) drilled as stated above. No Mercy (light heavy oil, medium) drill #1 layout sanded to

  • MixNitUp

    Posted by MixNitUp on Apr 1st 2006

    Ball Specs: 15Lbs, 3oz 2.2 oz Top Weight 3-4 inch pin Lay Out: Pin 3 and 3/8 and CG 3 and 3/8 from PAP, the pin is up slightly I bought this ball because I was struggling with heavier oil patterns. All I can say is WOW! I can play stright up 7 or 10 like I always do and the ball rolls nice and smooth to the pocket with no over/under reaction. It does eat up the oil so constant adjusting after each game and cleaning after each night of use would be recommend. I really enjoy throwing this ball, when most are striggling to get their ball to move to the pocket with enough energy to carry, I throw this almost effortlessly. I would highly recommend this ball for heavier oil and even Medium oil if you have the speed for it.

  • SlyVato777

    Posted by SlyVato777 on Mar 6th 2006

    This ball truly is good, but it's sad that this company is ripping people off. If you didn't know, Elite is poured by Brunswick. And if you take the time to compare balls, this is absolutely identical to the Ultimate Inferno. Everything is the same...the core, the coverstock, everything. The only thing different is the color, a little alien on the side, and about 150 extra dollars. If you want a really good ball that hooks alot and is consistent, buy this ball. If you want the exact same thing, but half the price, buy the Ultimate inferno.<scri