Big Bowling Shim Bowling Ball

The Shim™ features our benchmark symmetrical Powder Keg Core™ combined with our P5 Reactive™ cover in a Pearl version. The performance of the Powder Keg Core™ is aptly named: like a real powder keg, the fuse is slow and steady, but with explosive results at the pins! The “P” in our P5 Reactive™ coverstock stands for “Predictable” with a hook rating of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10; This very low RG ball allows the ball to read early while the P5 Reactive™ cover gets it down the lane. This creates smooth motion steady from start to finish; However don’t let the motion fool you as the unique dual-pyramidal design with central elongation creates late tip with readable flip giving this ball amazing motion through the pins. Sometimes you need a late motion to play the Shim in order to give you explosive results where it counts!

Line Shim
Color Red/ Silver Pearls
Coverstock P5 Reactive™
Core Powder Keg Core™
RG 2.468
Differential 0.040
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 2000 Polished
Weights 14 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes