Kryptonite Super Ball

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Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish800 Grit Sanded
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

3 Reviews

  • stormed299

    Posted by stormed299 on Dec 12th 2003

    Drilled mine up 3 3/8 x 4 (label leverage) no weight hole. Out of the box ball had good length but was a little weak on the back end even on fresh back ends seemed to burn up a little bit. still carried decent but not what i expected after my other ballistic balls. Took the ball into my shop and polished it with Storm #1 and #2 polish to give it a 1500 grit polished finish. Ball becae a HIT MONSTER! This ball now ade a strong turn to the pocket with devastating power yet still was easy to control. This ball beccame one of my 2 benchmark balls and my goto ball when nothing else would work. For the money that this ball costs it is another great arsenal ball

  • bluesquest

    Posted by bluesquest on May 13th 2002

    I work on a very part time basis in a local pro shop and drill all of my own equipment. I am thinking about getting a 2nd Kryptonite just because I kinda messed the 1st one up. I drilled the ball dead center on the vertical line and offset by 3/4 inch on the horizontal line to give me positive side weight. What I did with the pin is what I regret. I positioned the pin at a 45 degree angle down towards the thumb. I bowl in a house with some very old worn out wood lane beds and I was trying to take some of the back end out of the ball. I never expected, or wanted to take as much out as I did but that is my fault not the ball. Even with no back end at all the ball hits very hard, I can just wonder what it would do with the pin up and out to help it finish. The ball hooks less than I thought it would so I would not reccommend any drilling pattern to calm down the hook. If looks matters to you I think the Kryptonite super ball looks good on and off the lanes. I have had a lot of i

  • - Bill

    Posted by - Bill on Jan 14th 2002

    I laid this ball out with a 4 by 4 drilling with a small weight hole in the side. From what I was told before I received this ball, was that it had a core similar to the perfect piece with a power ball inside of it. I expected this ball to be a smooth arcing ball by its core design. This is what I got. I bowled with it on fresh 1st shift oil, so the ball got down the lane without a problem, and as it made its move to the pocket it was a smooth readable hook. This ball will be an excellent ball for when you are looking for control and when you need something to read the lanes. I would recommend this ball to just about anyone. It is an extremely versatile ball, and you should be able to use this ball on just about anything, except when you hit those heavy oil conditions that only a particle ball will do. If you have any questions, please email me at