Ultima Pro Blue

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Reactive/Particle coverstock blend with Carbide beads. Middle, quick rolling ball smooth & early roll for medium to wet heads. Nice even flare through the heads with an even arc back to the pocket. Can be polished for more distance and extra revolutions.
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finishMatte
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

1 Review

  • BuddiesProShop.com - Bill

    Posted by BuddiesProShop.com - Bill on Apr 24th 2002

    I threw this ball last night on 2nd shift league. The lane conditions are medium to heavy oil in the middle with medium to light oil on the outsides. I laid this ball out with the Pin under my ring finger and the Mass Bias on my vertical axis line. I was able to play up the lane all night with very little movement in how I was playing the lane. The ball was super clean through the heads, and was smooth at the breakpoint. When it got to the pocket, it hit like a truck. Since this is the first AZO ball that I have thrown, when I shot 279 first game with it, people started asking what it was. I tried different hand positions throughout the night, and the ball wasn't jumpy no matter how hard I turned it up. I would recommend this ball for someone looking for control and something that will get down the lane. Thanks, Bill BuddiesProShop.com