900 Global Zen U Bowling Ball

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Urethane Evolved It's time to take our urethane to the next level! The Zen/U features the Meditate LD Core. This lower density core allows for maximum control while still providing that large footprint and shape on the lanes that the Meditate Core became famous for. The all new s35 Urethane+ Cover provides a quicker response time compared to traditional urethane. This core and cover combination will excel on short patterns and over/under or “cliffed” house conditions alike!
ColorJet Black
CoverstockS35 Urethane+ Solid
CoreMeditate Symmetric
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish1000 Grit
Weights12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBCYes

36 Reviews

  • Zen U - The Cheat Code

    Posted by Joel Donner on Apr 11th 2023

    About Me 900 Global Staff Left Handed: High Rev High Speed Player Pap: - 47/8 +1 Rev Rate: +-500 Speed 17-18mph Layout: 60 x 5 x 30 Ball Video: https://youtu.be/bnhbT6hLMzQ 900 Global’s Zen U is nothing less than a cheat code. This ball is so smooth it’s ridiculous. The Urethane+ cover stock makes the Zen U smooth out about any lane conditions, not all but most. Yes, the reaction of the ball is early but is so smooth and still is able to finish through the pocket. This ball will fill a good gap for you if you throw traditional urethane to reactive equipment or it’s undoubtedly a great ball for cliffed house shots. The Zen U takes me back to when the first reactive resin balls came out on how smooth they were and controllable. The Zen U is extremely controllable and a ball that is going to be religiously in my bag for any league or tournament I go to. What I also like about this ball is that if you throw it wrong it will show you but still find a way to adjust to the lanes and make it to the pocket unless you throw it incredibly bad. This ball is what my friends and I call a pallet ball, we would order a pallet of Zen U’s and keep on drilling it year after year. If you don’t have one yet you should definitely get one. Joel Donner 900 Global Staff Member Cedar Rapids, IA #StormNation #StrikingWorldwide #RGSquad #Iambowling #teamiambowling #bowlingisfun

  • Control!

    Posted by Jordan Behunin on Apr 6th 2023

    Zen U – Control, control, control! This ball is very smooth off spot and very controllable. When the lanes are a bit too jumpy for reactive, I can pull this out and control that down lane motion. Great piece to have in the bag for tournament season!

  • Zen U

    Posted by Brandon Boyer on Apr 4th 2023

    The Zen U is 900 Globals newest urethane piece. It features the Meditate LD Core which is the original Meditate core but it has a lower density which helps it have a huge amount of control while still shaping as much as you need urethane to. The Zen U is also wrapped with the S35 Urethane+ which helps this ball see the lane much quicker than traditional urethane. I drilled my Zen U with a basic 4x4x2 layout because I am 20mph of my hand and a revrate of 550 I need help getting balls into a roll quicker and this Zen U definitely achieves that for me. I struggled a lot on shorter patterns getting any urethane to shape enough. No matter how much surface I used it still wasn’t enough. But then the Rubicon UC3 is usually a little bit too much most times. The Zen U is the perfect fit for me on most patterns. But where it shines best is when it comes to cliffed house shots. For me my main house I bowl at has HPLs for lanes and it is a very high friction house so they tend to flood the middle of the lane and the Zen U is the perfect ball for me at combatting them. Another great thing about it is that it takes surface change extremely well. It rolls well with 500 on it and it rolls well shined up. My biggest plus about the Zen U is that it doesn’t transition lanes like regular urethane does. It doesn’t create any carry down whatsoever which is a huge plus for me. But if your looking for a semi strong but very smooth and predictable motion then look no further than the Zen U!

  • Steven Collins

    Posted by Steven Collins on Mar 12th 2023

    Dual Angle Layout: 50 x 4 x 45 Storm Vector Layout: 4 x 4 3/8 x 2 5/8 This ball was the perfect compliment to the UC3 and Pitch Black. I'm not one to throw urethane too often but when I do the Zen U is now my go to ball. This ball is super smooth and controllable. When the UC3 is too much, but the Pitch Black is not quite enough, this ball will be the perfect filler. When you need to keep the ball in front of you this is the one to accomplish that. The Zen U is the best comparison to the Purple Hammer that SPI offers.

  • Ethan Fiore

    Posted by Ethan Fiore on Mar 7th 2023

    The Zen U is a mixture of Urethane and Reactive which makes it unique and very good. As I am a fan of the Pitch Black and Zen, these are very comparable once you've seen both motions. It reads the front motion like the Pitch Black and the down lane motion like the Zen. If you plan to use the Zen U on shorter patterns, I recommend using more surface or wait till transition after the Pitch Black. Zen U is the new future! Ethan Fiore ⭐PBA Member⭐Roto Grip Staff⭐CoolWick Staff⭐Tournament Director⭐ Right 2 Handed Rev Rate: 500 Speed: 17.5 PAP: 4 1/8 up 7/8

  • Brian Watson

    Posted by Brian Watson on Feb 13th 2023

    The new Urethane ball in the 900 Global line is the Zen U. I drilled mine with a 4 inch pin, pin up. 4 x 4 x 2. As a SPI staffer I really felt like there was a gap between the Storm Pitch Black and the RG UC3. As the pitch black was pretty early, and slow response down lane. The UC3 has an asymmetrical core is really strong downlane. So thanks to the R&D at Storm the Zen U fits right in the middle. As it has a symmetrical core with a modern day urethane cover. So the Zen U has some very good motion downlane. Its not a lot but for urethane it is. So we actually have some shape downlane with a urethane ball. This is a great addition to the line! Brian Watson Storm Pro Shop Staff PAP - 3 7/8 up 1 1/4 MPH - 17 RPM - 400 Tilt - 17

  • Glenn Wendel

    Posted by Glenn Wendel on Feb 12th 2023

    Ball Specs: Global Zen U S35+ Urethane Solid Cover 1000 Grit Sanded Meditate (Symmetric) Layout 4.5 x 4.5 with 2" Pin Buffer Bowler Specs: Right Hand. PAP 5" Over 1/2 up Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50. Speed at release 17 Review: I am a big fan of the UC3 but I rarely can use a Pitch Black due to my lower rev rate and higher volumes of oil I bowl on. When I heard about the Zen U, I was very interested to see how it would roll. The Zen U has one of the new blends of Urethane that gives more hook potential to traditional urethane. The Zen U hooks more than I expected and was extremely smooth. It fits between the Pitch Black and UC3 in total hook. I would call this a medium to dry lane ball. I really like how this ball blends out the over under and wet dry lane conditions. I do sacrifice some carry with this ball but it's hard to miss the pocket with it. As the Zen U lane shined a bit for me the carry did get better. The Zen U has been selling really well and the higher rev rate bowlers all seem to be having very good success with it. I would recommend this ball to anyone who wants a stronger than traditional urethane reaction and smooth control. The Zen U would fit great in a tournament player's bag for short patterns or very challenging lane conditions. Summary: The Zen U is smooth and controllable. The Zen U may cost some corner carry but gain control of the pocket. The Zen U cover is an upgrade on traditional urethane. Glenn Wendel PBA Member Storm Pro Shop Staff gwendel@comcast.net www.stormbowling.com

  • Richard Paul Klimowicz

    Posted by Richard Paul Klimowicz on Feb 8th 2023

    Zen U • 800 Series Core • Meditate Symmetric Coverstock • S35 Urethane+ Solid • Finish 1000-grit Abralon Weight • 15 lbs. RG •2.56 Differential • .027 Layout •4 x 5 x 2 1/2 Tester PAP • 5" R, 5/8" D Tester Axis Tilt • 11° Testers Rev Rate • 325 Test Pattern • 42' THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street 900 Global adds another great success to its Zen line with the release of the Zen U. Add the successfully proven Meditate Core with the all-new S35 Urethane+ coverstock. And the Zen U brings a brilliant new dimension to your game! So, let's take a closer look at how and when the Zen U will deliver optimal results for you! The Meditate core is a powerful workhorse for straighter, down-and-in players like me. I love how the Meditate core revs up smoothly in the mid-lane. And with its massive size and density, the Meditate core rolls off the pattern with a destructive force like a strong asymmetric. Further, I found the Meditate core has a strong continuation through the pins. And where other symmetrical cores tend to roll out or deflect, the Meditate Core maintains an intense power as it crushes the pocket and rolls hard through the pin deck. In my opinion, you won't find a better symmetrical core for a high-speed, low-rev player than the Mediate Core! Now let's look at the S35 Urethane+ Coverstock and what makes it different from other urethanes on the market. First, I like how the S35 Urethane+ had a much faster and more decisive response time than the usual urethane. And it gave me a "roll" phase I could depend on all night. Being a down-and-in player, the S35 Urethane+ allowed me to stay right of the second arrow, and when I thought I hit a point of no return, the S35 Urethane+ had enough bite to keep the Zen U in play! And if you're a down-and-in player who likes to play far right and out of everyone else's traffic, the S35 Urethane+ will keep you consistently there all night. And allow you to play where most THS players never like to go! In conclusion, the 900 Global Zen U is an excellent addition to the Zen line. Combining the Meditate Core's strength with the responsive bite of the S35 Urethane+ coverstock and the Zen U will give the straighter, down-and-in player a new powerful weapon to add to their arsenal! And one that will keep you playing your A-game all night long! So, talk to your local pro shop operator and put the Zen U in your bag tonight! And see for yourself why the Zen U is striking worldwide! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro Shop Penndel, PA

  • Roto Grip Rick (In reply to: Brian Hirsch )

    Posted by Roto Grip Rick (In reply to: Brian Hirsch ) on Jan 26th 2023

    900 Global ZEN U Specs: 35+ solid urethane with the mediate LD core - finished at 1000 grit out of the box Layout: 45 x 4 x 45 When making a decision to drill a new urethane ball, the 900 Global ZEN U was a "no brainer" for me. Using a Strong pin to pap drilling so that I can compare to prior urethanes from Storm like the Pitch line. The Zen U fits right between the Pitch Black and the newer Roto Grip release, the Rubicon UC-3. The Pitch reads for me too early and the UC-3 with similar went longer and flatter on the house pattern that I was practicing and testing on. I bowled on a fresh house condition of 46ft with SPL panels, knowing not to expect a ton of recovery, but I was ultimately surprised by how the ZEN U performed. Cleaner in the fronts and still saving power to hit the pocket without urethane typical urethane deflection and leaving corner pins. For my next adventure, I ventured to a bowling center near me where the center takes you back to the heyday of bowling. The wood lanes are pristine and very playable, I used the ZEN U there in practice time and in a local tournament. Where I found I had the best reaction out of the bowlers using urethane balls, the pearls were skidding a little extra long and the Pitch Blacks were burning up and hitting the pockets flat. For those league and tournament bowlers that want to invest in your performance and game, don't shy from the GLOBAL ZEN U!

  • Brian Hirsch

    Posted by Brian Hirsch on Jan 22nd 2023

    Ball Specs: Ball Name: 900 Global ZenU Cover Stock: S35 Urethane+ Solis Weight Block: Meditate LD Color: Jet Black Finish: 1000 Abralon Layout: 4 X 4 X 2 Bowler Specs: Right-Handed PAP 4 7/8" Over 3/8 up Rev Rate 300. Speed at release 15 Fragrance: N/A Review: Welcome back to another ball review and today we are talking about the 900 Global ZenU. In my many years of throwing bowling balls and being excited for a certain ball to come out. So being honest I was not looking forward to throwing this ball. I know that's not what you expected me to say, BUT urethane and I have never matched up before and its mainly to my low rev rate and being more up the back of the ball. So, what's the deal with this one to be different. I spent many days and hours talking with fellow staff and high-end players and we decided to go and give this ball a try. Biggest decision on going with this ball was its not just another urethane. From the first ball that went down the lane I knew this was a special piece. If you know me at all I really hate that term for a ball, but in this case it's the only word that fits. The ball stays online but what opened my eyes was when it exited the pattern and reacted and had a motion to the pocket. This ball will be in my league and tournament bags for sure. Being a low rev rate guy and seeing this reaction I see this as a ball for the players that bowl tournament and understand the use of Urethane and when its best to be used. YouTube video of the ball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLR8R7AYHro&t=18s

  • Nate Garcia (In reply to: Michael Slatky )

    Posted by Nate Garcia (In reply to: Michael Slatky ) on Jan 14th 2023

    900 Global is changing the urethane game with the brand new Zen U! The Zen U has the same core as we have seen in the entire zen line, but with the S 35 Urethane + cover stock. What I see out of this ball compared to our traditional urethane pieces like the Pitch Black and Fast Pitch, the Zen U is cleaner through the front part of the lane, still digs a lot in the middle of the lane, and really continues in the back. I see this ball more like a beefed up Iq Tour and also earlier than the Iq Tour. This hall is great when you have to have a urethane type shape on medium to shorter patterns as you start to creep left (for right handers) and open up the lane but still maintaining a smooth shape. Short patterns and me get a long as so does urethane. So I can't wait to use this one in upcoming tournaments! Visit your local VIP Pro Shop to get the next short/medium pattern killer!

  • Michael Slatky

    Posted by Michael Slatky on Dec 26th 2022

    900 Global Zen U Coverstock: S35 Urethane + Finish: 1000 Grit Abralon Core: Meditate Symetric Core RG: 2.56 Differential: 0.027 Layout: 4 3/4 x 4 x 4 - 2LS Layout Extras: 2 1/8 Finger Depth, "X" - 4 1/2 D and 1 Inch Left Tester: PAP 6 1/2 R, 1 1/4 D Review: The Zen series continues on with the Zen U. This new Urethane + ball is sure to impress those that enjoy urethane based gear as well as those that desire to test the waters a bit and have been hesitant when it comes to urethane. The Zen U tackles both shorter sport type patters as well as your typical house shot conditions. I've enjoyed the OOB 1K Abralon finish on the ball and maintain that surface at this time. Compared to the 900 Global Boo-Yah and the Honey Badger Urethane the Zen U provides a tad more length and shape then the Boo-Yah. This makes the Zen U perfect for when you need to bump inside and your Boo-Yah is buring up in the front part of the pattern and can't trip the corners. The 900 HBU provides an asymmetric option in the urethane line. However, it may have a tendency to hit a longer roll phase and begin to leave those corners as well. The Zen U nicely combats that occurrence by being a symmetric piece that has a great skid, hook, and roll balance built-in. The Zen U is a homerun and is one of my favorite balls in the bag for both sport and a variety of THS conditions. Be sure to grab one today! Michael Slatky 900 Global Staff Member York, PA

  • Mike Craig - Storm Amateur Staff

    Posted by Mike Craig - Storm Amateur Staff on Dec 23rd 2022

    I drilled my ZEN U up at a 35 x 4 x 65 which put the pin in the ring finger. I lightly touched up the cover with a fresh 1000 pad since it urethane shined very quickly. We chose this layout because it a control/rolly drilling for me. My experience with the urethane offerings the past few years have been to try to get the pin really high like in the 1" to 1/2" pin buffer range and the ball sails thru the breakpoint when I have done this. We were hoping to get the urethane balls more usable by getting them to roll as quickly as possible. I really do not have much to compare it to urethane wise but do have a couple of lower end releases to see what it rolled like in the HUSTLE USA and ELECTRIFY G-O. On our house condition, the ELECTRIFY G-O was a much better look swinging it into the friction down the lane. The HUSTLE USA is a similar version but smoother due to its hybrid cover. The ZEN U was playable for me (275 rev rate-16.5 mph) staying closer to the oil line. It did recover well if I got it out of that box around the track but usually was a flat ten or thin seven. I was able to go to a stronger release and get it to corner a little better and hit better. I see the ZEN U as being an option for lower rev players who want to use urethane to keep the ball in play especially on tougher conditions. The ball is controllable and when you get your angles closed down and figure out where the 2-3 box is to keep it in, very usable. Drill this one up to keep for tougher conditions where a 9 is a good count and keeps you in the hunt until the lanes open up.

  • Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson

    Posted by Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson on Dec 20th 2022

    900 Global Zen U Cover: 1000 grit abralon S35 Urethane+™ Solid Core: Meditate™ LD (Symmetrical) Color: Jet Black Review: The Zen line has already become a GOAT line similar to the Hy-Road and Phaze lines. It is awesome that SPI decided to wrap urethane around this great core. Fitting in almost perfectly between the UC3 and the Pitch Black, the Zen U really is something special. It is hard to say anything could be smoother than the Pitch Black, but this ball is right there with it. Definitely less angular off the spot than the UC3 by quite a bit, but stronger through the beginning and middle parts of the lane. This ball will be in most seasoned league veteran and tournament players bags. It is a must have for competitive play for that added edge over the competition. Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson 900 Global Pro Shop Staffers joel@parklanes.net kyle@parklanes.net Dean@frontierfuncenter.net www.900Global.com #GoGlobal

  • Patrick Keiffer

    Posted by Patrick Keiffer on Dec 19th 2022

    The 900 Global Zen U has a High RG value of 2.56 a low differential of 0.027, which will flare less and will not get into a roll as soon then the Reactive Resin Zen's. 900 global came out with a new cover core combination of the S35 Urethane+ Cover and the Meditate LD Core. The new Meditate LD core was designed to allow for maximum control while still providing a large footprint and shape on the lane. The S35 Urethane+ cover was designed to have a quicker response to oil compared to traditional urethane. To bring this all together the Zen U has a great combination of traditional urethane and reactive resin attributes that you will see through the ball comparisons. You will see in these shots where the Zen U is picking up relatively fast in the midlane and shaping into the pocket, where traditional urethane has a hook stop reaction. I did a ball comparison to the Storm Pitch Black and the Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 On a 42 ft house shot, 25 ml of oil with all 3 balls at a surface that's dialed in for house which I will cover in the comparisons. For what these balls are meant for which are the short to medium sport shots the covers would be extremely different. The Pitch Black would be at 360/500, the Zen U 800/1000 and the UC3 800/1000. In comparison to the Storm Pitch Black, The Zen U picks up a lot quicker and shapes into the pocket. The Pitch Black will hook early in the midlane and just continues into the pocket not much shape in the pocket. Again, these balls have their place in your urethane arsenal on the tougher sport shots. The next comparison is to the Roto Grip UC3. The Zen U is weaker then the UC3 and rightfully so, as the Zen U has a symmetric core with a High RG and Low Diff and the UC3 has a low RG and Medium diff asymmetric core. The UC3 is in a class by itself where I can use it on house shots where I need to blend the lane and sport shots where I need the benefit of urethane up front and resin in the backend. In the urethane bag, the UC3 would be first followed by the Zen U and then the Pitch Black. Why urethane/reactive or just urethane is used. A UC3 would be used early in the block due to the extreme amount of head oil to get through. Once that oil has broken down then you get into a similar ball as the Zen U. Once the Zen U is hooking too much then you can transition into a Pitch black to still be early and smooth, or you will need to transition into reactive resin because urethane is not meant to hook an extreme amount of lane and the urethane would leave a lot of flat tens or light mix 7's.

  • Zack Newman

    Posted by Zack Newman on Dec 19th 2022

    The ZenU is truly unlike any other urethane ball I have thrown. The S35+ urethane cover plus the modified Zen core is a combo that you assume to be a winner before you even throw it, but then you throw it, and it's even better than expected. What shocks me about this one is the sheer number of boards you can cover and still strike effectively with this ball. Urethane is flat-out not supposed to do this. It hooks early and gives you plenty of control, but then with the forgiveness and continuation of a resin ball. It's truly remarkable. I went with a 4.5x4x2 on my ZenU and I think that's a sweet spot for this ball. The .027 differential is going to keep it from over-flaring and quitting when it gets to the pocket, but still give it enough dig to create the forgiveness it provides down the lane.

  • Chase Valenzuela

    Posted by Chase Valenzuela on Dec 14th 2022

    Holy cow! This ball is unlike any urethane ball on the market. The Zen U makes that classic urethane shape will being able to handle considerably more volume than balls like the Pitch Black and Fast Pitch. As someone who isn't a big fan of traditional urethane, this ball is extremely promising, as i can play up the lane like with the Pitch Black, but if I need to rotate the ball more and shape it, the Zen U can handle the extra angle/volume in the middle part of the lane. If you don't think urethane is for you, the Zen U is the exception!

  • Stanley Waite

    Posted by Stanley Waite on Dec 6th 2022

    Zen U - Ball Specs Cover Stock: S35 Urethane Cover Finish: 4000 Grit Core: Meditate LD Cor Color: Black Layout: 70 x 4 x 10 RG: 2.56 Differential: 0.027 Intermediate Diff: N/A Review The 900 Global has done it again. ZEN BALL GOOD!!! The Zen U features the Meditate LD Core with the all new S35 urethane covers to provide a quicker response time compared to traditional urethane. As a mid to low rev player the Zen U was the first urethane ball, I was able to shape without losing striking power. I tested this ball on a 42 feet typical house pattern. I was able to play the track area and left of the track area with great success. The Zen U was stronger than the UC3 for me, which will make it a great one two punch. This is a great ball for all levels of bowlers. Order one from your local pro shop today! My ball review videos are posted on YouTube channel Stanley Waite. Stanley Waite 900 Global Staff Member Dover, DE

  • Trevor Roberts

    Posted by Trevor Roberts on Dec 5th 2022

    Storm Zen U Ball Review by Trevor Roberts The Zen U is the newest urethane ball from Storm! After drilling it, I was excited to see how it stacked up against both my current urethane and reactive balls. Compared to my Pitch Black, I could stand much further left and curve the lane with a lot more ball speed. Typically, when I am trying to curve urethane, I have to slow way down to give it time to hook. With the Zen U, it hooked more down lane naturally, so I did not have to slow the ball down to get it to hook. When I threw it against some reactive balls - the Fate and Hyped Solid - the Zen U was very slow response and gave me more control. I believe this ball can be used in many different instances, moving left when on a short pattern or playing further right when you need a controllable, smooth option.

  • Lonnie Pemberton

    Posted by Lonnie Pemberton on Dec 2nd 2022

    Core: Meditate LD Core Cover: s35 Urethane+ Finish: 1000 Grit RG: 2.58 (14 lbs) Diff: 0.027 (14 lbs) ME: Right-Handed Tweener Speed: 12-13 mph Rev Rate: 315 PAP: 4 7/8 Right 3/8 Up Ball Layout: Pin Over Ring 4 5/8 inch pin to Pap 2 inch pin buffer Most ball companies have been pushing the boundaries of technology when it comes to Urethane bowling balls in recent years. Many times it has been difficult for them to find useful blends of urethane and reactive covers or to match more powerful cores with their urethane covers. 900 Globals new Zen U takes a proven core strength and makes a great adjustment to fit it with their new Urethane + blended cover. The characteristic of this ball's motion is definitely much closer to reactive than urethane for me. No other urethane ball has allowed me to play as far left as I do with the Zen U. That being said this ball is such a great balanced piece that I think everyone should have it in their bag. That's a statement I reserve for balls like the Phaze II and the original Zen. There are definitely bowlers who you watch and instantly know that there is no need for urethane in their bag. Not this time. I tested the Zen U on our high volume house pattern. I lined up where I would normally play with a pitch black. Then I had to make a big mother may I step left. I quickly had to get the "I'm throwing Urethane" thought out of my head. I kept waiting for the Zen U to stop coming around as I moved left. I kept waiting for the Zen U to stop going through the pins as I moved left. The night ended before that happened. The really astounding thing is that the motion of the ball never seemed wrong. From when I was playing the track to when I was in and really wheeling, it read the right part of the lane and still went through the pins. With my ball speed I couldn't get really straight with the Zen U but I've seen it work for other bowlers in that part of the lane as well. This ball is special.

  • Anthony Wiegand

    Posted by Anthony Wiegand on Dec 1st 2022

    The all new zen u is the newest addition to the zen line. This Urethane cover wrapped around the zen core is a 1.2 punch on the lanes. This ball fits perfectly in between the rubicon uc3 and the pitch black. This maybe my new favorite urethane ball on the market. Get your hands on one of these zen u from your local pro shop today

  • Luke Rosdahl

    Posted by Luke Rosdahl on Nov 30th 2022

    The Zen/U puts a different twist on the Zen line. The core is the Meditate LD core, and while it's the same shape as the regular Meditate core from the other Zen releases, the density has been reduced to create a higher RG of 2.56 and a lower differential of .027. The S35+ urethane cover at 1000 grit gives it a urethane look, but with a twist. The differential is just shy of an IQ Tour differential, which allows the ball to flare a small amount and get some ring separation to get fresh cover exposed to the lane on every rotation. The result gives the Zen/U traction early in the lane like a regular urethane ball like the Pitch Black, but also gives it some punch or motion on the backend. For me it acts like an earlier and smoother Phaze 2. I used a 4 x 4 x 2 layout on the Zen/U, and left it at the box surface. I'm left handed with 17mph speed and about 375 revs. Being a lefty means of course that urethane is a big part of my toolkit, and while I'm a big fan of my Pitch Black, if it's too early and smooth, and reactive balls are too long and sharp, I haven't had anything in between until the Zen/U. Not only does the Zen/U allow me to move inside, it affords me the opportunity to almost play the lanes like it's a reactive ball. Something that acts like urethane in the fronts and a smooth reactive ball down lane could be a game changer for me.

  • Rodney Gilmore

    Posted by Rodney Gilmore on Nov 30th 2022

    Ball Review Zen U RG: 2.56 Dif: .027 Cover: The New S35 Urethane+ Solid 1000 Grit Finish PAP 5 3/8 over 1 5/16 UP, Medium/Ball Speed Rev Rate 255-300 Layout: 4 x 4 x 2 The Zen U is here! The newest release in the 900 Global Zen lineup and what a surprise. I;m not even sure what to say but wow! This ball is what I was looking for in the Zen Master as a solid Zen. I didn't not expect this ball to do what it does. The Zen U has that Zen shape that I really like. The Zen U is strong and quick of the friction and has strong continuation through the pins. The Zen U hooks way more than you would expect. It has enough teeth to handle oil and can be played straighter being a bit firmer. It's a bit latter than the Zen and Zen Soul, however, still has that smooth motion on the backend picks up and just keeps going. The Zen U is a keeper for sure.

  • Mancstorm2

    Posted by Mancstorm2 on Nov 30th 2022

    Early control of urethane with a step up in reaction down lane. If you like the look you have with a pitch black but just can't get it to go threw the pins the right way. The Zen U is the perfect ball for you.

  • Alex Thomes

    Posted by Alex Thomes on Nov 27th 2022

    Ball Specs: 900 Global Zen U Cover stock S35+ urethane Weight Block Meditate LD Color Jet Black Finish 1000 grit abralon Layout 40x4.5x30 or 4.5x3.5x2 Bowler Specs: Right Hand. PAP 5 3/8 Over 1 down Rev Rate 400/2 Handed Speed at release 16.5 Review: The Zen U is the newest urethane ball in the 900 Global lines. With the new urethane cove this is going to be the strongest urethane ball that has been made by 900 Global. I bowled on 37 ft broadway and this would be a ball I would start with. What I found is this is a ball that reads early like other urethanes but continues more than a Pitch Black. If the Pitch Black isn't enough but a UC3 is too much this is going to be a ball for you. Get yours Nov 18th at your local Storm VIP pro shop. Alex Thomes #StormNation #StrikingWorldwide #SquadRG #Driven2Bowl