The evolution of finger inserts

Dec 19th 2022

We are now half way into the winter bowling season. Most bowlers tend to forget that finger inserts should be changed after 45 to 60 games. 

At the start of every bowling season, you should go to your pro shop, and have your equipment checked. This check should include, the fit of your hand in your ball, the surface of your equipment, and the inserts in your finger holes.  

The material used in finger inserts has become softer, to allow for a better feel and more comfort.  This softer material tends to cause the inserts to wear much faster.  If you feel like you are losing lift on the bowling ball, or the inserts don’t grip your fingers like the used to, then it could be time to replace the grips.  

Each company that produces inserts has its own unique feel.  Grip sizes from each company will slightly vary, along with texture and feel.  Do not be afraid to try any and all companies on the market to find the grips that fit you best.  There is a standard size for gripping hole, so you should be able to change inserts without any issues, but be sure to consult your local pro shop for any questions.