Pete Weber's rant at the US Open

Dec 19th 2022

As many of you may have heard and/or watched PBA Player Pete Weber going onto the live stream, during the US Open, and complaining about the format changes, after withdraw from the tournament in game 2 of the block.

I have listened to this footage, and as Mr. Weber makes his feeling know about the USBC and the format changes, he also spends a lot of time talking about his various health issues, which caused him to withdraw.  

In my personal opinion, a lot of what you are hearing is personal frustration.  Mr. Weber having to withdraw from a tournament, which he has won 5 times, has got to be frustrating.  Anyone that has watched Pete Weber bowl, knows how competitive he is on the lanes. 

Dick Allen made a post on social media attacking Pete’s comments, but his post was later removed.  Other pros have spoke out against USBC run tournaments. Prior to the 2018 US Open, Amleto Monacelli made a Facebook post because he was forced to bowl the qualifier to get into the tournament. Parker Bohn III has decided to protest against US Open by not bowling the tournament.

Professional Bowlers are facing a dilemma. Members could chose to boycott the USBC run tournaments, to try and make changes.  But with the lack of overall tournaments to bowl, and the prize fund seaming to shrink every year, it is hard for any touring professional to skip a tournament.

The USBC is a member run organization. If bowlers would join together, and present their argument in a well thought out manner, then changes can be made.