Venom Toxin

The Venom ToxinTM>  displays bright colors as a warning - This hybrid is deadly!  On light to medium oil, it is clean down the lane with a smooth, but angular backend that strikes with destructive force.  At the heart of the Venom Toxin is the proven GearTM core.  It produces a low RG for easy revs and a low differential to tame track flare and retain striking power.  The cover on the Venom Toxin is a new twist on Atomix technology called Hybrid Radial Reactive, aka Atomix HR.  It skids cleanly down the lane, then attacks on the backend with devastating power.

Line Venom
Color Neon Green/Green Pearl
Coverstock Atomix Hybrid Radial Reactive
Core Gear
  • RG 2.48
    Differential .034
    Intermediate Diff n/a
    Factory finish 2000 Grit/Power-Gel Polish
    Weights 12-16 lbs
    Cleared USBC Yes