Alien Reactive

Building on the success of the R series, Elite has taken our technology of bowling balls to the next level. Elite is proud to introduce - The Alien! The Alien combines our new Atomic Core with our innovative Eclipse Cover featuring T.C.T. What is T.C.T.? Thermal Contact Technology allows the ball to read the proper amount of friction on the lane and in the oil pattern, eliminating the dreaded "over/under" ball reaction. The end result, more forgiveness! Elite believes that ball reaction is largely based on the Cover of all performance balls. The Core is a major factor in the balls movement, but the Cover is the only part of the ball that comes in contact with the lane. That's why Elite performance balls utilize proven core technology (RG and Differentials) and apply unbelievable covers. Elite's next generation of Covers are now here and available. We are excited to offer our customers more forgiveness.

Line Alien
Color Green
Coverstock Reactive
Core 2-piece
RG 2.61
Differential 0.049
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish Matte
Cleared USBC Yes