Violet Gargoyle

The Violet Gargoyle is the newest in Visionary's line of highly successful Gargoyles. This Gargoyle utilizes a new solid reactive coverstock to start up sooner on the lane than the Green Pearl, yet maintain the highly aggressive snap on the backends. When the Green Pearl is going too long, pull this ball out of the bag and strike at will. ** The special coloring and blend of this ball results in lighter or even white spots and streaks (phazing) that is a natural effect of the reactive coverstock. You should expect these streaks may almost disappear in the heat and become more exaggerated in the cold. These streaks are intentional and simply a cosmetic effect of the material - not a problem with the balls strength or performance. Through all of our extensive testing we have seen no difference in reaction no matter how much or little phazing appears on this particular ball. Although these color changes may naturally occur throughout the season, please do not try to induce these change

Line Gargoyle
Color Violet
Coverstock Reactive Solid
Core 2-piece Asymmetrical
RG 2.56
Differential 0.039
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish
Weights 10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes