Ogre SS

Developed to create length and pronounced backend motion, the SS Ogre is truly a skid/snap ball. This ball utilizes our new DESTROYER coverstock; a highly reactive shell that allows the ball to sail through the heads and store up energy for the backends. This ball is intended for use on shorter patterns, or house conditions with fresh backends. The SS Ogre will go longer and break sharper than the Purple/Black Ogre Pearl. The OGRE line is powered by a symmetrical, dual density core design without a wrap. This allows for a thicker, more uniform coverstock for extra resilience and enery at impact with the pins. The dense flip cap helps create a strong move at it's breakpoint, while the body of the core helps to provide a consistent reaction without the typical over/under you see from many reactives.

Line Ogre
Color Blue/Silver
Coverstock Reactive Pearl
Core 2-piece Asymmetrical
RG 2.59
Differential 0.029
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 1500 grit Polished
Weights 10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes



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