By combining a modified version of our DC core, a new fully adjustable reactive coverstock, and a price that's easy on the wallet, we have created a ball that is a must have for league bowlers. The Green/Blue CENTAUR was designed to easily get through the heads, start revving up in the midlane, and make a strong but controllable and predictable backend move. The Green/Blue Centaur utilizes a modified version of the DC core design, and a new Green and Blue solid reactive coverstock. *** This is a modified version - not the original DC core. The bottom cap was removed, the densities changed and a wrap placed around the inner portion. The result is a very low differential core producing low flare (usually 2" or less). The core still produces a strong backend but much more controllable than the original DC weight block. This has also made the ball more driller friendly and adaptable to virtually any bowlers style. ***

Line Centaur
Color Blue/.Green
Coverstock Reactive Solid
Core 2-piece Asymmetrical
RG 2.61
Differential 0.015
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 1000 Matte
Weights 10 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes